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  1. In order to use FileMaker with terminal services you need a VLA. FileMaker has an article about that error in their KB. Answer number: 6549
  2. if it uses anything other then port 80 it has to append the port. Any address that doesn't specify the port assumes its using port 80
  3. What happens if you add the server ip to your favorite hosts? Or manually supply the path to the file?
  4. switch to windows? you know, if you host the file you only need one license of the actual driver.
  5. I spoke with FileMaker Support yesterday after one of my clients experienced the same error. They're currently trying to gather as much information on this error as possible, such as logs and a detailed description of the machine setup. I did read that one person was able to resolve the issue. They were getting the error on a windows xp machine. They had to uninstall server 9, roll SP2 back and then reinstall SP2, then Server 9. Anyone thats receiving this error should contact FileMaker's support. They may not have a resolution yet, but the more information, the quicker they're li
  6. were you able to duplicate this in a new file? If so, can you post step by step instruction on how to cause the hang? In my testing I was able to get the spinning wheel of death for maybe 30 seconds.
  7. Have you contacted FileMaker's support? It seems to me this should be brought to FileMaker's attention.
  8. no, this is hardcoded into the software. Only the web publishing port can be changed, and thats changed in the web server.
  9. Interesting, many of my clients (who refuse to go to 2003 SE) have been running for a while with no problems at all. (other then the normal FileMaker server touchiness : ) Strange i've not run into any of those issues.
  10. What issues have you seen? just out of curiosity. The only issues I've ever seen is with Share Point on Windows Small Business, conflicting with the web publishing engine. Uninstalling and reinstalling IIS with out share point has always resolved this issue for my clients. I also recommend the use standard addition when possible. Running mission critical data on an uncertified OS is just not the best of ideas :
  11. "Unsupported JNLP version in launch file: 1.5. Only version 1.0 is supported with this version. Please contact the application vendor to report this problem." To fix this: Select the downloaded admin_console_webstart.jnlp file (JNLP) and do a Get Info ( Command+ I) You can locate the admin_console_webstart.jnlp file where your browser saves downloaded files Change the “Open with “ which is set by default to “Java Web Start (11.5.0)” to “Java Cache Viewer 11.5.0” Click on the “Change All” button and click OK on it’s dialog to apply to all JNLP files Now you should be ab
  12. We may never know. Which is why I push people to their technical support. I've seen a trend with most FileMaker users. Once an issue is a "known" on the forums, they stop reporting to FileMaker Inc. I've talked to support a number of times about "known" issues. Most of the time they have no idea what I'm referring to. Or they don't have all details. We're part of the "FileMaker Community". I would think we'd want FileMaker Inc. as part of that community.
  13. Did you have any previous versions of FileMaker running on this machine? If you have FileMaker pro/advanced OPENED during the installation, that'll cause issues as well. If that was the case you'll need to uninstall and reinstall. I would also check the server logs.
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