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  1. Join a growing company, doing what you love. We use FileMaker Pro for all of our front office and business development processes. Our marketing and promotion are web based and integrated with our FileMaker systems. Accounting functions are handled via FileMaker integrated with MS Dynamics Great Plains. Our network is Windows based. You would work as full time solutions developer and systems guru, using FileMaker and associated technologies to solve problems and enhance work flows. Respond to wish lists that are sent your way, or seize opportunities that you see to make us better! Reloc
  2. Anyone else seeing changes in container graphics resolution in FM 10? Please note these illustrations. These are container fields with a reference link to a PDF file. So you are looking at the file icon in the container field that indicates the linked document. Not the end of the world, but looks bad. System: Win XP
  3. Nope. Have not found a solution. Despite repeated attempts as well as calls to FM tech support, I still have not sucessfully installed Server 9. Every time I call FM tech support, I get new suggestions from them. The latest is to uninstall and re-install IIS web services. Have not tried that yet. I wait two or three weeks between each attempt, because there is so much involved in trying to follow their upgrade procedures... and then having to re-install and re-configure Server 8 after the Server 9 install fails.
  4. Just saw an interesting announcement from Servoy, stating that they are fully compatible with Leopard. Also, they claim in their press release that they had a pre-release version of Leopard months ago... and had been working diligently to insure that they were good to go on Leopard in time for the OS release date. I guess FMI had too many distractions, as 9 was being released within roughly the same time frame(?)
  5. There are a number of script triggering plug-ins that will allow you to schedule script runs (in the client app) at specific times and/or on a recurring schedule. This is a lot easier than a looping script.
  6. The documentation is included in the download. You will find it in the directory(Folder) where the program was installed..or all manuals are also downloadable from the FileMaker web site
  7. Create a calculation in your FM table using the GetAsCSS(text) function... where text is the field that contains the formatted entry. In you PHP/FileMaker routines, refer to and display the calculated field. Almost all formatting (Bold, italic, font, color, etc) will display as entered with formatting preserved.
  8. You are asking questions relating to the most basic of FM server operations. At the risk of sounding abrupt... I highly recommend that you locate the manuals and other documentation and spend some quality time walking through it. If you do not have hard copy of the manuals, you can find PDF docs in the directory containing the FileMaker server app.
  9. Remote refers to files that you are hosting using the FileMaker Server application or files that you may be sharing using another FileMaker Client app open on another computer. If I'm reading between the lines correctly, my guess is that you do not have FileMaker Server which is a different application from FileMaker Pro (the desktop application)
  10. We have been trying to install FMS 9 since mid-July. After repeated attempts and endless hours of troubleshooting, we still have not been able to successfully deploy FMS 9. We have had to re-install FMS 8v4 after every failed attempt. I can get everything working as advertised except for the web publishing component. Any attempt to utilize web publishing using PHP or XSLT is met with an error: 956- "Maximum number of database sessions exceeded". Configuration Two Win 2003 machines (FMS on master. Web publishing modules on web server.) Preexisting: FMS 8v4 and PHP 5.2.3 de
  11. With files hosted on server 9, I have noticed the screen draw delay, but it is only noticeable on a first visit to a layout. Once the layout is cached on the client, graphics performance seems to be on par with 8.5.
  12. OK, I know it's a work around, but its not huge... just one extra script step. I've been playin' in FM since 2.0... now those were work around days. :
  13. I don't think there are any "rules"... there's just general familiarity with behaviors derived from hours of building layouts. The screen refresh behavior, relational/unstored value updates,and... when is "Feeze Window" really "Freeze Window" and when not. Those are all undocumented behaviors that change from rev to rev... especially while the FM graphics engine seems to be in a state of flux since intro of seven. Once you start paying attention to that kind of thing, the distracting flickers, flashes, and gyrations can be minimized.
  14. I see your point, anchors are relative to the window or container boundaries and not the dynamic position of the nearest object. But typically I find that some fields like State(Abbr),Phone number, Zip Code, price, fields with value list entry, and similar info do not need expansion. Fields like Name, street address, Description, Notes... may benefit from expanded entry/display areas. So you must choose fields that are expandable and fields that remain static in size. Sometimes not ideal, but other times this may actually be preferable to expanding all fields.
  15. You can achieve a dynamic setField action by using objects. Name your layout fields as objects. You can go to objects via calculation or other dynamic..then do a generic SetField.
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