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  1. Just requires 2 small changes. 1. A Set Variable in the Open Script. 2. A new section in your "Go to Layout TV & Film Pitch" to look for that variable. After it runs the first time, it will clear the variable, and it won't run again. Test File DemoJOBR.fmp12
  2. The formatting is already handled by the Highlight script you have. Actually, the process you want is already in place. The "OnRecordSave - Highlight Created Portal Row" script does what you want. Currently, the script trigger is on the entry field with an OnRecordSave trigger. You can use that same script to select and set the record as the active record on the layout. Nothing will be created, because there is nothing saved in that creation portal. So now you need to figure out when you want that trigger to run. OnLayoutLoad Only the first time the layout loads. Something else. For #1, that get get tricky if you have any scripts that leave the layout and come back. So I wouldn't advise that one. For #2: use the OnFirstWindowOpen trigger to set a global variable. In your script to go to the TV Pitch layout, test for that variable. If it exists, run that OnRecordSave script. It will do what you want. Then clear that variable. The next time your script to go to the TV Pitch layout, that variable won't be there, and it won't select the newest record every time.
  3. What is deprecated about FX.php?

    We must have seen 2 different things. Your approach to the conversation may have had an impact. Talking with the engineers and James Qui, they have much larger plans than just what they showed during the NDA portion of the presentation. They were fairly open about what they are trying to do. And the fact that FMI has allocated significant development resources to continuing to build the Data API and it's capabilities. With that said, I don't disagree. In the industry I work in, most vendors and clients are all still working with XML. There is some adoption of JSON/REST. But in all cases, they support both technologies.
  4. Change it to what you want. Then save the style over the Default. Make it your new default. Then save it to a new theme. Use the new theme as you base for layouts. New fields will then adopt the "Default" style you set.
  5. I know seeing examples was one of the best ways for me to learn. Just happy to return the favor.
  6. Added fields to log creation timestamp. Added the sort to the portal based on the creation timestamp. Added object name to the portal, so we can use it to jump to it in the script. Create a new script to use OnObjectSave. Test File DemoJOBR.fmp12
  7. 1. You can add a script trigger to field where you add a new line. Have it set the global fields to the values that connect the relationship the way you want. It may take some playing around with the different functions to get the IDs of the records you need. 2. Add an auto-enter timestamp field to the related table. Sort the portal on that field, descending order.
  8. Where did Easy Sync Go ?

    From a pure performance perspective, on large data sets fmEasySync is slow. If your record set changes are small, the sync should be fast. The original developer that released fmEasySync and the other "Easy" products is no longer involved in the FileMaker community. His business has changed, so there is no active development on it, except the few forks on GitHub that other developers have picked up. But even those do really have any active changes to them recently. The original developer released them not as a supported product like GoZync, MirrorSync, etc. They were merely "Open Source" tools that you could build on and use.
  9. Your creation point is different. Because the Film Pitch Notes belong to the Film Title...you have to create it using a relationship to that table. Then you can use another global field to select that film to be the basis for which records you want to see. Test File Demo 2.fmp12 Note, that the Film Pitch Notes will be created being related to the film you have selected in the Film Pitch Portal.
  10. Good to hear. Post back if you have any questions about how it works.
  11. See if this is close. I added a couple relationships. one to add new TV SHOWS or FILM TITLES to the portal. one to select the show or film in the portal...which allows the fields on the right to display data from portal ( and show the correct data ). I added a step to the Highlight script. It sets the global field, that links the current record to the one you clicked on in the portal. Which also allows the you to display the data from the portal in the fields on the right. Dig into it. Let us know if you have any questions. As Bruce had mentioned, it would be wise to make a copy...then clean out stuff you are not using. There is a script trigger in the portal that was not linked to an actual script. Some relationships are not used ( at least in this file ) etc. Test File Demo.fmp12
  12. Define "took me away from the current record".
  13. If I get what you are trying to do: 1. You have to create a new record in order to get a new row in the portal. You many need to split the info in the portal out into it's own table. But I would need a little more info to understand exactly what you are trying to do with that. 2. To select a portal row and have the details show on the layout of the local record, you need some kind of relationship to get the field to show that record's data. Or as a master detail, move the current record to the one you clicked on. We definitely want to help, so don't give up yet.
  14. What is deprecated about FX.php?

    Deprecated means they are not actively developing for it. It will likely work as long as XML and PHP continue to function in FM. At some point in the future, it will be removed from the product and will no longer function, or at least not be supported. The Data API will likely replace it.
  15. Help Parse Text Calculation

    Does the format of the file name ever change? It is it always the same as the example you showed?

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