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  1. Hi - I have a communication log with that allows a user to keep a separate log every time they have contact with a youth. It tracks the time and date and a topic and particular staff person. This works by Committing the Record to the "communication" table from the "youth" table. It works perfectly locally, however, when done with IWP - the log is somehow duplicated. It will give the correct ID for both logs. But in one log, will be the date and time (which are automated on creation) and in the next log - it will have the correct ID -but only have the staff, topic and note.
  2. hi - i am wanting to do basically the same thing - but a LISTING of only ONE field - like student names... in the email - any help very much appreciated.. :-)
  3. perfect! thank you!! I had tried IsEmpty - but forgot or didn't know to put "not" in front... i knew it was simple! thanks very much
  4. I have a database for schools where we track GPA for each semester the kid has been in school. I want to tally (for a Risk Factor field) if the youth has less than a 2.0 then that would indicate ONE point and so on - for 8 semesters. Here is my calculation: Sum (Case ( s_0405DecGPA<2 ; 1 ); Case ( s_0405MayGPA<2; 1 ); Case (s_0506DecGPA<2; 1 ); Case (s_0506MayGPA<2; 1 ); Case (s_0607DecGPA<2; 1 ); Case (s_0607MayGPA<2; 1 ); Case (s_0708DecGPA<2; 1 ); Case (s_0708MayGPA<2; 1 ); ) My problem is that if a field is blank, FM thinks (of co
  5. to my knowledge FM Server 9 is not supposed to be run on Leopard - I do have issues every now and then with permissions on Tiger Server - you may want to contact Filemaker support
  6. i had this problem - and i hadn't given anyone but me permission in the accounts and privileges access to the fields in the portal... easy fix there... just a suggestion... ?
  7. I need help figuring out how to do individual student reports. For instance, a "judge" could want a report on a child. (this is a foster care db)..They may want to generate a report on only one youth.. so they would check: his/her current school, grade placement, credits earned to date, schools attended since the beginning of school year, educational needs. I have all these fields created by the way... I want to generate this report and have them either email or print (no problem on that part).. but what if i have a "judge" that does not want educational needs - so they don't check that box to
  8. ok this seems easy - but can't figure it out... I have a button with a script set up to email - what i want is when the user clicks on the button - to have another field enter in the date of when that person clicked on the button.. so we know immediately when the email was sent.. seems easy... can't figure it out! argh. :
  9. ok i believe i understand how to do this - however, i do not get one student at a time - i get them all together in one excel file - i believe i can manipulate the data as you said tho- thanks so much for your help... i'll let you know how it goes - hopefully i can figure this out - i have to do school placements also.. B)
  10. ok - i don't think i explained my situation well enough. If i do that i will have multiple files - for the same student here are the columns from what i get from a placement agency in an EXCEL file YouthName, PlacementName, PlacementDateIn, PDateOut, Location they LIST all the placements for each kid - for instance a student could be listed as many as 30 times for placements they have been in under the above columns: JohnSmith, The Farm, xx/xx/xx, xx/xx/xx, Topeka JohnSmith, KVC, xx/xx/xx, xx/xx/xx, Wichita JohnSmith, Youthville, xx/xx/xx, xx/xx/xx, Lawrence JohnSmith,
  11. ya.. i guess that's the part i'm having problems with.. only the student is duplicated - with new placements - i'm having a hard time figuring out how to get the students into my "real" file and the placements into their respective fields... does that make anymore sense?
  12. Can anyone help me with a solution?? Please?! :-) We are tracking foster care youth. Placement agencies give us an excel file with the youth and all their placements - the youth are duplicated in the file- there could be up to 20 different placements or schools they have attended. How do I import these youth into specific fields I have defined? I am baffled at how to do this import... Can you help? or do you need more information? Thanks in advance.
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