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  1. Folks: am running a button/script off a portal row to bring up a mini-window to allow more editing room in one of the fields. But I keep getting this prompt: "This record cannot be modified in this window because it is already being modified in a different window" Any insight into how to resolve?
  2. Greetings. My query concerns working with repeating fields in relationships. Table 1 (Client) has the following non-repeating field: Company Name. Table 2(Projects) features two non-repeating fields: Project and Client. The match field between Table 1 and Table 2 is as follows: Projects (Client) = Client (Company Name). The goal of Table 1 is to add projects to the single client record (through a set field option in a portal on the Client layout) so that all of a client's projects can be managed from a single record. Table 3 (Timecards) features the following repeating fields: Projec
  3. Am working with day/date calculations in which the length of an assignment (working period) may be 1.5 days. I have not previously had cause to deal with the decimal element in any projects I have done to date but now need to. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Have been trying unsuccessfully to locate info on the right elements to modify my start and end date and duration of assignment fields so as to incorporate the decimal elements of my project requirements. 1. To calculate an end date based on the start date field and time assigned to an assignment field, I am usi
  4. Greetings, all. Was curious to see if a calculation could be constructed in which records with a unique field or identifying value could be excluded from the total of the desired result. Specifically, I am creating data drawn from the same table that calculates time periods for milestones that have various phases of work (call these child records). Each milestone period has a single parent, call it a parent record, that represents the totality of time assigned to all milestones within that parent group. Presently, my calculation shows all time-related data, including the time assigned to the p
  5. Greetings, all. I have two Portals on a layout. Portal A has multiple lines of data. The intention is for each record in portal A to be copied to records in Portal B. In actuality, my script (currently using mostly Set Field) would take data from, say, Line 1 of Portal A, transfer it to Line 1 of Portal B, return to Portal A and take data from Line 2, transferring it to Line 2 in Portal B. etc. etc. Suggestions, please?
  6. Greetings, all. I am looking for help on putting together a script that will perform a pretty straight forward task: omitting duplicate records (in saying I want to omit dupes, I specifically mean that after the script has functioned, I want just one of the records in the found set - not all). The found set would then become all records including those that had duped versions (one of instead of two). Thanks, much.
  7. Greetings all...I am creating multiple records in a table (call it Techniques). Each record has a category field that ultimately appears many times. The category field actually represents the types of techniques that are used in sequences in the motion picture visual FX industry. Trying to figure out the best approach to setting up a (summary) portal that will show the category appearing just once. Additionally, here's where it gets a little tricky. Once I have set up the portal showing each category once, I will then need to calculate a range of factors, including: how many times (a coun
  8. Thanks so much. Very kind. At your suggestion, I went to work on modifying the milestone period element of the formula. I simply created an element of the calculation that subtracted a day from the milestone period, then, when the calculation was done, put the additional day back in the milestone. All through insert calculated value into the milestone field. Many thanks. Tony
  9. Thanks for your interest. Sorry for the confusion. Hope this helps: I enter the amount of time I want the task to take i.e. 5 days in a field called time_assigned to_milestones). I then enter a starting date in start_date. The calculation formula should tell me the end date - but the calculation should include the actual starting date and the end date in the equation. So, if the start date was a Monday, the end date would be a Friday (not Monday like the formula is currently showing. Thanks again.
  10. This formula, designed to calculate an end date based on a stated value in the form of a duration of time, does NOT include the beginning or end day/date in the calculation - but needs to. The formula does makes calculations based on weekdays only. Could someone wise take a look and troubleshoot it, please. Here is the formula: Let ( [ Array="23456034560145601256012360123412345"; Array2="12345012340123601256014560345623456"; Days=Int(formula_check::time_assigned_to_milestone / 5) * 7; Offset=Middle(Array;(DayOfWeek(formula_check::start_date) - 1) * 5 + Mod(Abs(formula_c
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