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  1. That is what I was afraid of. Thanks for the response.
  2. The container feild holding a record imported as a reference to the picture file does not show up in IWP. Any ideas?
  3. I was wondering how to script the following: I would like a script that can display the last 5 records added to the database. This script would begin in Find mode and would work as a single button. The attempt is to display the latest arrivals. (Since FM defaults that the last records are the most recently added I will assume these are the latest products/records added.) Thanks!
  4. What you said makes sense, thanks! However, I would like for this to be a function in Find mode, so i don't believe that 'submit' comes into play. My goal is for the user to search the first field "CSI Divisions" and then the second feild "CSI Title" displays subcatagories of only the item selected in field one. Do you know if there is anyway to perform a refresh calculation of some sort after the selection from the first field is performed in find mode?
  5. Thanks again for sticking with me on this one. I now have changed the way my fields relate using Basic Conditional Lists and it works great. I based it on this link found on another post: http://www.databasepros.com/FMPro?-DB=resources.fp5&-lay=cgi&-format=list.html&-FIND=+&resource_id=DBPros000712 However, I am still having the same issue once it goes to IWP. The first field displays the drop down list, but the second field is blank when you click on it. I tried changing the fields to Pop up Menues, but this did not solve the problem. Thanks!
  6. Although I am calling the action I am trying to perform 'filtering' this might not be the right terminology. By easy, I only meant that i am sure there is a simple calculation to perform this action i am just not sure what. Here is a hypothetical example of what I am trying to accomplish: In find mode, one would click on the first feild and a pull down menu would display the makes of 10 cars(VW, BMW, Lexus, etc.). Based on which make they selected, when they clicked on the next field only the models of the make selected would be displayed. i.e. One would select VW for the first
  7. According the IWP Guide only the Tab key is supported for navigating between fields or objects in Instant Web Publishing. I was wondering if there is a way to set up a script that would allow the user to perform a find after entering keywords into a field and hitting Enter? Example: I have a keyword field and an adjacent perform search button. When people do searches they are accustom to hitting enter after they type their criteria to begin the search. However when you hit enter in IWP it deletes what you just typed.
  8. Thanks for the quick response... I appologize but I am new to Filemaker and couldn't quite follow your reconmendation. Ultimately I am wondering if there was an easier way to perform a filter between two fields, as in the example above, that would be compatible with IWP?
  9. I am using the calculation, Evaluate(Quote(""); CSI Div.), to narrow down the results that appear in one field based on a selection from a previous field. i.e.hypothetical example: First field contains the names of the 50 States; based on which state is selected, the second field displays the names of the counties within that state only. (The States and Counties are contained within a joined table within the same file) Although I don't understand why this calculation works, it does in Filemaker Pro9. HOWEVER it doesn't work once I goes to IWP. The first field displays the 'state
  10. Hi I was hoping someone could shed some light on why a calculation is not working once it is translated in IWP... I am using the following calculation to narrow down the results that appear in one field based on a selection from a previous field. Evaluate(Quote(""); CSI Div.) Now I don't know if this was the best or esiest way to accomplish a narrowing down between to fields, but it functions great in Filemaker Pro 9. However once it goes into IWP the field that contains the above calculation does not function, it pulls down a blank filed as if nothing was entered in the previ
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