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  1. Works great, so sorry for the Checkbox, Radio Button mix up. Many Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies, I've attached a file which should explain it in more detail. The amount will never really change, it's just a small database for a collection of mates that want to track what they pay into a syndicate. Thanks again. File.zip
  3. I have a Portal containing a Checkbox with the value of "Paid" When "Paid" is selected how do I get it to add a set amount, say 20, to a field called "Total" outside the Portal? Also when un-selected it needs to remove the same amount from the "Total" field. With Thanks Mick
  4. I have a list of people & addresses with a Toggle Checkbox next to each name. Ticking the Checkbox marks them for Label Printing, this all works fine. What I'm after is a way to count the number of Checkboxes as they are checked, a running total. Such as tick one item, a separate field shows the number 1, tick two, it shows 2 and so on. I've tried the Count Function but cannot get it to work. With Thanks
  5. Have a Portal containing Players names (Maximum of 6). The Status field shows whether the Player is "Active or In-Active". I'm trying to get the Family Status field to show "In-Active" if all the Players are "In-Active". Currently I can only get it working if the 1st Player in the Portal is "In-Active". Â Using this calculation "Case (Players::Player Status = "In-Active" ; "In-Active" ). Â Many Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, the moment I started to read your reply I realised what an idiot I was, sorry to bother you with such a question. I'm still kicking myself. Thanks Again.
  7. Been searching but can't find an answer to my particular problem. Have imported a large number of dates with the formats of "01-12-2014" and "1-12-2014". I'm after a Auto Enter Calculation that will automatically add the "0" to the day, such as "01-12-2014" and not "1-12-2014" With Thanks
  8. Going nuts trying to work this out, zip file is self explanatory. Any help please. Finances - 1.zip
  9. Thanks doughemi, must have tried every combination except that one. Thanks also to Lee but my data structure is just fine and I do have separate fields for all my data. The example I used was just that, an example. Enjoy your holidays!
  10. How can I get the following calculation to place a Carriage Return at the end of LastName so it will display as Fred Arthur Smith 666 Green Street Have read lot's of post's but can't seem to get it working. Substitute (List(FirstName;MiddleName;LastName;Address);"¶";" ") Thanks
  11. Many thanks, exactly what I was after, hate it when I'm so close , yet so far.
  12. Been staring at this for far too long, I know I've missed something so simple I'm going to kick myself! Just want to able to click on a portal row and have some details show up, if you open the attached file you can't miss it. Automotive.zip
  13. Making a DB for a friend who repairs cars, he would like a layout to display 12 lines down and to have these fields in each line, "Part Description", "Price", "Cost" & "Profit" which would mean 12 fields for each totalling 48 (may even want more). I've searched FMForums and numerous Google searches and everytime I get the same old answer, make your DB using Customers, Invoices, Products and Line Items, this is just dandy if you sell Widgets & Dingdongs, just put them into the Products Tables and all's fine, popup and ID Number and there it is. But here were talking about 100
  14. Finally got this thing working properly, created a new DB from scratch, just Tables, Fields and Relationships. I did cheat with the Scripts and imported them. Everything worked just as it should have. Then went back to my original and deleted the Customers Table. Then imported the Customers Table from the new DB I made, created the Relationships and added it to the original Customers Layout, fixed up the usual Table Missing error's in Fields & Scripts and it's still working. As for working out what caused the problem in the first place I have no idea, it just seems to have been a gremlin i
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