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  1. kys btw, nice alternate account to make your 1 hate post <3
  2. What are your system specs and were you using a reverse proxy with that machine?
  3. roflcopter? I use Vista and Pro 9 with nothing wrong? Are you using Pro 7, as your post indicates? ;o
  4. Thanks, I thought that was it, but wasnt too sure! ;)
  5. woot! thanks for the information, i'm purchasing mine now and looking forward to seeing you guys at devcon! Thanks again!
  6. Hey guys, was reading some articles on FM Advisors website and saw some other references to an almighty TOG Model that a frenchman wrote. I was wondering if anyone knew where that article was either on fm advisor or any other website so I could read it and improve my development capabilities through organization Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Along with what Steve has said, the following knowledge base answers can help you recover a file correctly. This will also explain how to properly use a recovered file to rebuild and get your business up and running. What to do when your file is corrupt! Answer 5421 How To Organize The Recovery Process When Recovering Related Databases! Answer 1580 Hope these help! btw, they say FMP7 and 8, but apply to FMP9 as well :
  8. It might be a little hard to parse out the information but if you have server 9 you can look at the wpc_access_log.txt file. This file shows all access to databases through any form of Web Publishing, including IP Addresses. One last option is to have a web viewer that displays a page that pulls IP addresses (such as www.whatismyip.com ). Using web scrapping techniques you can pull off the IP address from the website, and then have that placed into a field. Another option would be to use Custom Web Publishing and use PHP to pull the IP address, which may be easier if you have exper
  9. I believe the reason for the database not being closed when you check them in the admin console is because they Pause rather than stay Open when saving the backup through FileMaker Server. If this is not a 3rd party backup program and you are using FileMaker Server, i would suggest these steps: 1) Take a copy of one of the databases it says is encountering the error and host only that file. 2) Create a scheduled backup for that database and then run the schedule. 3) If the error is produced, look into the Event.log and post the error it gives or contact tech support. This wi
  10. Are you creating the runtime on Vista or the XP machine? I would try creating the runtime on Vista. What version of Vista are you creating or running the runtime on? If you are using 8.5 rather than 9, you have to be on Ultimate, or atleast that is what FileMaker tested on I believe. In this case, you may need to upgrade to 9 to create runtime solutions that work properly on Vista. I would strongly suggest contacting tech support and see what they think or if they have encountered any other problems like this with Vista. I had a few Vista machines (one Home Premium and two Ul
  11. Upgrading is completely optional, and fortunately I got the pay the full upgrade price rather than the 30$ upgrade promotion they are offering. A suggestion in the future would be to join TechNet or FBA, as they advertise they give pre-release information to those members. By the way, while you're purchasing a new copy of FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, take advantage of another promotion to get a year of TechNet! Just a few things I had to do and hope it helps you http://filemaker.com/purchase/store/promos .html
  12. Yes, FileMaker Server 9 supports the API for PHP. The thing with this release of server is you can do Custom Web Publishing with just the normal server version, but need Advanced for Instant Web Publishing and ODBC/JDBC. The API for PHP is the release now rather than beta, im sure there have been some changes made, but im not exactly sure on what they did change. Here is FileMaker's technology site on PHP: http://www.filemaker.com/support/technologies/php.html Hope this helps! ;)
  13. My guess would be stability, im sure they tested pro on windows 2000, they took the time to test server. Possibly theres something that doesnt run properly, a great example of this is FileMaker Server 9 on Vista. When i tried to do this to see what happens, the Vista machine physically screamed at me over and over again until i removed the installation. I thought it was funny, but still slightly disappointed. The world may never know :
  14. I believe the trials are teh same as the released versions, and rebuilt with ever version patch. I've noticed that FileMaker doesnt like using label printers much, the more popular one would be Dymo. Normally I adjust the layout and change the label sizes manually to get it to print properly. I'm not sure if the problem is with FileMaker or with the label printer drivers not working correctly with FileMaker. I would contact tech support for more information on this, they would have more insight on problems like this one. Sorry not much help except using custom label sizes. :
  15. The specification of 80+ GB of harddrive space is a suggestion, the full size of the installation is roughly around 850 MB's. This does not include your databases or the cache size that you allow for those.
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