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  1. Hello, Can anyone help? I am trying to test IWP. If I use, I will get the IWP page and can run the the application. But if I replace with my IP , then it times out. Should I be able to use my IP to test on my computer or will I have to go to another sites computer ? Thanks in advance
  2. Yes , That is a good thing about FileMaker Pro 8.5 , I can install it on my XP laptop as well from the same CD.
  3. Thanks Vaughan, I guess that compares, sizewise with Java Runtime and is less than .net I want to develop on Mac and deploy on Windows, hence FM
  4. Hi , Does the runtime make one file that includes the .fp7 file ? If my .fp7 file is 300K then what size is the runtime solution? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for testing , now how to keep others out when I put up my accounting system? I guess use login account
  6. Cool. AudioFreak has created a record. I am very impressed with this as data just appears in my database and am editing it without a browser myself
  7. OK , do you mean ?
  8. Thank you very much for all your help. I can now go to sleep. I works wooow. I still don't know if I need TCP or UDP , that is why I have set both.
  9. Hey I went into setting and I had not Hosted FileMaker , so it might work now. Yes checked
  10. To be honest I don't really know what I am doing . I I will get a screenshot of what I altered, and post this
  11. I went into my router settings and set UDP from 591 to 591 and another TCP 591 to 591. Now when I go to sharing is shows so I thought It would work. I made a mistake in starting a new topic., what I meant to do was to put the question in the OS X forum as I thought it might be a MAC problem. I might have to put my PC XP on the to see if It serves.
  12. Can anyone test this to see Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Genix, can you try this agin please
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