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  1. Hello All, In my database I have a table which shows details of parts. Multiple suppliers can supply the same part. So I have a portal on my layout which is a self Join onto the partNumber field to display the names of the Other suppliers. So if I am on record of Part# :abcd from supplier XYZ , and this part has also been supplied by suppliers BAN and CSF, then the portal displays the other suppliers and their prices. However it ALSO displays the current supplier - i.e. in the portal I also get supplier XYZ. I would like to omit that from displaying in the portal. So currentl
  2. Pl advise Where has the filemaker Plug In topic been moved to.
  3. Thanks comment. Your deciphering was perfect Yes, that is what I have. So I amon the right track here. I refined my Primary key in the chapter ID- I concatenated the BookID and ChapterID and used that new filed (chapter_Key)as primary key from chapters to verses. Books -< Chapters: Books::BookID = Chapters::BookID Chapters -< Verses: Chapters::Chapter_Key = Verses::Verse_Key Working fine so far..but then I just got started. Any thing i should be wary of , in your vast experience. thanks again. kev
  4. Dear All, FMPA 9, Win XP sp3. I am just beginning a Bible database and was wondering if I am on the right track here. I was wondering if this requires the use of Recursive Relationships or can be done using our good ol regular relationships. Basically I have 3 tables- Books,Chapters, Verses. Minimum structure is key field in each table -say BookID in Books, chapter ID in chapters etc. Relate BookID to chapters with a foreign key field called BookChapterID. Book 1 will have say 1-5 chapters. Book 2 will also have 1-4 chapters etc(all different of course) It is th
  5. Thanks Just what I figured. Maybe a custom script created by Matt.
  6. In the filemaker calculation dialog, under scriptmaster , I fin d a few additional functions, such as: GenerateGradient( width ; height ; blendpoint ; alpha1 ; alpha2 ; color1 ; color2 ; angle ; key ) RenderColorBlock(height,width,R,G, However there is no documentation on how to use these functions in the Filemaker file that comes with the plugin. Can't seem to locate it on the website too. So...how does one go about figuring out how to use the functions. Thanks in advance. kev
  7. Indeed , The Evaluate function will trigger when dependent fields are changed.As in this example from FM Help: Will put the timestamp into Field A once record is commited.But you will still need a reference field to compare the time stamp to in order to know if there has been any change. Unless I'm missing something here.. The 2nd art of your post is directed to the OP, I assume.
  8. Hello, The modification date will change , yes. but that by itself will not trigger a flag. You will need zippscript, (www.zipptools.com), their example database has exactly what you require.
  9. you can create a folder of files on your hard disk and then display that folder in filemaker via the web viewer. Apart from this , the only other way would be by using a plugin. For displaying yoru folder in a web viewer see this blog: http://filemakerdenizen.blogspot.com/ It could get you started , nee dmore help then post back. thanks
  10. Thanks Soren.. Please see a bigger picture of the Relationship Graph. The yellow TO is the OM Table. The primary key here is a concactenated key of type text: OM_ION & " "& "labdip" OM_ION& " " & "Fits" etc etc (yes, the word labdip/fits etc is hardcoded into the field and ION is the internal order Number) The SLI Table has the same foreign Key in all TO's: _kf_SLI.
  11. Hi Soren, yes, I had read that post earlier and was wondering, as was vaughan, as to how an additional table will preclude the need for multiple TO's. My scenario is the same , where I have many keys but only few of them hodl data at any one time.. but I cannot see how a table will help ??
  12. Try this file, I got it from these forums but cannot remember who the original poster was. WindowandToolbarControl.zip
  13. Thnak you Soren and David for your replies. So basically I have the following approaches: 1.Stick with the one portal and colro code the diferent status items. This one won't work as it will still be quit confusing for the users to have all the status items in one portal. 2.Use multiple portals on multiple tabs and have each portal display accordingly..so portal on labdips tab will display only labdips. This suggestion is workable....shall explore it further. This approach will still keep a single Status Join Table file and no need for multiple TO's - right ? As I will need
  14. I am in the process of building a DB and running into a situation where I can use some help. Db has many tables , but pertaining to this situation, we need consider only 3. OrderMaster (OM) – Table where individual orders are stored. StatusMaster (SM)-table where individual statusitems are stored. StatusJoinTable (SJT) –This is a Join Table between OM and SM. (One status item can belong to many orders and one order can have many status items). I currently have portal in OM (from the SJT table) table listing out the various status items and their attributes (like da
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