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  1. For the sake of readers here, I'll also post my response here: Semi-quote with some updates because of context:
  2. Thank you for posting that link @Wim Decorte. Some how I had missed that discussion. Excellent info.
  3. You can also do this without a plugin if you are ok dancing with CLI commands. I had a post about it in 2010 for Windows. ( My blog was just kind of a place for me to put things I wanted to be able to lookup later ). https://fmrift.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/creating-a-folder-from-filemaker-windows/ Makah from Soliant also did a post on Soliant's blog in 2015 about it, and it includes a demo file...and it includes both Mac and Windows. https://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/creating-os-folders-subfolders-filemaker/
  4. A few ways. One easy way: If [ Exact ( $$DISABLE_TRIGGERS ; 1 ) ] Set Variable [ $$DISABLE_TRIGGERS ; "" ] Exit Script End If Set Variable [ $$DISABLE_TRIGGERS ; 1 ] ...rest of your script. Other options: Perform Script On Server New Window / Close Window Portal / Relationship record creation
  5. The icon color sounds like it was a higher up decision. I don't quite understand it, but adding the version into the app name does help with several small annoyances.
  6. By design, the import file is generated in the same directory as the file itself. If you are hosting the files on FileMaker Server, I believe it may go into the Logs folder. But I've not looked at them in a long time, so I may be wrong on that count.
  7. @Rich One small clarification, just for posterity, the runtime is already deprecated. As to when it will be removed, is a different question. As of now, there are no announced plans. From the roadmap webinar, it sounds like it will still be in 18. @Darren Emery which aspects of product development are you referring to specifically. Based on conversations I've had with engineers and Product Managers, they have been on a path to adjust the underlying technology to open up more possibilities. Try to get to a point where they can swap out the underlying technology, without negatively impacting the UX. They will definitely continue down that path. Version 18 will carry with it a substantial change to the engine with page locking and parallel processing. While we keep in mind this is v1 of that change, and it's a big one, the biggest benefits will come in future versions. When Brad Freitag was installed as CEO, that also comes with a shift. I know, from his own mouth, he wants to help FileMaker shift gears and progress faster than we have seen in the past. We will just have to wait and see how that goes. It is exciting. When you ask "not as a consultant", what do you mean? There are many, many in-house developers working in FileMaker daily. Add to that citizen developers who many not be their full-time job to build and develop, but many, many of them are building great stuff in FileMaker too. Currently, I'm back to working as an in-house developer for a sales company. Both myself, and my boss work primarily in FileMaker daily...with a host of other IT tasks and servers to handle as well. We have ~40 servers run various technologies, and multiple companies, each running their own version of our custom app.
  8. You should start a new question, instead of adding on to this very old thread.
  9. FileMaker Cloud is it’s own instance of FileMaker Server. You can’t install it separately.
  10. I do hope they figure out a way to get fewer than 5 users licensed for around $20/user/month. That would be more inline with the rest of their pricing. Currently, the User licensing for 2 people would be about $39/month per user. Essentially getting 5 licenses, but only using 2. If you hosted locally at your office, you could limit the cost expenditure. There is also the possibility of setting up your server on AWS yourself ( meaning not with FileMaker Cloud ). And hosting that way. Again, my experience is limited enough that I'm not 100% certain on the cost going that route. I'm not sure high and dry is the right description, but I feel for your circumstance. Hopefully, the business generates enough revenue to still get value from FileMaker. You could reach out to FileMaker sales, and see what they can help you with. When I worked in a small office, we bought perpetual licenses with maintenance. The initial cost was higher than the "annual" cost, but the year-over-year maintenance cost was 1/5th of the normal cost. That kept us up-to-date with the latest versions, for a very reasonable cost. ( after the first year, our cost was about $9/month per user.
  11. I assume that means your file is being hosted in a shared Server with FMS 14. You are correct then, it is not compatible. You could try running FM in a virtual machine using an OS that is supported. There aren’t many options unless you host it yourself locally in your office. Or look into FileMaker Cloud. I’m not familiar enough with the pricing of Cliud and AWS to make a solid recommendation in that though.
  12. If there was a way to decrypt the file, it would severely weaken the security provided by the encryption in the first place. Because, essentially anyone could reset it then. It is obviously not a one-way process. Just nearly impossible without the password. Now, corruption. That could be a possibility. Is there anything running on the server that hits the live files? Backup utility, Anti-Virus, 3rd party file sync utility? Di you have the backups from when you originally turned on the EAR? Does the password work with those files? Does someone else have access to open the file with FMPA? Either in the server with Full Access or direct physical access to the server?
  13. Did Mojave break FM 16? Yeah. But the reality is, they would have to redevelop so much of 16 to make it compatible, it would kill any change at new features. FileMaker is not forsaking you. However, the speed of change in the IT world is fast. How many users do you have? Hosting isn't different between 16 and 17, so why is that a barrier?
  14. I really do understand your frustration. I don’t want to sound like I’m just giving you a hard time. I only wanted to point out, the existence of this forum for them doesn’t indicate the fastest response. That has never been the case for any company ever. I get you were unavailable by phone. Their support email is monitored as well. Also, I don’t believe they work on the weekend. So you were unlikely to get a resolution before today anyway. I feel your pain. I do. I’ve been there with other companies. These guys are typically very responsive through traditional channels.
  15. You are looking at the wrong metric. You are missing data. You don’t know how many of these items were resolved off-forum. FMForums provides the space for them, and while it is “official”, that in no way says it is the primary or expedited course. Call them or send an email to their support address.
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