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  1. Thank You for your reply and suggestion. I currently do have Areas, Booths and Products in all there own tables. With your suggestion I created an additional table called ontheday with fields such as (date,weather,temp,headcount and most importantly.. location). Now I am curious on how I create the realtionship so when transactions are entered they automatically get the applied location, temp, weather (currently using the auto set for date). I am hoping I could create a report looking for the location setting set in the report script. Anyone can help with setting up the re
  2. I should tell you what I have been trying to do. In the morning prior to festival open the admin would set location, temperature, weather, headcount (I imagine these would be global settings but not sure). All areas, booths, transactions would have the locationid preceding it so when the users click on "Enter Transactions" it would somehow filter based on the location id. So only the areas, booths and transactions with the admin set location will show up. Then reporting would also be set to select the date, location, etc.. to run the report. Eventually I would like to be a
  3. I created my first database for a festival in michigan to use to track money (how many 1's, 5's, etc..) and by area, booth and product which worked out great for the festival 2007. Now they want to use it for festival in florida. I'm curious if anyone knows how to add some admin specific data. My idea is on a daily basis the admin will set some settings that will be applied to all transactions: (location, temperature, weather, head count) which these four items would be included in the report that is run at the end of the day and attached to each transaction. Could I get some help/direct
  4. I am learning Filemaker Server and am liking it. I would like to schedule a backup off my mac and onto a network share (in case electronic failure of my server). my issue is I can not seem to figure out the backup path to put into Filemaker Server. Current default path is: filemac:/Macintosh HD/Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Backups/ How would I put the path to a network share? I tried to put filemac:/Volumes/USB/ More specifics is I am using the USB Disk Share on my Airport Extreme Base Station so my share shows as USB on my macbook pro. When I look in pathfi
  5. I am curious if there is anyway possible to prevent a carriage return when in Browse Mode on a field. Instead of going to the next field when they press enter, it enters a carriage return instead. So they must hit tab to go to the next field which is an issue. Any ideas?
  6. What if the user is connecting via the Instant Web Publishing portion? How do you set the default page that way and more importantly, hide the status bar?
  7. Thanks for the updated form... It works like a charm. Sorry its taken so long to respond. Swamped with work unfortunatly. I actually am having fun learning Filemaker with all your help. I heard something about scriptmaker for filemaker. have you heard of this and do you think it provides anything useful? Can you do everything scriptmaker does? Just curious. Enjoy reading the book... it is very well written but I do wish they provided more examples. I haven't looked at the included CD too much so maybe something there. Playing with the idea of running a stock market ticke
  8. I forgot to mention... I got the book in the mail today (Special Edition Using FileMaker 8). Going to start reading it today to see if I can gain some more know how.
  9. Wow... it's looking so good now. I love your idea of just making the primary keys the area and booth numbers. They have to be unique anyways. I also liked the idea of booth names being seperate and listed as a product. The report is getting closer but I am unable to get it to work right. The goal is to display Grand Total by Date sub-total by Area sub-total by Booth Looking at the parts, it looks right, but with some transactions in there, it doesn't seem to be working. Festival_v1.5.fp7.zip
  10. Hello bcooney... Figured I would give you an update on my progress with my first Filemaker Pro database. I'm really liking it so far and did my first import of all the booths into the table. Only fighting a couple of issues that I put in the db on the layouts invoices_day, invoice, cash summary I wonder if my biggest issue in learning Filemaker is the understanding of relationships. I believe I understand it then I run into these type of issues which I am not sure if it is a relationship issue or a field related issue or something else that I haven't even thought of. An
  11. Thank You for the compliments. Actually with your comments and suggestions and examples, I am learning a ton. You are very good at what you do and I really do appreciate all your help. You can't imagine how much I appreciate your help. I still have a lot to learn. I hope the books I ordered will help and when John's done with the video training I may just get that as well. I would like to focus on being a database admin. I really do enjoy the logical side of it as well as being able to create and organize. Are you a FM admin or a db admin in general? Curious if it is a worthwh
  12. WOW, thank you for taking the time. I have learned a lot by following your example that you provided earlier and things are making more sense. I am attaching my updated file (its the 10th time I re-created it) just so you can see my progress. The biggest issue I am having is I can not get the report working correctly (it won't show the area number and booth number). My second issue is the invoices layout won't show them in the portal, it puts the transactions/invoices in seperate records instead of in the portal. I'm sure it's probably a mix up on my side for sure. See wh
  13. I figured out why I could not add a Grand Summary Total. I had to delete the Body of the layout and it then became available as a part. Still not getting the calculations or the portals to work but I am still digging.
  14. I really do appreciate you looking at my first db attempt. I have been trying to implement your approach to my database and for some reason I can not seem to get the portals to work properly. Also, is there a trick to get the summary part to show Grand Total? I am trying to recreate your report which I am hoping I will learn by doing. Some reason when I had each part it never shows Grand Summary as an option. I have ordered the book you recommended from amazon.com Some good reviews on the book also it gives me something to read when I want to take a break from the computer. Than
  15. Thanks John. I did look at the very well prepared video's on vtc's website that were put together by John Mark Osbourne. Unfortunatly they do not have a lot on Filemaker Pro 9 yet but what I looked at was on 8 and they aren't that much different then each other from what I can see. Wish they accepted paypal accounts. Will have to see if the books answer my questions. So far the video's already covered what I know. Need some major help with calculations, summaries, parts basically. Thank you for your response... I'm not giving up on the video idea.
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