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  1. Don't worry - stupid question! I managed to confuse myself in my excitement and thought for a moment we were still talking about writing a calculation
  2. No we control the speed and power of the beam to adjust the cutting depth as required for each different substrate
  3. Ooooh Hal, I like the sound of that. Is there a way to automatically enter the data into lookup table or do you have to go into it maunaly each time. In other words can the lookup table reference a the field "actual time"
  4. comment, you're a star! thanks for all your help. I've been onto the manufacturer to no avail. The machine in question is a laser engraver that outputs a beam of energy at a user determined level from a traveling "print head" so I'm pretty confident that the rate of travel is constant throughout the run or you would get uneven results (slower speed, constant power = more exposure and deeper engraving) I might yet be back on pestering you again :
  5. Yes. that example looks similar to what I was hoping to achieve. Assuming we have the time and means to run a battery of range tests (which we have!) do you have any suggestions as to what would be the best methodology? I know, I'm grasping at straws here!
  6. I was afraid you would say that : I thought there was a relationship curve between time / area and that if we knew three of the points on that curve we could plot it and take it from there. Back to the drawing board so. Thanks again
  7. thanks again comment. I'll play with your suggestion and test it against some examples and see how it goes. Really appreciate the help and speedy responses.
  8. You're right - it takes 48 seconds to output 2cm X 10cm
  9. Many thanks comment. The full print area is actually 90cm X 60cm, I was using the 20cm X 60cm as an example to illustrate how I might calculate print speed over an VERY varied array of print sizes. In short we run different products with varying print area sizes through the printer and I'm hoping to find a way to calculate how long each will take so I can calculate a print charge. I am probably asking too much!! If it makes any difference I know that it takes 5760 seconds (96minutes) to output over the full 90cm X 60cm
  10. OK , here goes... A printer can output a print area of 1cm X 10cm in 25 seconds 1cm X 20cm in 35 seconds and 1cm X 40cm in 55 seconds How long will it take to print an area of 20cm X 60cm? I am trying to write a calculation for this and haven't an idea where to start : Calling on the help of any maths geniuses out there!
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