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  1. There isn't any problem typing in the field, the dropdown calendar is showing as an icon to the side. The challenge is the "autofill" effect. Trying to type in 2/15/2011 gets you 2/1/2011. As soon as the 1 is typed it grabs it and fills the field with the 2/1/2011 date. I just found it. There is a script trigger attached to this field when modified. It included a commit records/request line that was taking the "1" entered and finalizing the date at that point. Strange. I removed the commit line and it works. thanks
  2. I have a field, set as date & indexed. In the layout it has the dropdown calendar for selection. The user wants to key in a date as well as use the calendar. It is acting like autofill is selected for this field, but that is not an option. For instance, we want to enter 2/15/2011. You can enter the 2/1, but it autofills to 2/1/2011. It will not allow for the second digit entry. Is there a way to correct this, to allow both dropdown calendar and type in values? thanks,
  3. Did some more digging and found the following post on how to do this in windows. here This is the method I was using, found the breaks and it is locked again. Thanks forum. I would still like to know how to do the scripted version mentioned above if anyone knows.
  4. The answer I had gone with was a method that used a loop to lock the windows. It was working. It has been a few years, and some of the locks seem to now be broken. I don't know why or what changed. So I came back to the forum. The link above does lock a window, but I can't figure out how the "my close" script is tied to the window's close command. Any help is appreciated. I went to the link of the post, but still don't see it.
  5. I think I am just going to let this one slide. thanks
  6. Thanks, but it doesn't seem to be unsorted. Here is what I have, the script enters find mode and searches from one button: If [Get(WindowMode)=0] Enter Find Mode [] Else If [Get(WindowMode)=1] Perform Find[] End If Unsort Records I enter 7j 5h and it returns 5h 7j
  7. I have a user that does not want the search results to not be resorted. She uses the add/request to build a search list. Because of other lists she needs to access, she would like the searched data to remain in the order she entered it. The problem is that the search seems to automatically resort. I don't have any sort functions scripted. Is there anyway to turn this sorting off?
  8. Is there a way to "flip" the sort from ascending to descending and back? In table view that is the way sorting works, but in form and list, via scripting you have to choose one or the other. Is there a way to script this automatic sort "flip"? thanks
  9. Just as a follow up on this post. We have dug deeper and not been able to find scriptable controls to accomplish what this post requested. Export by table as opposed to by layout, and select all fields. At this point, I don't think it is possible. We have just told our developers this is a check step in the process. If it ever comes available or is there, but we just haven't found it that will be a good thing.
  10. Thanks, I will look into that more as well. I appreciate the help. If you ever do find a way to do the table import, I'd still be interested. Have a great weekend.
  11. From doing some additional digging the following thread was similar. http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/183715/post/236411/hl/%22validate+file%22/fromsearch/1/#236411 The FMP10 Bible (pg.711) suggests building the vbs within a variable to save out and run. I'm looking into that one also. So I guess I will be trying to learn a bit of visual basic to do this check. If anyone has any better suggestions they would be welcome.
  12. Thanks, I will have to look into our process. That is where the download in the steps came from. Back to the original question, it doesn't seem that there is a way to force an export to a table and to all fields on that table then. Correct? thanks all,
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