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  1. I talked to Matt at DevCon. They will, shortly, be releasing fmSearchResults for free. Hang tight.
  2. Correct. Matt Navarre, of App.works ( formerly MSN Media ). He sold fmSearchResults through SeedCode. ( the same way David Ramsey made FMPerception, but is sold through Geist Interactive ). fmSearchResults is no longer available for purchase publicly. What I don't know is if you contact App.works, if they can or are willing to provide it any longer.
  3. Matt Navarre of App.works used to sell it through SeedCode. I don't think it's for sale publicly any longer. You could reach out to them and ask. https://app.works/
  4. Josh Ormond

    Expired License

    What has expired? Your FileMaker license? Or the license for the Personal Training App? If FileMaker, did you get your license renewal email? If the Personal Training APP, did you renew your license with them?
  5. Josh Ormond

    iCloud or Dropbox syncing

    None do it natively. It's not really that kind of app. While, technically, you can sync the file using Dropbox, there is a large and very unforgiving list of issues with doing it. Can it be done? Yes. Do you risk corrupting the data while doing it? Yes. You have to make sure the live file is not being touched. Before you open it on any other device you have to make sure it finished syncing. And if the file ever crashes, you need to revert back to a back up that hasn't crashed.
  6. Josh Ormond

    Email Account Authentication with G Suite

    Have you tried using an app password? Depending on how the account is set up, it may be the only way Gmail works consistently. You name the app password, so you can remember it. Then copy the password it gives you. Then enter that app password into the SMTP settings in the script step. This has resolved all the problems I was having, especially on an account where 2FA was on. https://support.google.com/a/answer/1032419?hl=en
  7. Josh Ormond

    Mac OS Mojave and FMPA 17

    Yeah. I totally feel your pain.
  8. Josh Ormond

    FM17 Server installs way outdated PHP

    I will venture to say that the engineering team is much smaller than you think it is. Plus, as they have stated, their focus right now is on the DataAPI.
  9. Josh Ormond

    Mac OS Mojave and FMPA 17

    Can you roll back to 10.13? I think everyone has done this once. LOL
  10. Josh Ormond

    Intermediate Certificate Installation Woes

    Weird. And this is just a renewal of a previous cert? Has the encryption level changed? SHA-1 vs whatever they use now?
  11. Josh Ormond

    Intermediate Certificate Installation Woes

    My initial thought is that you need to concatenate the intermediate cert and issued certificate files.
  12. Josh Ormond

    Intermediate Certificate Installation Woes

    You need to restart the database server, not the admin console. sudo fmsadmin restart server
  13. Josh Ormond

    FM17 add Filemaker data source via 'Hosts'

    For 17, when you click "Hosts" ( renamed from "Remote" ), you will get the Hosts window. In the upper right, is a document icon with "...". Click that.
  14. Josh Ormond

    Please Explain the new Licensing

    Thank you @Claus Lavendt for adding to what I said. I'm glad to see you are more confident on how FMI converts the license than I am. One additional thought, if you have less than 25 employees, you can still get a site license. You pay for 25 User Licenses, but it still will be less expensive than buying 20 User Licenses. Once you get around 12 users, site license should at least be a consideration even if your whole company is smaller than 25 people.

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