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  1. Hey, all. I'm trying to pull in values using the PHP API from a related database and it doesn't echo. Here's the code: echo '', ucwords(strtolower( $record->getField('A to x02A to x01A_PERSON LdrPsnOne::b01A_PsnNmFirst') . " " . $record->getField('A to x02A to x01A_PERSON LdrPsnOne::b01A_PsnNmLast'))),' ', $record->getField('b04A_LdrTitle'),' ', $record->getField('A to E_DELEGATEUNIT DelUnitOne::b04E_DelUnitDesc'),' '; $count = $count + 1; The fields in bold don't echo out, but the others do. Occurrence names for bolded fields go through t
  2. Hey, all. I'm designing a system that will allow a user to upload a file via a webpage, and I'm trying to get the FM PHP API to automate an import and then read out to a result page the number of rows that were imported. I know that Web Publishing scripting doesn't allow import, but I wanted to find out if anyone had come across other ways to circumvent this limitation. Thanks, in advance, for your response. Michael
  3. Hey, all. Are you aware of any way to preserve Italic and Bold formatting of values in a FileMaker file when published to the web via the PHP API? Thanks, in advance, for your response. Michael
  4. I have an unstored calculation field that is a 1 or a 0. There are multiple records that have the value 1 and multiple records that have the value 0. When I perform a find in this field, no search results are returned for 1 or 0. I can sort by this field properly. Is this a corruption problem? If so, what is the best remedy? Thanks, in advance, for your response.
  5. Hey all, I'm trying to set variables in AppleScript as properties of the message that is currently visible in the preview pane (currently selected). Here's what I've got. tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" activate open "path:FILES.fp7" end tell on open theDropped repeat with oneDrop in theDropped tell application "Finder" set thePath to oneDrop as string end tell if thePath contains "apple.mail.drag" then tell application "Mail" activate set theSender to sender of message end tell display dialog
  6. Hey all, I have 5 calculation fields that take on different field values to create a custom report based on user choices, but the exported columns in Excel are always titled "field01" and "field02". I was wondering if there is a way to customize the column headings for an Excel export to be something other than the field name, since sometimes the developer's naming conventions are cryptic at best to the user. Thanks, in advance, for any help. Cheers, Michael
  7. It would be that easy... Thanks for the help!
  8. Hey all, I'm not sure how to OMIT a find, extend and constrain based on a variable using a script. I can include by going into find mode, setting the search field with the script variable and executing the respective script step with no static parameters, but I can't seem to figure out how to perform these three actions as OMITs. Any thoughts? Thanks for the help! Michael New York City
  9. Makes sense. Thanks for the help, comment.
  10. I tried this and it seems to be giving me a trailing carriage return. Should I just build in a manual check that says Set Variable ([$variable] ; $variable & Evaluate ("field" & $loop1) & (If ($loop1 < 10 ; ¶ ))
  11. For the first option, wouldn't it give me a trailing carriage return? And for the second it wouldn't take into account empty fields, right? I really appreciate the help with this issue. I seem to be stumped.
  12. Hey, Again I appeal to the Forum. I have a script that looks like the following: Loop Set Variable [$loop1 : $loop1 + 1] Set variable ( [$variable] : $variable & ¶ & Evaluate ( "field" & $loop1 ) ) end loop if [$loop1 = 10] End loop What I'm trying to do is take values from 10 fields titled "field1", "field2", "field3" and so on and insert them into a list variable ($variable) that builds as the loop goes on. The problem I'm facing is with empty values, especially if "field1" is empty. The script will build so that if "field1" is empty, the value for
  13. Hey all, I'm up against the proverbial 'wall'. I have a variable that has a list of values. Some values have data, some do not. For example ¶ ¶ Apt 2C ¶ Apt 4D Apt 8H ¶ etc. etc. How can I effectively filter out all of the empty lines from this list, including those at the top and the bottom? I feel like this is really simple, but perhaps it isn't. It certainly has me going around in circles. Thanks in advance for any help, all! Michael
  14. I am creating an access console where I can script the creation of an account across selected databases, but I would like to get a value list of all available privilege sets in a given file. Is there a custom function to do this?
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