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  1. Josh Ormond

    Should I upgrade to Filemaker 17

    You will obviously want to test it as much as you can, but there aren't any changes in 17 that I know of that should affect FMSP 4.6.6b1. There is a specific forum here on FMForums.com for FMSP. Asking there would be the best place to get answers from them. https://fmforums.com/forum/196-fm-starting-point-general-discussions/ Maybe start a new thread for this, since it doesn't have anything to do with this thread.
  2. I, typically, recommend against storing the LIVE file in Dropbox. Many claim they have never had an issue, but I have seen many, many files get corrupted because of either a partial sync, or a hiccup that causes Dropbox to pick up the file lock instead of FileMaker. If I am developing/working locally, I work on the file from the Desktop ( file saved to the Desktop directory ), and use a script to "Save a copy as" into the Dropbox folder.
  3. The main issues besides the sync time: File lock. This can happen from either side. Either FMS locking the file, or Dropbox. This would result in some unexpected, unpredictable, and potentially hazardous results. Conflict copies of files. Corrupted files that are only partially in-sync. Duplicate files. Simultaneous edits. Kind of the same like if symptoms as the last one, but more slanted toward conflicted copies or lost edits from last save wins scenarios. Collaboration is not the same as sync. It certainly feels the same most of the time. However, differences require much different handling. Does that make sense?
  4. Josh Ormond

    Change Log

    I really like UltraLog. There is some development you need to do if you want it to email you notifications. But the logging process is easy. And I believe he provides scripts to take log data and push it to a separate table also. It will depend a little on how comfortable you are with scripting.
  5. https://app.works/downloads/
  6. Josh Ormond


    It's interesting to see. I don't agree with his conclusion. There is a lot to be said for in-field, top-aligned labels. It reduces the visual noise, and mental load. I know I've personally done some user testing and found that errors were significantly fewer when using an in-field, top-aligned label. In one instance, we reduced data entry errors by 75%. This article goes through it. And why it's easier on cognitive load. http://uxmovement.com/forms/why-infield-top-aligned-form-labels-are-quickest-to-scan/ Here is a quick sample of the difference. The visual queues to recognize each object, and spacing, all impact what our brain has to process.
  7. Josh Ormond

    Global Values not 'sticking'?

    If someone needed to change the default value, you can change the field to a stored calculation. Close the Manage Database window, and save. Then reopen, change it back to a global. It will then retain the value of the stored calc for any new sessions. I still prefer to have a preferences table, and load everything OnFirstWindow open, but this is an option if needed.
  8. Josh Ormond

    Use 4D ODBC as Datasource

    What is the database in 4D? It is SQL-lite, correct? That is not supported for ESS ( External Sql Source ). You could do an ODBC import. But that functions very differently.
  9. Josh Ormond

    Best FM coding environment on Mac

  10. I talked to Matt at DevCon. They will, shortly, be releasing fmSearchResults for free. Hang tight.
  11. Correct. Matt Navarre, of App.works ( formerly MSN Media ). He sold fmSearchResults through SeedCode. ( the same way David Ramsey made FMPerception, but is sold through Geist Interactive ). fmSearchResults is no longer available for purchase publicly. What I don't know is if you contact App.works, if they can or are willing to provide it any longer.
  12. Matt Navarre of App.works used to sell it through SeedCode. I don't think it's for sale publicly any longer. You could reach out to them and ask. https://app.works/
  13. Josh Ormond

    Expired License

    What has expired? Your FileMaker license? Or the license for the Personal Training App? If FileMaker, did you get your license renewal email? If the Personal Training APP, did you renew your license with them?
  14. Josh Ormond

    iCloud or Dropbox syncing

    None do it natively. It's not really that kind of app. While, technically, you can sync the file using Dropbox, there is a large and very unforgiving list of issues with doing it. Can it be done? Yes. Do you risk corrupting the data while doing it? Yes. You have to make sure the live file is not being touched. Before you open it on any other device you have to make sure it finished syncing. And if the file ever crashes, you need to revert back to a back up that hasn't crashed.

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