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  1. Okay, seemed to have resolved this issue with assistance of fm tech support. They bypassed the whole" 2 ip addresses on one server" issue by having me replace my fmnet file paths with a relative path of "file:database_name". Other then having to manually change a dozen paths in each of a dozen or so databases, it was, as I suspected it would be, an easy solution. Steven, I finally managed to create a desktop url that works, the correct url (for mac using fm 8) for anyone following this thread is "FMP7://account:password@IP address/database name.fp7" I entered that in the url field i
  2. I think I've found the problem, but not sure how to fix it. The clue is in the attached jpg, where I'm displaying a get_host ip address field (amongst others) on my Gateway file that shows the host IP to be Ah ha, that causes the error as the path references I make are initially created with (although then filemaker substitutes the * [asterisk] in the path for the IP - still not sure if that is normal?) So, yes, my Xserve server has 2 LAN connections on 2 separate ethernet cards, one addressed .51 the other .91. What I can't figure out though, is, I initially confi
  3. I'm thinking you're right somehow, but why it is occurring has me baffled. As I've mentioned, with the exception of the users' desktop opener script file, all the databases, including the gateway, are hosted by fm server 8.5. All file references were created using the "File References" menu which creates a path like this for eg: fmnet:/ Database -Filemaker writes the first 2 parts of the path by default, and then when I select a particular database from the list of avails, it adds the fp7 file at the end, thus completing the path. It seems correct to me, is there another
  4. Not sure what the SAT Tool is, so I'm going to say I don't use it, so by "designated address," Steven, you mean my server's actual IP of on my network, yes? I like the sound of a URL shortcut, but am unable to create one that works. I tried a simple fp7 file with a script that has the "Open URL" fmp7:// Database.fp7, but nothing opens. I also tried variations on the syntax: Gallagher%20Database, in case space was issue; also tried fmnet://..... in lieu of fmp7://..... , and finally tried using a Safari url shortcut which didn't work either. As far as
  5. Hi BruceR, thanks. That's a good thought. I checked the opener file's "File References" to see if that was the case. No such luck, there is only one file reference and it is configured with the fmnet IP address of the server on which fm server resides. Also, I should note that hosted databases are in an area of the server that is inaccessible using appletalk or file sharing over our lan, so no other type of connections can be made but through fmnet remotely. I will however mention that when using fm server administrator to open/view fm server on the server, I am always presented wi
  6. Hi Vaughan, thanks. FM Pro 8.5 was installed on each user's mac with an individually supplied license code for each of the 5 users. Nothing like citrix is used here. Each individual user has their own set of apps. All macs are connected through an ethernet lan within our offices, including the server. Everything functions fine until a user "re-opens" the opener file on their desktop, a natural habit from years of use. After the opener runs its script to open our (let's call it a) "gateway" file hosted by fm server and the user clicks on a scripted button to open for eg, a client databa
  7. Perhaps it's my (mis)understanding of how an opener file should work or needs to be configured, so allow me to explain what we do now that brings up the warning and quits fm: Have distributed a simple opener file to five users matching our five user license limit for FM 8.5 on Mac. The users are to keep this file on their desktop or dock on their mac. To open a database running on the FM Server they double-click their desktop opener which merely runs a script to open a simple "Menu" database hosted remotely on FM Server then closes. This all appears to work fine. The menu db, hosted
  8. Eureka, found it! It's always the simplest oversights. I had forgotten to check (enable) Filemaker Network in the Extended Attributes in the Account Privileges edit window for that database. Doh!! Hopefully though, this thread will help some other poor soul who's going through the same ordeal.
  9. Just to close this thread, rebuilding that database from scratch resolved the issue. Very strange. I can only suspect some sort of corruption that neither compressing the file nor my myriad attempts at alternate solutions could resolve. Recreating it was my last resort and it worked. Thanks to Ender and Steven for your suggestions, I appreciate.
  10. If this helps anyone point me in the right direction, I see these in my logs after looking for clues... Finder tool: request to change uid to 501 gid to -1 for /G-Server/Media Menu.fp7 Finder tool: request to change uid to -1 gid to 305 for /G-Server/Media Menu.fp7 Media Menu is indeed the name of the offending file in this post. Hmmmm. 305 is the group user id for fsadmin, 501 is the user id for the server. I'm not really familiar with this area, but perhaps I've got the appearance of permissions set correctly, but they're not really "sticking" and hence the log entries? Anyo
  11. Steven: No such luck, but thanks for the excellent suggestion. Looking through keychain I see that none of my databases are listed, I haven't used keychain's password storage for administering any of our fm hosted files, even though it's tempting. ;-) Thanks,
  12. Exactly. If I take it down, my full access username and password works. Really sounds like an OS X permissions issue doesn't it? As I'd mentioned I have checked that many times over, they are set correctly, more detail below in reply. That's the message I immediately get after entering my password and clicking "Okay". I see what you mean, it should say something like your password or username do not match..... No, I make it a point to log into any/all my databases using my admin name and password if I'm working on them. Owner is set to "serveruser"
  13. Thanks for responding Ender. I'm definitely not able to open the file when trying to use my username and password for full access. I do have it set to open with limited access for regular users here, where a username and password are auto entered, but of course that doesn't help me get in to make changes while it's being hosted. I hold down the option key while opening to bring up the name/password entry window, but it just refuses to accept my password when it's being hosted. There is no script set to run upon opening the file. This database is just a list of scripts to
  14. Hi: I am unable to gain full access to a hosted "opener" file using my username and password from my computer. I get message "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action." All other hosted files (8) open correctly in full access mode with the same username and password. If I close the file in FM Server, copy it to my desktop, it will then accept my name & password and open in full access mode. That made me suspect an OS X permissions issue, but I've quadruple checked permissions while being hosted, they are set correctly, and identically, to all other hos
  15. Ahh, I found it! I renamed the table in the relationship by adding the word table at the end to distinguish it from the name of the file itself - which was the same. (Is that normal to have to do during a conversion from 5 to 8.5?) That immediately listed "Media Table" in the offending empty "Evaluate from this Context" drop down in the calculation window and problem is solved. Thanks again Vaughan, you pointed me in the right direction. Thought you might like the gif...
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