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  1. When attempting to connect using SFTP using FTPeek_ConnectSFTP function, FTPeek_LastError returns "Failed to read messages". I attempted to resolve the problem by downloading and installing the latest version of the plug-in today. That did not resolve the issue. I've attempted to run the script from Filemaker 12 Advanced and Filemaker 12 Server.
  2. Just curious if you've had any success parsing the Eve-Central.com API. Took a stab at it this morning and I think I figured it out.
  3. The installation files I have only contain the .dmg files. I have the email with the hyperlink to the app and documentation download, but as you know, those download links expire after ninety day. Oh well. I'll call Filemaker and see about getting another copy. On a side note, my 900 kb filemaker file exploaded to a 100 MB runtime package! Sheesh, is that normal? Perhaps it's not as odd with larger solutions, as there are certain fiales that have to be there no matter what the original filemaker file size was.
  4. Thanks to both of you! I thought maybe I'd have to have FM Advanced installed on Windows to create Windows runtimes. And there's the rub. I stupidly neglected to download both the mac and windows installers for FMP Advanced when I bought it. I have the key, just no installer. Guess I'll have to tackle that problem first...
  5. I'm trying create my first runtime solution from Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced (Mac OS X). The database from which I'm creating it is small (for now), about 900 kb, and utilizes only two layouts and a handful of relationships. I thought I'd start simple. It may be just my ignorance, but Filemaker's documentation on runtime solutions is terrible and inadequate, at least for me. I'd prefer to create a solution that is cross-platform, but for now I'd just be happy with one solution I could install and run on Windows, and one I could use on Mac OS. I've used the Developer Utilities featur
  6. Happy Thanksgiving. Yesterday I wrote an import script to do just that. The whole import took about an hour. 100% of the records and fields imported without error. The only unconventionality about the server is that the previous IT administrator split the entire 500GB drive space into two partitions. Unfortunately, the OS partition is only 10GB. Though annoying, this really wasn't a problem with previous versions of FIlemaker Server that didn't have to be installed on the same partition as the OS. But now, between Windows Server 2003 OS and FMS9, I don't have much space to spare
  7. I opened the database and saved a compacted copy from the File menu (then used the compacted file). I did not use the maintenance utilities. I do have backups from before this all started, with relatively few database schema changes. There has been quite a bit of data changes since those backups, though.
  8. Hi all, (forgive my long story, but I figured the best policy was to give as much info as possible) I just recently (this month) upgraded to Filemaker Server 9. My FMS9 installation is up to date, and all of my client installations are running 9.0v3. (FMS9 is running on Windows Server 2003 OS). A database which has been in use since June 2007 has started acting up since the upgrade to 9. About a week ago, the database closed, kicking out all users. Server could not reopen the database. I opened the file locally and "Saved As Compacted". (Should have instead reverted to a bac
  9. Yeah, I thought that might be the issue. Filemaker behaves the same regardless of whether Outlook Express 6 is launched or not.
  10. I checked my Internet Options and Outlook Express is my default app for Email.
  11. I attempted to send mail via the Filemaker "File>Send Mail.." menu item. I get the send mail dialog window. I entered my email adddres, a subject, and some email body text, and sent the mail. I checked Outlook Express, and found that there are no emails in my "Sent Items" or "Outbox" folders (I know that Outlook Express is configured properly, because I can manually send mail from it). I configured Outlook Express' security settings to warn me when an app tries to send mail through my account. I am not getting that warning.
  12. bcooney, I attempted to send mail via the "select Send To>Mail Recipient" method you mentioned. It did nothing (just like the "send mail" script). A quick Google search took me to the following website: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/sendtomail.htm It stated the following problems: - The default mail client is not set - The MAPI DLL registry path for your mail client is missing It recommended running the following commands: regsvr32 sendmail.dll "%ProgramFiles%Outlook ExpressMSIMN.EXE" /REG regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%Outlook Expressmsoe.dll" Afte
  13. When you say that you "have a scripted lookup to filter to all the correct task records", do you mean that you are filtering portal contents, or filtering a found set of records? If you're filtering the found set of tasks, I think the following will work: The Go To Related Record script step has a result option that matches all the records in the current found set. If you are on a tasks-based layout and you want to view all the timesheet table records that relate to that found set of tasks, under the GTRR options, specify: Get Related Records From: Timesheets Show Records Using
  14. I'm currently having the same problem on a Windows 2003 server. The send mail script step runs, but no email client is loaded. I can run the script on other computers within the office, just not the one system I need it to run on.
  15. I'm running Filemaker 8.5 on a Windows 2003 Server. I've installed MS Outlook 2003 and configured an email account using a Exchange account. I've also configured a POP gmail account using Outlook Express 6. I am unable to get either of these mail clients to launch when I run the "Send Mail" script. Any help would be much appreciated.
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