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  1. After reading the "bible,' AKA "The Missing Manual," I was sort of shocked to realize that hidden on page 600-something, in a tiny paragraph, was the statement to the effect that if somehow the password was forgotten, the database was, essentially "toast," and somewhat later-on, explaining that Filemaker initially installs giving full privileges and "automatic" logon. Although in the beginning, that is, when I first moved from Xerox "Approach" database to Filemaker (I just mistyped it as "failmaker!!!) I used several texts to guide me, neither of which paid any attention at all to "user
  2. Dear IF, That does not work. When I change the file options as you have suggested above, (selecting the "log in using" box, and then I supply a "valid name," (whatever that means), it asks me to supply a name, which I did, and then the P/W, which I did (blank), and then exited. Upon re-opening, a password was requested. I used the name I chose, and the blank P/W, but it reused that and i had to revert to "admin." This password thing is much to complicated for a bear with a small brain. the question I have, re/ Filemaker, in general, is why does it not seem to do what it clai
  3. Here is the "file options," "open" box as I now have it. Despite that, it asked me for a P/W when I opened it. See previous posts. Thanks again, J e Bear
  4. Again, after sweating, I figured it out. I opened a file I was able to get to and found the "admin" with my P/W. I used that for the file I was playing with, and I opened it. However, even careful reading of the "help" section fails to tell me, rather, I fail to understand, how to make access completely password free. I don't care who plays in this database and if I make it too difficult, my secretary wont be able to access it either. Same appreciations. Jack e Bear
  5. Dear Imaginary Friend, Now I am really in it. After playing around with the database yesterday, including changing the access to "no password" in the preferences, the file I was working on will not open because I do not have a password (and I never had one). How can I force the opening, or, is the program so strict as to keep even a dumb owner out? Again, all help is deeply appreciated. Jack e Bear
  6. I think I solved the problem. I exchanged a box part, which had a fill color and was the same size as the body, with "body" fill color. This appears to have solved the matter. I am still left with the question of why the box would not repeat. But that is left for another day. Jack e Bear
  7. The problem continues. I did some changes in the sizes of the parts. The outcome is sort of unpredictable in that the resultant PDF file, as the attachments show, have either no color background or alternating color background.
  8. I redid the two-up report/layout and was able to see the picture/images in each of the records, however, every-other record has a blank background. the files attached are screen captures of the layout in design view and the other is the result seen in the *.pdf. It shows that only the top record retains the background color. I wonder why this is? Again, all help sincerely appreciated. Jack e Bear Well, I can't seem to attach two files, so only the pdf result is attached, and the upper record is "as designed."
  9. Thank you for your reply. I had the page break set to: "after 2 (body)" and with no footer. After retreating to the single page, I sort of gave-up, but I would much prefer the report to be two records per page. I will try some experimenting and create a screen shot of the matter. Best, jack e Bear
  10. I return to designing a layout after almost 3 years, and despite boning up a bit using several books, I cannot figure out what I have done incorrectly. I am using FM 8.5 Advanced. Here is the goal: I have a large art database with images and I wished to generate a layout that would fit on a single page and contain two records per page. I was successful in sizing etc., but when I tested it, only the top one contained the image. My work-around was to expand the layout to almost a full page, but this generated a very long print-out (and *,pdf). Twice as long as necessary. Because the "t
  11. Thanks, Tom. I believe I did something like this: (I started with a converted *.dbf) I probably opened the resulting *.fp7 file and saved it in a different directory and folder. Then ever since I have been using the "saved" version. I am presuming (since i do not yet know) that everything was still pointing to the first file, thus explaining the error messages. I shall do what you suggest. Zip zip zip. Also, I'll read the references you suggested, although I am a bear of small brain. Made it through medical school, but you know those docs!! Best, Jck e bear
  12. I "lost" a layout yesterday, while working on it, by simply changing a the layout view. Fortunately, I had a "back-up," but not on this computer. This opened the question of how FM 8/8.5 handles files. I thought I was being wise when I saved databases in different directories after working on them. This was probably the wrong thing to do. On opening my database, I started using "recent" to avoid the error message: XXX.fp7 could not be opened (Not Found). When I looked in the "file reference" section, I found 6 files I hadn't opened in over a year!! And, when I tried "define database," I got
  13. Dear FM World, I have been attempting to learn FMP8 for some time, now. I thought I had several aspects under control after experimenting on a table/file/database without embedded photos. I then opened the larger file and added some bells and whistles. I then attempted to create a relationship. I was working with two files I had "saved as;" both were working fine. In the relationship graph, neither file name was present, so I deleted what was there and found the other (newly) named files and used them as the tables (btw, they retained "old" titles???). When I returned to the larger file
  14. Dear Breezer, Should you have a break in your week, could you kindly look at my last post--which was a reply to myself!! When I tried to recover the table in question, it still comes up with "table missing" in all of the fields. And to make it even more annoying, "table missing" is not to be found anywhere in the "help" section of FM nor on the web-site. And, so it goes. Cold in Santa Rosa, today. Be happy, Jack
  15. Just when I thought I had figured it out, I have run into a new, but related, problem. I have been renovating the database discussed above (two tables: artists works/artists). Because I wished to learn using a smaller version of the database, I did all my experimenting on a table lacking photos. Believing I had learned enough, I started working on the larger version. First I did a "save as" to clarify the name of the file. Things seemed to be fine and I had installed all sorts of nice buttons and easy scripts and was about to create a relationship. First thing I found was, although I was worki
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