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  1. You are right. Let me have a go at that. Perfect. Thanks very much.
  2. Hi All I'm working on a real estate investment sales DB I have a file with three main tables; Deals, Investors and Opportunities. An opportunity is a join of deals and investors. Whenever an investor is interested in a deal we create an opportunity. Because it’s real estate, when one investor closes on a deal all the other opportunities are no longer valid. We would like to keep them in whatever state they finished up because it's a good historical record for investor activity. On the “Home” screen I want to have a portal showing all open opportunities - where the deal is not
  3. OK... I'm a relative beginner to this. Is there an easy way to implement sorting by clicking on the column header in a list view? I've done some searches and tried to implement this (http://www.filemakerhacks.com/?p=2341) but I'm getting errors (Some fields in the sort order are invalid or cannot be sorted. You must remove these fields from the sort order before performing a sort.) Is there a fairly straight forward way to implement this functionality?
  4. Hi, I have a "person" table with firstname and lastname and ct_fullname (unstored, calc). I want to use the full name in a drop down list to set the person id FK field on another form but I get the error. Is there a hack to get around this or do I have to set as a stored field, have script to "recalc" it when people update the person record and run scripts when logging into the system to go through my thousands of users and make sure the stored field value is correct? This seems far too complicated.... Thanks Nick
  5. Metasys, This works exactly as I need it to. Thank you very much. Nick
  6. Hi Barbara, Sorry I should have been more clear. Data model is: Investor > Opportunity < Deal. Deal could also be thought of as "property". What I want to do is when I get a new deal (property) to search all the investors who it could work for so I know who to call or email first. The opportunity table tracks to the ongoing tasks and status of the join record. Hi Metasys, Thanks I'll take a look. Appreciate you linking it. Thanks Nick
  7. Hello I have two tables, "investors" and "deals". Investors have a set of criteria that they want - entered as a checkbox Property Deals have a set of criteria that they meet - also entered as a checkbox I would like to be able to go into a deal record, input the criteria and then run a script that finds any investor who have at least one criteria matching one of the criteria checked for the deal. The two value lists are the same. More criteria will be added so I would like to not hard code the find criteria. I guess I need to do something like (pseudocode) Copy the fi
  8. It's a portal to the Interest Area field in the titles table. Each title can have only 1 interest area so Interest Area is not a separate table. I would like to show a list of distinct interest areas, at the moment if the customer has 2 purchase with the same interest area, that interest area will appear twice.
  9. thanks but I'm after a portal, not a value list... can something like this be used to dynamically populate a portal?
  10. Hi Guys, I know this must come up every other month, but I'm struggling with how to filter out duplicates in a particular portal. The relationship is: [Clients] can [Purchase] a [Title] 3 tables, purchase being the join. In the [Title] table there is a field called interest area. I want to see, from the context of an individual client, a distinct list of interest areas from books they have purchased. File attached. I've tried working through some of the other threads like this one: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/194751/post/288040/hl/distinct/fromsearch/
  11. Actually, I just hacked a workaround, if you have a field in the adoption table that = 1 for every record then you get the correct data for the "Fraction of total" sub-summary step. Would still like to know why the other GetSummary fields don't work but at least I have a way forward.
  12. Hi and thanks for the reply. I'll try to get a sample file together but I didn't make the original report so it may take a while. The grey part on the report with the market share number is a sub-summary sorted by title::publisher, where title is a parent of adoption. So yes, the fields are all sub summary fields. I had tried the GetSummary script step as you suggested before actually and didn't get anywhere. Please see the attached pics where I try to define two cal fields to get the summary numbers, and also to display them. As you can see they can't reference data. Is this
  13. Hi, I have a system which sores books sold and their publisher. A report I need to display will take any subset of "sales" and give the following sub-summaries: a) The total number of sales in the found set for each publisher in the found set The percentage of the "number of sales for each publisher" compared with the total number of sales in the found set (for all publishers). Fairly simple, if you have 1000 records, and two publishers in the found set, with PubA having 200 records and PubB having 800 records then PubA will have 20% and PubB will have 80%. Sub-summary
  14. nick_jp

    Iteration problem

    Hi, it sounds like either your relationships could be incorrect or you may be displaying the wrong fields. Can you please zip and post your solution and I'll take a quick look for you.
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