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  1. Unfortunately what you are really trying to do is effect the behavior of the browser that they are using. The default behavior when text is selected is just to copy the test and ignore the html that is used to show the data as columns which is not what you really want in this case. My suggestion would be to use some javascript actually put the data in the clipboard of the user. There is no way to do this in filemaker directly so you will have to unfortunately edit the page that this table is displayed upon and add some javascript. Sorry it's not easier!
  2. I'm not entirely sure that I understand the issue but it appears to me that the above calculation would return the current time with the AM/PM only when the end_time is empty. c_time_elapsed = If ( IsEmpty ( end ) ; Get ( CurrentTime ) ; end - start ) You might want to change this to be c_time_elapsed = If ( IsEmpty ( end ) ; Get ( CurrentTime ) - start ; end - start ) That could solve your problem
  3. Since you have a new privilege set for this new user, I would suggest ensuring that the user has access to the fields in question. If you have setup custom record privileges he might have not have access to those fields. Not really sure... just grasping at straws here.
  4. I figured out how to get ride of the straggler field. So I deleted my previous post. Here is what you need to do: 1. Edit my file and rename Col1,col2 to a list of column names that are separated by columns. 2. Export records as xsl and apply this style sheet. You will get a csv with the names of the columns as you specified. Voila... Great Idea Vaughan test.xsl.zip
  5. Sounds scary... If it's all just static HTML and CSS then I don't see how it would be possible unless you did some CWP. IWP is pretty much impossible to integrate with any other web technology
  6. Nope. There are fowl hacks that would work.... Such as creating a dummy record that has the headers of the fields in it and sorting that to the top of the found set you wish to export.
  7. There are a couple ways to do this. The first of which is the most secure: 1. Create a new privilege set in accounts and privileges and assign it to your generic user. 2. Edit the Records Permissions for the table in question so that they can only be viewed if the checkbox is not checked. Another way to do this would be to create a customer menu for your application and override the show all records. It would basically run show all records and then constrain to just the items no marked hide. You would also need an on mode enter script trigger which fires when entering br
  8. dbfreak, making the jump to the web is a big step. HTML/PHP/Javascript can be quite tough. I have not used smartpill/PHP myself and personally prefer ruby on rails and RFM but I'm probably biased. That said Uploading files and Displaying pdfs for download/pringing are both relatively easy things to do so it wouldn't be a bad place to start. With a little googling I'm sure you can find the code to complete either task quite easily. As far as Dreamweaver goes... I would recommend against it as it tends to produce crazy complicated html that is difficult to edit yourself. Good L
  9. nchar, I'm not sure that there is a problem using CWP and IWP at the same time. Have you tested it? I'm running IWP and CWP on the same filemaker database and don't have any problems. If you get your CWP running you could place a web viewer on your layout in IWP.Add some custom html/javascript to hit the server via CWP and return what you are looking for.
  10. I would definitely suggest using CWP. That way you could just create the form yourself and then submit the data to FileMaker when the user is finished. Technically you can not actually send parameters to IWP.
  11. The reason that your hours are appearing in the "previous note" is because your custom dialog is setup so that a user is entering the hours directly into the Notes_Investigation::Hours field. So when they type in a number into the dialog and then hit ok you are actually allowing them to edit whatever note they are currently on. What you could do instead is create the new note before you show the dialog and don't even bother with the variable. This way the user will actually be entering data directly into the new record.
  12. Alrighty, I have made some changes. I took out the script parameter and added two variables. One to keep the id of the work order and one to keep the total number of records to create. Here's the file. WO.fp7.zip
  13. You can change your serial number to only increment on commit and that would get your id "back" because it's never assigned one in the first place. Otherwise you can use the set next serial value script step to set the fields serial number to something different but I wouldn't recommend that approach. What is your goal?
  14. I would write a script that took a number as a parameter. The script would then go to a layout whose table occurrence is your design table and loop to create the records. Heres some psuedo code: Go To Layout[Design] set variable[$counter; 1] loop exit loop[$counter > get(scriptparameter)] new record set variable[$counter;$counter + 1] end loop You could then put a button on the layout to execute the script and have the field that the user is editing data be the parameter. You could do this with script triggers as well but I don't know if you want to do that
  15. For some reason, possibility related to my own stupidity or the fact that I was watching football, I did not post the file in my last post. I added it. Sorry for the confusion.
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