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  1. I have two tables that have a "1 to many" relationship by an "ID" field. In the "1" table, I want to have a field that will display all the "name" fields in the "many" table, seperated by carriage returns. I cannot use a portal for my case. I believe I have to create a calculation field but I am unsure about which functions to use. Thanks in advance! ~ Chris
  2. I have been lookin around but haven't found an answer to this: Can you import ust a single record at a time? I am importing records from an old database (with 1 table) into a new database (with 15+ tables) and need to seperate out the fields as they are being imported so I can place them in the correct tables and relate them correctly... In other words I would create a loop starting at the first record of the old database that would go something like this: 1-import next record 2-sort fields and relate records. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks in advance, ~Chris
  3. Hi, I just uploaded a new database to our filemaker server, but multiple users cannot modify it at the same time... Multiple people can log in, but they will receive a warning saying another user s currently modifying the file. I created accounts and had the database automatically sign users in as the restricted account ("staff")... I changed the file's group to "fmsadmin". Is there anything else I'm missing?
  4. Is there a function I can use to change the background of a field? I have a calculation field that I want to have "mask" other fields until the user checks a box... then I want to remove the background so the user can see the fields. ~ Chris
  5. I was actually just about to post a similar question... how would you add up a the total of a specific field in a certain record for a certain month? Say every record has a number and a date... how would i get the sum of all the numbers for the month? I believe count only counts the number of records (right?)... Thanks
  6. that was it! I can't believe I didn't realize that! thanks for the help!
  7. Hello! I am having a problem with filtering a portal. Here are my table relationships: case -- contact_linker -- contacts -- actual_contacts(client, attorney, witness, etc.) Those are my four tables in order... I have a portal on the "case" layout that looks into "contact_linker" and displays all the related contacts for that case... it works fine. But, I also have another portal on the "case" layout that looks into another T.O. of "contact_linker" in an attempt to show only 'opposing contacts'... The only difference in the relationships is an extra field called "Opposing
  8. Here is an example of one thing I wanted to do: There is a portal with different contacts as records... If the user clicks "Opposing Counsel" I want that particular portal record to change color to show that that contact is on the opposing counsel. By "change color" I mean I want the background square of the portal to change... ideally.
  9. Is it possible to manipulate the look of a layout through a field? Say I had some radio buttons on top... could I make certain fields/text/images appear based on what radio buttons the user selects?? Thanks, Chris
  10. Well, there are "matters" and for each matter there can be a number of contacts: usually one client, judge, attorney and mediator, but there can be 15 medical providers or witnesses. I made everyone a "contact" and related all specialized information... this way I can dynamically add phone numbers and addresses etc... I want the user to be able to glance at the "matter" page and see all the different types of contacts that are related to the case... this is hard though, since all contacts are part of the same table... Should I be setting this up differently? I attached a b
  11. I would have to add all the global fields to the relationship between the parent and child table, correct? And why do they need to be global? Can't I just make an unstored calculation that takes the type of contact from another field? I wanted to avoid making lots of global fields, but I guess this is the only way?? Please correct me if I am speaking utter nonsense :
  12. I've already read that post, but I don't think it will help in my situation... I need 10 portals on one page displaying different records from the same table... I didn't want to have to create 10 different globals and a new one for ever new portal I decide to add in the future... Is there a way to make a portal filter records based on the fields that are inside of the portal??
  13. Hey! Just had a quick question above filtering portal content... I have a "case" page that needs to display data from a "contacts" table... the "case" table and the "contacts" table are linked via a joining table that contains simply a "case_ID" and a "contact_ID". The trouble is, is that there are many types of "contacts". A user needs to be able to look at the "case" page and see all the different types of related contacts in their own sections. To do this, I think I need to create a global variable in my "case" page that I can add to my portal table occurrence relations
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