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  1. Did Mojave break FM 16? Yeah. But the reality is, they would have to redevelop so much of 16 to make it compatible, it would kill any change at new features. FileMaker is not forsaking you. However, the speed of change in the IT world is fast. How many users do you have? Hosting isn't different between 16 and 17, so why is that a barrier?
  2. I really do understand your frustration. I don’t want to sound like I’m just giving you a hard time. I only wanted to point out, the existence of this forum for them doesn’t indicate the fastest response. That has never been the case for any company ever. I get you were unavailable by phone. Their support email is monitored as well. Also, I don’t believe they work on the weekend. So you were unlikely to get a resolution before today anyway. I feel your pain. I do. I’ve been there with other companies. These guys are typically very responsive through traditional channels.
  3. You are looking at the wrong metric. You are missing data. You don’t know how many of these items were resolved off-forum. FMForums provides the space for them, and while it is “official”, that in no way says it is the primary or expedited course. Call them or send an email to their support address.
  4. I am unaware what they do with it. But at times when the forum software gets updated, the process could be broken or changed. If we need urgent support, we never sit back and wait. If it’s something not urgent we would post it here. When we need same day resolution or help we call them. We calmly and respectfully explain or situation and they do the best they can to help. Though even that at times can take a couple days also. Depends mainly on the problem.
  5. If you need it needed a faster answer, call them or send an email to their support address. They are here frequently but not just sitting here clicking refresh waiting for a post. That would be silly. From their sit: “Still need help...Contact us at support@360works.com (support [at] 360works.com) or call us at 770-234-9293 for more information!” They are one of the best customer support teams in the community. Reach out buddy. They will help you.
  6. I see them answers posts regularly. Is your matter urgent? Call them. They are very responsive and some of the best customer support in the community. This support forum is just one avenue of support.
  7. @Robin Penfold If you want to send me a link to download the file or get access to it, I’d be willing to take a peek at it. Up to you. Send the link via private message if you decide to.
  8. Not having any OnFirstWindowOpen script may be part of the problem. If the file loads all the way up, without that reference resolving, it will not work ever, until the file is closed and reopened. Try a single-step script that just sets that variable.
  9. Can you copy the text of the first script that runs and paste it here? The first thing you need to do is a Perform Script that sets that variable with the datasource path.
  10. If you turn off the "Switch to Layout", where does the file open to by default? If you unhost the file, and go to your flashscreen layout and close the file, that will become the "default". See if the error goes away. If not, maybe you can make clone of the file and send it to me back channel, and I can see if I can figure out where the connection is trying to happen.
  11. I don’t remember. There was a behavior change in one of the last few versions. And I don't remember now. I saw a similar post on the Community forum that seems to have resolved the issue. Suggestion was to delete the data source and recreate it. That seems to have resolved it in this case.
  12. Can you post the text of the OnFirstWindowOpen script? Something there is likely referencing the data source. Even though the script may not have made it to the step that does it, the script's load process can trigger FileMaker to reach out to it. Thus generating the error you see. I've rarely seen a different cause of the problem you are describing...but I also know it's possible! If we could see that script, it may help. Also, the Table Occurrence names that reference that data source.
  13. Yeah, it's hidden very nicely in plain site. I only know it's there because another site I am on ( not FM related ) changes their themes monthly it feels like.
  14. At the very bottom of the web page in the footer.
  15. Scroll to the bottom and change the theme to 'Standard Right'.
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