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  1. Well, your experience kind of confirms that the problem is on your machine. It’s is likely one of the 4 main bottlenecks. Processor, Memory, Disk I/O, Network. Any of which could be taking a hit from FileMaker processing a request, or some other process on your machine using up the resources. The consumer OS isn’t optimized for shared resources. One thing to check is plugins. Or other applications that may have a memory leak. Disk space? How much free space do you have? How large are the database files? What kind of processor do you have? Some of these questions are easier to track and monitor with FileMaker Server. Just to add a note to this, this is the user licensing. It is an annual cost. You don’t get server if you just buy individual copies of FileMaker Pro.
  2. One of the first things you learn when hosting a file, don't host it on a machine being used as a workstation. FileMaker is doing a lot. So any tasks you are performing on your machine, take resources away from FileMaker being able to serve data. Here are some other tips: https://support.filemaker.com/s/article/Optimizing-network-performance-for-shared-databases-1503692929962?language=en_US
  3. "text" & ¶ & "more text" or List ( "text" ; "more text" )
  4. Spawn a regular window off-screen. Pop the card window from that. Then the user can't move. It will need to be based on it's own file, or the user won't be able to do anything else with any window. Generally, I'm not a fan of forcing things on the user, unless absolutely necessary. So you will need to consider if that's really necessary vs just having a floating window they can place where they want. You may also need to do some dancing to make sure scripts don't inadvertently take over that launcher window. A separate file can go a long way in making that management easier.
  5. You will need to loop through the list in some way. How you do that depends a lot on what you are doing with them after. The easiest way for you may be a script. Essentially, you can get to something similar this: hex2num ( GetValue ( $hexList ; $valueNumber ) ) Here is what a script may look like: Set Variable [ $hexList ; Value: Substitute ( "0000 000D 002D 004C 0069 0084 009E 00B6 00BC 00BD" ; " " ; ¶ ) ] Set Variable [ $hexCount ; Value: ValueCount ( $hexList ) ] Loop Set Variable [ $valueNumber ; Value: $valueNumber + 1 ] Set Variable [ $currentNumber ; Value: hex2num ( GetValue ( $hexList ; $valueNumber ) ) ] Set Variable [ $numberList ; Value: List ( $numberList ; $currentNumber ) ] Exit Loop If [ $valueNumber ≥ $hexCount ] End Loop <insert whatever else you need to do with this list> Exit Script [ Text Result: ] At the end, before the Exit Script you will need to do whatever it is you are doing with that list of values. But the $numberList variable should have a list of the numbers. You could also import that list into a table, have a field that does the calculation for you, and then go from there... Again, just depends on what you are doing with the list.
  6. How long is the timeout using Insert from URL? Isn’t it the typical 60 secs?
  7. This is one of those cases where I, personally, prefer to pay for a service like NRGSoft. Those APIs change enough, where I don't want to have to go figure out why something is broken, because "Surprise" FedEx changed something. Plus Andy has all that stuff figured out, no reason for me to torture myself. LOL
  8. FileMaker, through External SQL Sources ( ESS ), is only compatible with specific databases. https://support.filemaker.com/s/answerview?language=en_US&anum=000023433 You can do Imports/Exports through ODBC, but I've honestly never done that a lot, especially in the modern world where you can use an API to get/move data around to or from other services.
  9. Enter this into FileMaker's calculation dialog ( in the 'Calculated AppleScript' dialog ). "display dialog \"Hello \\\"world\\\"\"" " - opening quote required for text in FileMaker display dialog - applescript command \" - escaped quote mark reduces to a " when evaluated by FileMaker. Hello - the string to appear inside the quoted string being fed to the AppleScript. \\ - an escaped backward slash, that reduces to a single backward slash when evaluated by FileMaker. \" - an escaped quote, that pairs with the previous backward slash, to open the string to pass to the AppleScript command. world - string for inside the escaped quotes to feed into AppleScript. \\ - an escaped backward slash, that reduces to a single backward slash when evaluated by FileMaker. \" - an escaped quotation mark, that pairs with the previous backward slash, to form an escaped quotation mark to pass to AppleScript. \" - another escaped quotation mark to close the string to pass into the AppleScript command. " - closing quote required for text in FileMaker. Visually it looks like this ( red characters reduce down when evaluated in FileMaker 😞 "display dialog \"Hello \\\"world\\\"\""
  10. What version of FileMaker are you using? Do you have FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced? Couple of notes: If you update your profile with the version you are using, that gives us a reference point to better answer your questions. If you are using v17 or 18, there is ONLY FileMaker Pro Advanced. And you have to go into Preferences and check the box, "Use Advanced Tools". Then restart FileMaker. You will then see the "Tools" menu.
  11. This looks like a driver issue on your machine. I don't see anyway this is related to FileMaker.
  12. FileMaker places a lock on the record as soon as someone starts to edit the data. So it's not possible for 2 people to change the same record at the same time.
  13. I do agree with you about the duplicate values and discussions on the forums. For the most part, I handle all the other error checking and rule handling in scripts. It's easier to debug, and provide feedback that way. The GetAsNumber ( input ) thing is a different discussion. But that's for another thread. FileMaker's datatype casting has some inconsistencies, especially when dealing with the JSON functions, and also some variable passing ( if you use dictionary functions ).
  14. Yeah, I get the approach. I've always appreciated your focus on the issue itself, and not the surrounding. It's partly why I didn't post the version I am using. As for understanding, I do understand how it works. I also ran it through a bunch of unit tests and saw how it breaks. We work with some junior devs that sometimes need to just copy and paste code from other sources to make something work. I both walk them through how and why, but I also don't have the time to chase minor bugs that take up precious time later. That is the reason for the unit tests. I try to make it as simple as possible, but not any simpler. My purpose of bringing it up was to prompt other readers to understand how it works. The default behavior, by most, would be just to throw 2 lists at it, and then complain it doesn't work. You and I, both, know that is the common behavior.
  15. Honestly, I would be hard pressed to find a regular scenario where they would not be unique also. However, I've already run into a scenario where it ( read by someone else ) was used in a way that presented duplicates and/or extra returns. I tend to try and guard against that, if it's possible and doesn't present other issues. In this case, running UniqueValues ( ) on both lists and removing any extraneous CRs is worth it to me. And doesn't carry a lot of extra weight. And I completely agree with your last comment. The use-case for this is not retaining duplicates.
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