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  1. The reference in the help documents about the script step not being compatible means that it wasn't tested to work, or you will experience issues, not necessarily that it would never function at all. As you have found, it may or may not work without warning.
  2. https://www.elemental-fm.com/ Also lots of places to get them, but these ones are already set to work with FileMaker.
  3. Just note that Google has deprecated that option. So I wouldn't put too much time into building your features based on that option. In most GSuite accounts, it's already disabled.
  4. OAuth isn't quite as easy as flip on an option. At least not when you are dealing with sending email. Your next option then, is to have your clients set up an app password. You will be responsible for securing it if you store it. This is better than storing the user's actual account password, but will require some diligence on your part to make sure no can get direct access to that password. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en
  5. 18 will not be able to connect to FileMaker Server 15 either. https://support.claris.com/s/article/System-Requirements-for-FileMaker-Pro-18-Advanced?language=en_US About half way down are the versions it can connect to.
  6. It is a security change with Google, and Gmail. You need to either authenticate with OAuth, or use an App Password. The user has to set up the App Password to use with their account. We recently experienced the same thing. If your clients have a business account with google, they can setup the SMTP relay and use that, by allowing only their IP addresses to send email.
  7. If you use a path like @comment pointed out, it will work. I typically use a custom function for this process that handles the path for me, and I neglected to show the adjustment to the path. But it does work with that path he showed. "file:///" & Let ( [ path = Get ( DocumentsPath ) ; transformPath = Substitute ( Get ( DocumentsPath ) ; "/" ; "¶" ) ; listCount = ValueCount ( transformPath ) ; adjustedList = MiddleValues ( transformPath ; 3 ; listCount - 2 ) ; newPath = Substitute ( adjustedList ; "¶" ; "/" ) ; result = newPath ] ; result ) & "fileName.pdf
  8. See if something like this works: "file://" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) & "fileName.pdf"
  9. Well, your experience kind of confirms that the problem is on your machine. It’s is likely one of the 4 main bottlenecks. Processor, Memory, Disk I/O, Network. Any of which could be taking a hit from FileMaker processing a request, or some other process on your machine using up the resources. The consumer OS isn’t optimized for shared resources. One thing to check is plugins. Or other applications that may have a memory leak. Disk space? How much free space do you have? How large are the database files? What kind of processor do you have? Some of these questions a
  10. One of the first things you learn when hosting a file, don't host it on a machine being used as a workstation. FileMaker is doing a lot. So any tasks you are performing on your machine, take resources away from FileMaker being able to serve data. Here are some other tips: https://support.filemaker.com/s/article/Optimizing-network-performance-for-shared-databases-1503692929962?language=en_US
  11. "text" & ¶ & "more text" or List ( "text" ; "more text" )
  12. Spawn a regular window off-screen. Pop the card window from that. Then the user can't move. It will need to be based on it's own file, or the user won't be able to do anything else with any window. Generally, I'm not a fan of forcing things on the user, unless absolutely necessary. So you will need to consider if that's really necessary vs just having a floating window they can place where they want. You may also need to do some dancing to make sure scripts don't inadvertently take over that launcher window. A separate file can go a long way in making that management easier.
  13. You will need to loop through the list in some way. How you do that depends a lot on what you are doing with them after. The easiest way for you may be a script. Essentially, you can get to something similar this: hex2num ( GetValue ( $hexList ; $valueNumber ) ) Here is what a script may look like: Set Variable [ $hexList ; Value: Substitute ( "0000 000D 002D 004C 0069 0084 009E 00B6 00BC 00BD" ; " " ; ¶ ) ] Set Variable [ $hexCount ; Value: ValueCount ( $hexList ) ] Loop Set Variable [ $valueNumber ; Value: $valueNumber + 1 ] Set Variable [ $currentNumber ; Val
  14. How long is the timeout using Insert from URL? Isn’t it the typical 60 secs?
  15. This is one of those cases where I, personally, prefer to pay for a service like NRGSoft. Those APIs change enough, where I don't want to have to go figure out why something is broken, because "Surprise" FedEx changed something. Plus Andy has all that stuff figured out, no reason for me to torture myself. LOL
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