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  1. Hey guys I need the attached file to perform the following: - When I type in the "Date Purchased" I need it to be validated by the range between "Date Start" and "Date End"; if it's out of range I need a message warning. - When I type in the "Date Postmarked" I need it to be validated by before the "Postmark" date (under "Date End") - *OPTIONAL* If either "Date Purchased" or "Date Postmarked" does not qualify I need "Q" to be entered as "No" automatically. And vice versa. - I need it to print only the Qualifying addresses in the "PRINT" layout if anybody can help me out with th
  2. Hey guys - I've uploaded an example to show you guys the issue. Layout 1 is the page I want to link to. I know I can do it from Layout 3, but that's not how I want it. I need Layout 2 to somehow link to the proper RMA number. If you click on the left side button, it will take me to Layout 1, but not the right one. I'm starting to believe this is an issue with the way I organized by database - I know it's not good, but can somebody help me out with this? Thanks! layoutlink.zip
  3. You are a god, Brian! I didn't even notice you attached it on your previous post. This actually works fine for me. I think I'll just remove the Last QTY section, since it seems too much of a hassle to deal with anyway. Many kudos to you dude! I think this is all the help I need! Again, thank you for taking your time on this!
  4. Hmm. Any suggestions on how I should go about this then?
  5. Hahaha, now I feel stupid. Thanks for your time, Brian, I think I got it from here now. Would be nice if I can see an example, to make things quicker for me - if not, it's cool I'll try to learn this from scratch.
  6. I don't think I can use a single Input QTY field, I need it to be separate for adding and removing - so I can keep record of when it was added and remove. Unless I'm missing something from that script. Thanks for your input though, Brian!
  7. Hey guys. I'm not sure how to do calculations for adding/removing quantities to an existing quantity on another table. See the attached FM file for more details. All I want to do is... 1. Whenever I put a number in "Added QTY" section it will automatically add that amount of number into the "Current QTY" 2. Whenever I put a number in "Removed QTY" section it will automatically remove that amount of number into the "Current QTY" 3. If possible, I would like to have whatever "Last QTY" be the quantity it was before revised. Example: - I had a "Current QTY" of "10" on 1
  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Finally I can get started. Any ideas how I can implement it so that I can get the details on each individual status (as in a single quantity detail)?
  9. Hi there - I'm totally new to FileMaker, so bare with me if I keep asking questions here. Let's say, I have 10 pieces of Product A to test if it's good/bad and I want to be able to know each individual pieces if they are good/bad. See the attachment, to see what I'm talking about. The question is what would be a good way to see each piece's status? Second, if you go to the report layouts (again, see attachment). I can only see ProductA, but not ProductB. I know this involves with setting up relations, but I have no grasp of concept in relations in FileMaker at all. Can somebody
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