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  1. Josh Ormond

    Mac OS Mojave and FMPA 17

    Yeah. I totally feel your pain.
  2. Josh Ormond

    FM17 Server installs way outdated PHP

    I will venture to say that the engineering team is much smaller than you think it is. Plus, as they have stated, their focus right now is on the DataAPI.
  3. Josh Ormond

    Mac OS Mojave and FMPA 17

    Can you roll back to 10.13? I think everyone has done this once. LOL
  4. Josh Ormond

    Intermediate Certificate Installation Woes

    Weird. And this is just a renewal of a previous cert? Has the encryption level changed? SHA-1 vs whatever they use now?
  5. Josh Ormond

    Intermediate Certificate Installation Woes

    My initial thought is that you need to concatenate the intermediate cert and issued certificate files.
  6. Josh Ormond

    Intermediate Certificate Installation Woes

    You need to restart the database server, not the admin console. sudo fmsadmin restart server
  7. Josh Ormond

    FM17 add Filemaker data source via 'Hosts'

    For 17, when you click "Hosts" ( renamed from "Remote" ), you will get the Hosts window. In the upper right, is a document icon with "...". Click that.
  8. Josh Ormond

    Please Explain the new Licensing

    Thank you @Claus Lavendt for adding to what I said. I'm glad to see you are more confident on how FMI converts the license than I am. One additional thought, if you have less than 25 employees, you can still get a site license. You pay for 25 User Licenses, but it still will be less expensive than buying 20 User Licenses. Once you get around 12 users, site license should at least be a consideration even if your whole company is smaller than 25 people.
  9. At DevCon in August, I will be presenting some fairly easy, straight-forward tips to help keep custom apps performing acceptably. I would like to include a portion of my session to addressing Performance challenges the community has run into. Depending on the feedback received here, I may increase the time I spend on this portion during my session. Don't be afraid to bring up challenges you run into. There is no judgement here, simply collecting ideas. I may not be able to cover all of them, but having your input about challenges you face can definitely make the session a more engaging experience for all of us, myself included. Thank you all in advance for your thoughts.
  10. Josh Ormond

    Please Explain the new Licensing

    If there are solutions and existing desktop users (using Fm14, 15, 16) can they still connect to server 17 without a user license? From https://www.filemaker.com/products/filemaker-server/17-technical-specifications.html: how exactly are user licences managed in 17? How are they transferred/assigned between users? You count your people, that is your license count. You keep track of your users, and make sure you have enough licenses. From what I can tell, there is no technical piece to it yet. However, the server does phone home at times. So I assume reporting usage stats is part of the EULA. Existing FMGo solution with appx 20 users on 10 concurrent connections - If those connections are changed to users, then This part is unclear about how FileMaker, Inc. is converting the license. Talk to your sales rep about that one. Make sure you get a quote for a site license. You pay for a license for every user, but the pricing for a site license often is less expensive than the User License groupings you see in the web store ( by a lot ). At around 12-15 users, it's often a better price to get the site license. Then you don't have to worry about how they connect. As a developer, can you connect to different servers to perform updates? Do you need separate user licenses from each server/team to connect to that server? Yes you can. However, the FDS license specifically says you can't use the FMPA install to connect to production servers. Any license you have paid for outside of that can connect to any other server.
  11. Josh Ormond

    Memory Tables

    FileMaker just doesn't work that way. Essentially there is a file cache on the client, and one on the server. FM communicates changes from the server to the client using that client cache. When you make changes or view records, FM make pulls the data to the local cache. If another user edits that record, FMS broadcasts the change to the local cache for you. ODBC/JDBC connections are not going work that way either, at least not the way it's implemented in FileMaker. What is your goal? What are you trying to "centralize" that you think memory tables will give you what you need? I know what they are, but having trouble seeing what your end goal is. Maybe you can clarify it for me.
  12. Josh Ormond

    Memory Tables

    The closest thing to Memory Tables in FM is probably Virtual List. It's not exactly the same, and not as easy to update data, but it is possible, and fantastic for reports.
  13. Josh Ormond

    Realtime Developer Intelligence

    This is no accurate. How they handle the processing is VERY different. Tools other than FMPerception: Run DDR Import DDR ( ours takes 10-12 hours, processing and analysis happens here ) Search for some stuff. Make changes. Export DDR Import DDR ( 10-12 hours, processing and analysis happens here ) Search for some stuff. Roughly getting updated info every other day. FMPerception: Run DDR Open FMPerception ( < 7 secs ) Search for some stuff ( the processing and analysis happens now ). Make changes to database files. Export DDR Open FMPerception ( < 7 seconds ) Search for some stuff. Getting updated info on demand as needed. ( Maybe an expanded definition of "realtime", if you want to call it that. But my developer intelligence continues working in realtime with no interruption ). "Realtime Developer Intelligence" is the marketing phrase they decided to use. In the end, what it is called doesn't matter. It is, as close to in process updates as we are going to get until FM makes other changes. If you aren't comfortable calling it "realtime" then don't. Most people really don't care.
  14. Josh Ormond

    Realtime Developer Intelligence

    Correct. But the interpretation of "Realtime" depends greatly on the action. True: the DDR is not updated in Realtime. True: FMPerception processes your request in Realtime. Make request, FMPerception analyzes it, and sends back the answer. If you are thinking we can analyze the database files in realtime, that would be incorrect. It's not currently possible. If you are thinking we can run analysis in realtime, that would be correct. The difference with the other tools, is they are not doing the analysis in realtime. They are importing, and processing.
  15. Josh Ormond

    Realtime Developer Intelligence

    I don’t really agree. If you separate the creation process of the DDR from the analyzing piece, it is Real-time. It executes the queries and processes analysis on-demand. And only when you ask for it. So it does all that in Real-time. I can totally get on board with that thought. The fact that the data source does not update, does not change what FMPerception is doing.

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