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  1. Uh... apparently you can. I can't believe I missed that. Than you very much!
  2. Hello, I would like to have a tab view that displays only a selected few checkboxes from a single value list. Here's the scenario: I have a database that tracks the number and nature of contacts my school has had with students. When we input contacts, we need to select the reason for the contact (Test Taking, Counseling, etc.). There are many options to choose, and the options can be categorized. I would like tabs to display each category so we don't need to hunt through all of the types. But I would also like the information to end up in one field for reporting purposes. By that,
  3. I just realized that I missed something: The count is important per academic year. This database is for students with disabilities, and we need to track how we serve them year to year. I have a field to input the year of the contact on the contact input layout, so every record will have this value. This file will break next year, so I need to adjust the count somehow. I'm nowhere near skilled enough to figure out this kind of conditional count... if the solution is too complicated, never mid. I have a year to figure it out, after all. : Thanks!
  4. Wow. Thank you soooo much! This is perfect! I'll go through your settings to learn how you pulled this off. Now to get that count working... I'll try your suggestion for the count on the file you provided. Thanks again! Edit: I just noticed that you built the count into the file, too... I really appreciate this, Barbara. Now to crack the file open and do some learning...
  5. Oh, and I have no existing data... thank God. Sorry for the triple-post, by the way... I've been out of the forum scene for too long, I guess. : bcooney, I'm trying to set up that button, but I can't seem to get it. What are the button's settings? There are over 600 names, so you're right about a popup being too long... Thanks!
  6. I just realized that my current auto-complete solution still relies on a value list, and will not work for me because names do not update in both layouts when changed in the Students layout. I'm going to try your portal button tip, bcooney... thanks.
  7. I know, Soren... this happens once in a while. Suggestions can spin off into other conversations, that's how it is. The conversation just went down a long rabbit hole before I logged back in. I absolutely appreciate all of the input, trust me. : I have since set up the appropriate fk relationship, and I am happy to see that the auto-complete is working. I have also used bcooney's count solution, but the field is returning a zero for all students. The tables are titled "Students" and "Student Contacts". I put a calc field in "Students" with "Count ( Student Contacts::Name )".
  8. I knew my inelegant solution was going to draw fire : ... but with the proper fk relationship established, will the name field still auto-complete as I type? Thanks a lot for the count tip. That sounds perfect. Doug
  9. Hi everyone, I'm going to use the word "contacts" to mean occasions on which we have interacted with a student... I've got a database with that tracks student contacts. The database has two tables: one with student info (name, phone, etc.) and one with the contact info (reason for contact/ date of contact, etc.). I need to generate a report of all of the students that have fewer than 4 contacts. Contacts are created by adding a record to the contacts form. In that form, the "Name" field is a drop-down fed by a value list being created by the "Name" field in the students ta
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