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  1. I have 2 fields call num1 and num2. I would like to add the value in the num1 in previous record with the value in num2 in the current record. The result would go into a field called num3.
  2. Is there an easy way to add "field A" from the previous record with "field B" from the current record being browsed? Thanks. Gary
  3. Is it possible to send an email via SMTP with filemaker with a person's name and email address? For example, Joe Smith When I use this format my smtp fails. However if I just use the email address it works. Has anyone run into this before.
  4. Does anyone have a quick script or calculation for parsing a full name? (some with a middle initial an some without) The calculation would parse a name in a field called full name and put the first name in the first name field, middle initial (if there is one) in the middle initial field and he last name in the last name field. Thanks. Gary
  5. Hi: I can figure out how to delete the last 2 words in a field. I created a field called "company2" I'm trying to delete the last 2 words in the field called "company". I'm using this calculation but the field is blank. RightWords ( Company; -2) Company field contains ABC Products Inc. Would like to have the calculation in company2 field result in just "ABC"
  6. Anyone know an easy calculation for moving from one layout to another based on a value. For example, if the value in field is "1" go to layout "Names". If the value in field is "0" go to layout "Address". Thanks. Gary
  7. Does anyone know of any Lasso groups where I can find a developer to publish a web page with a filemaker database?
  8. I published filemaker database on the web. However people can only view the first 20 records when they do a search. (using list mode) Is there a way I can create a script that will allow them to view the next 20 records and so on. It is a public database so using the rolodex is not an option as it will confuse users. Any help is appreciated.
  9. Hi All: I have a filemaker database of our customers. There are many duplicate companies but each has a separate contact. Each record also has a "CustomerSas" field which is a number field with a value the means something internally to our company. Is there a report I can run that will sort the duplicate companies and display the value in the "CustomerSas" field most often? Any help is appreciated. Gary
  10. updated the driver. No luck. Maybe just not compatible with video card. Will try another one.
  11. Interesting. I do have an optical mouse. How would that affect filemaker?
  12. I just upgraded my PC. Have the latest Intel Chip and with a GeForce8800 Video Card. Everything works great except FileMaker. It takes about 1 to 1.5 seconds to paint the screen every time I switch to my FM database. Can't be the monitors as they worked fine on my other older machine. Has anyone come across this? I'm running Window XP. Thanks. Gary
  13. Does anyone know how to extract the data in a field to the left of specific word? For example, would like to extract all the data in a field that appears to the left of the word "door". However, "door" is in a different position in each record. Thanks. Gary
  14. Anyone know the formula for deleting the last 3 words at the end of a field? Thanks again. Gary
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