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  1. Got it working! Took me a couple minutes but once I tore up Ray's example I was able to adapt it into exactly what I was trying to do. A big thanks to you SD and Ray for getting me through this! Thanks! Zach
  2. Hello SD, I'm not sure if you're familiar with zippScript or not, but what I'm trying to is have a script run every time the text is changed in a specific field. I know how to use zippScript, but I'm still struggling with finding out whether text has been changed in a specific field or not. Is there a method of doing it this way? I'd normally just use a plain calculation for this, but it's a fairly complex script that a Calculation doesn't have the capacity to perform. Sorry for not giving out all of this information at the start. Edit: I was hoping to be able to
  3. Good Morning, Is there a function or command within a Calculation dialog box to check if text has been changed in a specific field? If so, what is the command? Thanks, Zach
  4. ...Well I feel dumb, I just had a talk with my boss and it looks like we only have 1 copy of FMP 8 Advanced (which both of us were using), everyone else just has FMP 8, which explains why everyone but the two of us could log on....I'm very sorry for the confusion everyone.
  5. The file references looked ok but I changed them anyway. The weird thing though is that before I changed them, I was able to successfully open the database remotely without any problems at all. I have no idea why, but everything has been working fine from yesterday at around 2:30PM EST up through 8AM EST now. I hope it stays this way... I thought this may have been the case as well, but all of the license keys seemed alright when I checked them. Also when I was able to remotely access files, the same people were connected to the FileMaker Server, no more, no different, and no
  6. Doesn't say I'm logged in. The timeout is set to 15 minutes on ours, but even after restarting the FileMaker Server today I still receive the message. Nope that's not the case either. Strangely enough, the only machines affected are mine and my boss's, everyone else's works perfectly. No I don't believe the price is actually listed, we were forwarded by a salesperson to a licensing agent who handled occasions where customers wanted to buy more than 10 copies. As to the exact price, I have no idea what it was.
  7. Hello, This morning I went to remotely open a FileMaker database from our server and got the following message upon trying to open the database itself... "The maximum number of licensed users are currently using this copy of FileMaker Pro.... License Key conflict occurrued with user "Myself". I don't know how, but it looks like I'm causing licensing conflicts with myself. Say for example my machine was named "Zach HD", any changes I make to the name also reflect in the license key conflict line of the message I'm getting. We're also supposed to have an unlimited license for
  8. Fixed the problem. Had to go into Accounts and Privileges and enable "Access via FileMaker Network" in the extended privileges dialog box and assign it to one of the accounts (I used the Admin one). Everything shows up. Thanks!!
  9. Open remote. The file isn't in the Open Remote dialog at all.
  10. I checked the settings and it looks like your suggestions and AudioFreak's are both correct, but the problem still persists. Here's the way it's set up. The FMServer is its own server (Server X, for example), and all of the users connect to Server X and then view the list of FM DB's from there. Two of the sample DB's on Server X can be opened by everyone, but the custom one can't. The strange thing - if the users connect to my machine the custom file is listed and can be opened. Hope this clarifies a few things.
  11. Hello, I'm running FMServer 8 Adv. and have a big problem. In the Admin control window of the FMServer, I have 3 databases, 2 Samples and one custom. All of their status' reads "Normal", nothing is closed or disabled. My problem is that when I open FMP8 and try to remotely open the databases I have on the FMServer, I can open the 2 samples but my custom one isn't there. I'm using a Mac server with Mac clients trying to connect to the server. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Ah never thought of that, thanks!
  13. Hello, Does anyone know of any error codes associated with the Find Next command trying to "Find Next" and not having anything else to find? Thank you!
  14. Thank you very much for the reply, comment. Ahunter3 practically wrote the script you mentioned for me in another forum here: http://filemakertoday.com/com/showthread.php?p=53889#post53889 I had some trouble though getting it to all come together, but after developing a relationship between two tables, like you suggested, rather than having it all on one seemed to solve the rest of my problems and it's working great. Thank you!
  15. Your assumption is correct; the ID starts and ends with 2 underscore characters, and the text never starts nor ends with 2 underscore characters.
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