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  1. Thanks for helping me. Could you please help me to correct it? I have been trying it for a while, but I am still not making any progress so far. Thanks Regards, James
  2. Hello All, I am a beginner for scripts, could someone help me to check what's wrong with my scripts. What I want to do is using loop to copy all the related records (Name, Qty, Unit) from "inquiry layout" to " Inquiry for supplier" layout when I click on Create inquiry for supplier bottom. My script only works on supplier 01 not supplier 02. When I click bottom on supplier 02, the related data will copy to supplier 01 again. I don't really what's wrong with it, could someone please help me. Thanks in advance. James Looping_sample.zip
  3. I have “one” inquiry with many items, if I want to input the price for each item from the selected suppliers after they send us their Quotation. What should I do? Could anyone help me solving this? or share some of experience with me? Thanks My requirements: 1.Type in the items’ name using portal for each inquiry. 2.Select supplier(s) from a list. 3.Input the items’ price for selected supplier(s). 4.Calculate the total amount for each supplier. Regards, James
  4. Yes. I still want bold/red/underline for the ones that are checked. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply. About the NO(number in the portal), can we have a different result that is when we select the check box, it will skip counting the selected portalrow NO? I want to make the NO generated automatically like the result of inserting record number symbol (@@) in PortalRows and once the check box is X, it will not count the selected row. Can we do that? Regards, James
  6. Could anyone help me solving this? How to create a script for the Flag that can control the "NO" and make all fonts inside "Description" becoming bold + underline, even when I print out? Example attached. Best James Portalrow.zip
  7. Thanks for your advice. I think that I will try to fine an expert to help me. It is too complicated for me. Best Regards, James
  8. I am trying to create a database for my company, but I am not sure that can FileMaker pro 9 do this or not. Here is the scenario: We will get inquiries from customers everyday and we need to forward those inquiries to our suppliers (equipment makers) in order to get the net quotation, then we will send or print out our final quotation back to the customer after we add our profits to each item. Here are my procedures: 1.First, an inquiry has many types of equipments and each of them has many parts. We need to type in the equipments and the related parts for this inquiry. 2.S
  9. Thank you very much. I did it already. Best Regards, James
  10. Could you please help me solving my problem with your solution? I have been trying to solve it for a long time, but I am still have no clue so far. with your solution, you did not use the globe storage function and it works very well. I got a solution from a nice person. He uses the globe storage function to solve my problem, but when I add a new record, it just shows the last record until you push the switch bottom. Please help me again with one to many to many relation again. I appreciate. Thanks. PS: Could you please explain the Set Field function to me a lot bit, I am so confusing ab
  11. Hello there, I just checked your sample again and I found out that when I add a new record, the g_EquipmentID will show the last record. Is there any way that when you add a new order, the selected parts will not display from the last record until you push the bottom? Thanks Best Regards, James
  12. Thank you for your help again, I am getting to know the "set field" function. could you please talk a look my sample again. Can we add one more function? Sorry about my explanation. Regards, James sample.zip
  13. Sorry to bother you again. If I wanna add one more table (Customers), what the relationships will be? one customer --> many orders --> each order has many equipments --> each equipment has many parts. Could you modify your sample so that I can understand this skill better. James One_to_many_to_many_to_many.zip
  14. Thanks for your help, this is the exactly solution that I was trying to solve. Thanks a lot. you have save me a lot of time. Best Regards, James
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