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  1. I am in layout mode when I edit my layout. I have a layout that's like this --Header --Sub-summary by error_type [error_type field] [summary field] --Footer But then I want to view the results right ? So I go to Browse mode. How do you see the results if you don't go to browse mode ? And in browse mode, I come pretty close to what I want, but I still have the duplicates. The closest I was able to get is by putting the two fields in the body part of the layout (cause if I put them in the subsummary and leave nothing in the body part, I get as I told you a blank res
  2. The sort section makes sense, cause there is this "rearrange by summary field" function. I think that's the right settings. But I still have a completely blank window as soon as I go to Browse mode.
  3. I have done that also. I clicked and chose "current table". I picked error_type and clicked sort. The window is still completely blank. It became blank when I moved my two fields "error_type" and "count" (my summary field) to the subsummary section instead of the body, and deleted the body. Also, you told me to sort by error_type, but it's a string, and I don't really want to sort by alphabetical order, I would like to sort by count. But my summary field is grey in the sort list we just talked about. Even when I go and pick "current table" instead of current layout. There m
  4. I did have a body in my layout, sorry I'm a bit tired. But when I remove it, and place the two fields I told you about in my subsummary, the result I get in the "browse mode" is a complete blank page. Nothing at all. I have tried to untick the "running count", at first what it did is change the 1,2,3,4,5 pattern to the total of records I had in my table (basically it counted how many records had a value in the field error_type, and it put that result in each single record). But as soon as I moved the two fields from the boddy part of the layout to the subsummary part, the window became bl
  5. I have just done what you told me. My layout looks like this --Header --Sub-summary by error_type [error_type field] [summary field] --Footer The thing is I get this : [Error_type] [summary] D4690 1 D4690 2 D4690 3 FL4960 1 FL4960 2 J2800 1 J2800 2 J2800 3 J2800 4 My summary field for counting the error_type is setup this way : count of "error_type" when sorted by "error_type" "Running count" is checked "Restart summary for each sorted group" is checked also As
  6. I'll try to continue that tomorrow. For now I'm trying to start the work I need to do in File maker. I'm trying to do the equivalent of SELECT error_type, COUNT(error_type) AS error_type_count FROM table GROUP BY error_type ORDER BY error_type_count DESC If you could have a look at the topic I created in the "Calculation Engine" section of the forum, it would be really nice. Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it.
  7. Hi, I have about 60 000 records, that describe a list of incidents. Each record has an "error_type" field. It contains a string. What I would like to do is described very simply in SQL SELECT error_type, COUNT(error_type) AS error_type_count FROM table GROUP BY error_type ORDER BY error_type_count DESC Basically I want to get a count of how many incidents there has been for each type of error (each "error_type" value). What's the easiest way to do that in Filemaker ? What I have done so far is add a summary field, that I have set to be a "running count" of the f
  8. I thought it would be more clear, here are the real values dsn_name = MBPLevel2Sys user = WebUser password = level2 I have changed the ODBC drivers location, from being installed just from one user to beeing installed for the whole system. It's getting a bit better, now it seems to find the drivers, but it still doesn't work : Warning: odbc_connect() [function.odbc-connect]: SQL error: [iODBC][Driver Manager]Specified driver could not be loaded, SQL state IM003 in SQLConnect in /Users/steph/Sites/index2.php on line 16 Warning: odbc_error(): supplied argument is
  9. Here's what I get. Any ideas ? I think the drivers are not working but I don't have a clue why. I followed exactly what's in the FMP manual. Warning: odbc_connect() [function.odbc-connect] SQL error: [iODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified. Driver could not be loaded, SQL state IM002 in SQLConnect in /Users/steph/Sites/index2.php on line 16 Warning: odbc_error(): supplied argument is not a valid ODBC-Link resource in /Users/steph/Sites/index2.php on line 18 Warning: odbc_close(): supplied argument is not a valid ODBC-Link resource in
  10. I had done all that already. It still doesn't work. What can it be ? I have no idea what's wrong. Is there a way to check if the ODBC drivers are running properly ?
  11. I'm getting closer, but it still doesn't work. I have installed PHP 5.2.2 on OS X, which includes the ODBC functions. I have setup ODBC administrator (the OS X app) this way DSN : dsn_name Host : localhost Port : 2399 ServerDataSource : fmp_db_name I have set up fmp so that my database authorizes ODBC accesses, and I have set up a user with full access rights. Here is my PHP code : <?php $db = odbc_connect("dsn_name", "user", "password", "") or die(' Could Not Connect to ODBC Database! '); $query = 'SELECT * FROM table'; $result = odbc_exec($db, $qu
  12. Thanks for your help. I don't have filemaker pro server, that's why I couldn't use the PHP API from filemaker. But I'll think about it. For now, I'm trying to get the PHP odbc to work. Should work fine with filemaker pro non-server, right ? I use PHP 5, but the problem I have is I don't seem to have the ODBC functions. When I test wether they are installed with function_exists(), PHP tells me they are not there. Is there a way to install them ? Thanks, Stephane
  13. Hello, I would like to display on a web page, using PHP and mySql queries, data from a FileMaker Pro 9 database. It's the opposite of what most people want to do. Is it possible without the server version ? I don't plan to access the database directly with PHP functions, I would like to pull data from Filemaker with mySql queries. How to do that ? Do I need the Filemaker ODBC client driver, the mySQL client driver, or both ? How should I set them up ? I have downloaded and installed the mySql odbc connector, and set it up in ODBC administrator in OS X, with these values Host
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