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  1. Sorry for the bump, Still stuck here, Thanks again, Heeter
  2. Hi all, printing okay in FM6Pro desktop, but really small in forefox with IWP. How can I fix this? Thanks Heeter
  3. Thanks for the response. Now I know what to look for. Heeter
  4. Hi all, using FMPro6, I would like to change a defined value list field to a plain text field. I figured out how to delete the defined value list, but an empty dropdown menu is still there. Sorry, I am pretty new to FM still. Thanks all, Heeter
  5. Thanks for the reply, vaughn How would I change the field to plain text? I am using the default IWP template. Thanks Heeter
  6. Hi all, I had a defined value list that I would to change back to a text field. I deleted the value list, but in IWP I still have a dropdown list arrow and cannot input any text. Seems to be working correctly in the GUI. This is for FM6Pro. Thanks Heeter
  7. Great, Thanks for your assistance, Heeter
  8. Thanks for the response. Could you please elaborate a little more on "saving as a clone" and "reserializing" Thanks again Heeter
  9. Hi all, The company I work for is purchasing FMPro9Advanced. We currently use FMPro6. Our intention is to start a fresh database with FM9 but use only the templates/structure from our existing FM6. We will create new user passwords and new users as needed with the FM9. Can this be done? If so, how? Thanks in advance, Heeter
  10. Hi all, I am using Filemaker Pro 6, with IWP. I really like the "Blue and Gold 1" Template, but would like to move some categories in the search and table views around. Where do I find this and edit it? Thanks Heeter
  11. Would it help if I remove all passwords in my FileMaker 6 and then update the DB to FM9. Would FM9 still ask for a account/password then? Thanks Heeter
  12. Hey all, I am still stuck with this. Would like any help, Thanks Heeter
  13. Thanks for your responses. I did try leaving it empty, to no avail. I will read those links see if I am missing something. Heeter
  14. Hi all, I would like to know how to get IWP up and running. Is there a knowledge base that I can use? I did get it showing on my browser through my webserver, but shows no databases available. Do I need to have FM open all the time for IWP to work? Is there a way to change that? I am new to IWP. Thanks Heeter
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