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  1. Is your "hourly" folder further than 2 folders deep from DataBackups ?
  2. I was having issues where clients would get a "file is not modifiable" error because moving the files from the client to the server it had not inherited the correct permissions and still held the old permissions of my user login for owner and admin for the group. Support had me change it to Owner FMServer, Group FMSAdmin and I have not had a single issue since. I suppose if you add your user to the FMSAdmin group it could work, but then again why would their software create the owner FMServer if you were not supposed to use it? :
  3. Very best backup practice. Also, you should always backup to the default folder and not a network drive...the more complications you add to your backup, the better chance it will become corrupted. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
  4. Microsoft still provides support for 2k, however I don't foresee it happening for too awfully long ;)
  5. This is most certainly not correct. The Necessary permissions for FileMaker Server 7 & 8 is: Owner: FMServer and Group: FMSAdmin Any other permissions MAY work, but it could cause issues.
  6. my suggestion would be to close all of your databases, copy them to a client machine with FileMaker Pro, Perform a Save A Copy As (Compacted) and then perform a Recover on the compacted copy. Then move your recovered / compacted files back to the server and open them for sharing again.
  7. 1. & 4. You can trigger scripts when entering a field, you set up the field to act as a button, which is done through "Button Setup" when right clicking (or control clicking for you Mac Heads) 8. & 9. You can create your own keyboard shortcuts for ANY menu option through Custom Menu Sets both of the things I have just mentioned have been available in 8 and 8.5
  8. Unfortunately for Server 7 & 8 that is not an available feature, however In Server 9 when you are viewing clients in Server Admin it shows you: User Name (FileMaker), the type of connection (either FileMaker application, or web), the IP Address, how many databases that client has open, the connection time, and their client version.
  9. I have seen many cases where developing live files can actually corrupt the files. As others have posted, I would never perform any design modifications to a live file.
  10. You do not need to "Remove Everything" to fix this, just the configuration files for the Web Publishing Engine. On windows they are located at: C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerWeb Publishingconf On Mac they are located at: Mac HD:LibraryFileMaker ServerWeb PublishingConf Delete all the files in the conf folder, and then go back to the localhost page and you will need to re-configure the web publishing engine again. If you do want to follow the "remove everything" advice, you only need to uninstall the Web Publishing Engine.
  11. You do not need a vpn set up for external users to access your FileMaker databases, you do however need to make sure you have set up port forwarding correctly in your router. An excellent web site for great walk-thru's for port forwarding is http://www.portforward.com You do have the ports correct, 591 is for for Web Publishing and 5003 is for FileMaker Network Sharing. Make sure you are giving your external users the public IP address, which you can double check at web sites like http://www.ipchicken.com
  12. Update both your FileMaker Server and Web Publishing Engine to v4 http://filemaker.com/support/downloads/index.html
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