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  1. Halt Server scheduled script from OnWindowOpen

    As far as I know, you have to set it in each of the scripts. But would love to be wrong.
  2. FMP "Send Event" Fails to launch Chrome.exe

    Interesting. Glad you got it sorted.
  3. FMP "Send Event" Fails to launch Chrome.exe

    I was able to run that step just fine. Note, I am signed in as an administrator. That may make a difference. It kind of sounds like you may be having a DNS issue. Attached in a test file with a single script in it. test 3.fp7
  4. FMP "Send Event" Fails to launch Chrome.exe

    What is the text you are sending in the send event script.
  5. Can not export container field

    Are you including the file name in the path? Are there spaces in the file name?
  6. In order for FM to re-establish the links on it's own, they need to be in the same path/folder structure they were in before. The path will then resolve, and FM will see the file. Or you have to do it manually. I've not see a good way to do it. You might be able to have a script go through the records and grab the old path, and then try to insert the file into the database. From there, you have a decision to make. About how you will handle it long term.
  7. A couple of notes/thoughts: 1. Store by reference is a deprecated feature. Which means, as of FM 16, it is still in the product, but will eventually be removed. I would be very careful with relying on that functionality. 2. External Storage for containers is not the same thing as Store by Reference. External Storage has FMS setup and maintain folders on the server. They should NOT be touched by users, ever. For a variety of reasons, it will cause serious risk to the operation of FMS and the container files themselves. 3. Using External Storage may be very beneficial for you. It avoids the problem of the links being broken. And at the same time, doesn't bloat the file size by storing all of the files in the database file.
  8. Start MS Edge using "send event" script?

    I know this was answered elsewhere also, but for anyone else looking here, the command is: cmd /c start microsoft-edge: Don't forget the colon at the end. The "/c" tells cmd to run the command and then stop.
  9. FMP 16 Will not start

    You need to get rid of everything and reinstall from scratch. Leaving anything over, may just be causing issues. To get rid of everything: Uninstall FileMaker Pro Open a Finder Window Click on the Go Menu and select Computer Go to: User > Shared > Delete the FileMaker Folder Click the Go Menu > Hold Option and Select Library... Go to: Application Support > Delete "FileMaker" folder Go to: Caches > Delete any "com.filemaker..." folders/files Go to: Caches > Delete the "FileMaker" folder Go to: Preferences > Delete any "com.filemaker...plist" files Go to: Saved Application State > Delete any "com.filemaker..." folders Then reinstall FileMaker Pro Advanced with the full installer.
  10. FMP 16 Will not start

    Typically FMI support recommends using the full installer on the mac, instead of the "updater". I would try that.
  11. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    Be sure to report it here, if you haven't already: https://community.filemaker.com/community/discussions/report-an-issue/content
  12. SMTP with Gmail problem

    Is two-factor authentication turned on? If yes, you need to use an app password.
  13. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    Nothing there is version specific, so it will work fine in 16.0.2.
  14. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    That is a good example. Thanks LaRetta. Typically in those scenarios, I pull the value into a variable slice it and glue it back together. But Insert Calculated Result would probably be a touch easier.
  15. Insert Calculated Result Bug

    1. Make sure you report it on the official bug report forum: https://community.filemaker.com/community/discussions/report-an-issue/content 2. Why are you using Insert Calculated Result instead of Set Field? Set Field is the default for setting data ( browse or find mode ). Insert Calculated Result requires the field to be on the layout. And in general, "Insert" script steps I've always found to be be, not the most reliable. Set Field does not require the field to be on the layout. I really can't think of any reason to ever use Insert Calculated Result. A while back, @CobaltSky had mentioned that Insert Calculated Result did not produce a value that match the selected field type ( number, date, text, etc ). And he used this example: Insert Calculated Result [ Select ; "YourField" ; "(Status(CurrentDate) + 1" ] Insert Calculated Result [ Select ; "YourField" ; "1 + (Status(CurrentDate)" ] I'm not entirely sure if this is still true ( I haven't tested it recently ), but the example was to show that these 2 calculations would not produce the same result type. The first would result in a text string. The second would result in a number. Which could cause some strange behaviors and problems with calculations. Set Field does not have that problem.

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