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  1. Yesterday I made a few changes with FM10 Adv on my Mac and FM9 Server on another Mac without any problems.
  2. I think I found a solution: Installig a custom "requests"- menu, where the "New Request" command is missing. Than the corresponding button in the status area is grey and no longer active.
  3. Hello, with FM 10 the User can modify the Status Area and there´s nothing you can do to control this, except locking the Status area completely In our solution, adding a new record is made by a Button, trigerring a script, that is filling some data in special fields. As mentioned, we can lock the Status Area in browse mode. But in search mode? In search mode, you can´t lock the status area because the user should be able to do a search by omitting records! In our solution, we need the ability to control the search. In FM 9 we had 2 buttons: Search = Entering search mode and fill some values in certain fields Extend Search = New request and fill some values in certain fields In FM 10 our buttons are still there, but in the status area is a nice new button "New Request", that will bypass our skript that fills some values in certain fields is there a way to block the button "New Request" or is there a search operator for omitting?
  4. But why, if we don´t need any of the FM 10 Server functions? The only new FM 10 functions we will be using, are the functions that come with the FM 10 Client Versions
  5. Hello, does anyone know if it´s possible to run FM10 Clients with FMS 9 Server? We have no need for the FM 10 Server functions, but like to use FM 10 Clients because of the Skript Trigger functions. I think I recall that one could use a FM 8 Server along with FM9 Clients, but I might be wrong... -)
  6. Hello, I searched the Forum and found 2 answers regarding opening a cash drawer We are about to by a receipt printer and a cash drawer and want to use this with FileMaker on a Windows PC on windows (later on mac os x too). The salesman told us, that it´s necessary to send some ascii code to the printer, which will sent an impulse to the cash drawer, that ist connected to the printer. The answers here in the forum showed 2 other ways: 1) The printer dialog should have an appropriate option for the connected cash drawer - this was denied by the salesman 2) The second solution s to use the Troi Serial PlugIn. - as far as I know, this solution is for a cash drawer connected directly to the serial port, which is not the case Can anybody tell me, how to open a cash drawer from FileMaker? GalainHH
  7. Thanks a lot. This is far from being "complicated". I was constantly thinking, that I have to use "Let" and calculate Vars in special way and didn´t thought, there can be such an easy way.
  8. Hello, I am wondering, how to "calculate" the following: main table with following fields: id article number article attributes calculated text Subtable with following fields id relation to main id article attributes number a main record can have 0 to 5 subrecords "article attributes number" contains numbers that should be calculated in "article attributes calculated text". The formula of "article attributes calculated text" should do the following: - Get all "article attributes number" (probably with the list command) - Sort them in ascending order - Write the sorted numbers with "-" between each Value i.e. 3 Subrecords with numbers 8976 629 17678 calculated as 629-8976-17678 Can anyone tell me, how the calculation would look like? GalainHH
  9. Hello, my Mac OS X Database can import DATA from an XML File located on a Webserver in a (htaccess) protected Directory. The same Database in Windows gives an error: "NetAccessorException" When I remove the htaccess Files the Database works in Windows without problems. In this PDF: http://transfer.filemaker.com/collection/xslt_password_protected.pdf filemaker describes, how to modify the XSLT Document (by adding "concat( http://account:password@localhost...") I have 2 questions: - I don´t know, where I have to add this line in my XSLT, or if this works at all - I can´t imagine, that editing my XSLT will help FM9 in Windows to connect to the server that is otherwise restricted, due to the fact, that the XML URL simply can´t be http://user:passwort@www.server.com Can anyone tell me how to manage that? GalainHH
  10. Hello, I am a bit confused about the best approach to import MySQL Data, hostet on an Internet Server (without ODBC - no direct access with FM9 new MySQL feature). I searched the web and found one solution: XML I played around with some examples and could get some examples to work. But I don´t really know to make XSLT for my solution, because I simply have a lack of knowledge. So I asked myself, if it is also possible with php? Not, that I have big knowledge in php programming, but I know someone, who could develop a solution with me together. If there is any. So my question is: - Is XML the best / the only or only one solution to solve the problem? - Could I get the same results with php, or is php the wrong tool for that? What I would like to do is: - From FileMaker I would like to make a request for certain records (all new, all after a certain date) (this task could be done i.e. with webviewer) and import them in Filemaker What do you think? XML or php? GalainHH
  11. Hello John, I have 2 questions regarding ZippShell: 1) I am looking for a solution to upload files with ftp, and i need a feedback in filemaker for the customer: Is this possible with ZippShell? 2) Will there be a Windows Version of this plugIn too? Torsten
  12. I tried to run my FileMaker Database with the Code mentioned in my first post and got the following results: Mac OS X: FileMaker 8.5 Advanced: Works without Problems FileMaker 9 Advanced: Doesn´t work, instead I got the error message: [color:red]Array ( ) Query was empty Windows XP: FileMaker 8.5 Advanced: Doesn´t work, because the WebViewer incorrectly parses the document "data:text/html,%3Chtml%3E%3Chead%3E%20%20%3Ctitle%3E%3C/title%3E%3C/head%3E%3Cbody%3E%3CFORM%20METHOD=%22POST%22%20ACTION=%22%3E%3CTEXTAREA%20NAME=%22Daten%22%20cols=100%20rows=23%3ESELECT%20*%20FROM%20%60products_options%60;_____%20DELETE%20FROM%20%60products_options%60;_____%20INSERT%20INTO%20%60products_options%60%20(%20%60products_options_id%60,%20%20%60language_id%60,%20%60products_options_name%60%20)%20%20VALUES%20('6','2','Speicher%20%5C&%2334;Windows%20XP%5C&%2334;')%3C/TEXTAREA%3E%3CINPUT%20TYPE=%22submit%22%20VALUE=%22senden%22%3E%3C/FORM%3E%3C/body%3E%3C/html%3E" FileMaker 9 Advanced: Works without problems I think also, this must be bug. Any Ideas? GalainHH
  13. Hello Brian, VERY interesting. I was on holiday the last 10 days, so I couldn´t follow your attemps. I will try it myself with FMP 9 under XP. But I am wondering how you could have got this solution going to work in 8.5??? I thought one of the brand new features in FMP 9 is the abillity to load "a html page" out of a data field!? I will try it myself with 8.5 under XP and OS X tommorow. Thanks! GalainHH P.S. To answer your question in one of your first posts: Yes I am aware of the necessity to use the backslash to escape special characters. I assume you found out, that this problem is not related to those circumstances.
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