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  1. I'm dealing with a rather large system and have written an automated way to build out lists of all the non-container, non-calculation, non-global, non-summary fields. Now, I need to also exclude lookups and auto-enter replaces existing value fields. Here's the calculation as it stands: not ( PatternCount ( $field_type; "StoredCalc" ) or PatternCount ( $field_type; "Summary" ) or PatternCount ( $field_type; "UnstoredCalc" ) or PatternCount ( $field_type; "Global" ) or PatternCount ( $field_type; "Container" ) ) Any ideas on how to obtain this information with a function? Thanks! I also attached the script I'm working on as a PDF though I doubt referencing it is necessary. FileMaker Pro 13, Mac OSX Mavericks
  2. This morning, my files were not available via Open Remote... The only possible change I can think of is that I logged into the server via Citrix yesterday. I had not done it before but others have. Please help me troubleshoot what happened. Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 64-bit Intel® Xeon® CPU E5620 @ 2.40 GHz (4 processors) RAM 6GB Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16428 Java Control Panel says Version 7 Update 51 build 1.7.0_51-b13, Java 1.7.0_51 When I go to Java.com's Verify Version tool it says Version 6, Update 25 I have 9GB of available space. I've already tried editing the deployment and relaunching. I can't get to fmserver_1406699924066 DMP file because it says it is being used by fmserver.exe Here are the other log files. I appreciate any help you can give. Event.txt deployment.txt wpe_debug.txt wpe.txt
  3. See attached images. Its only happening when the value list is in a checkbox.Â
  4. It was contained within the tab. I figured it out and its definitely a bug. If I select an object or a group of objects and enter their new location as an xy coordinate in the inspector's left top fields in pixels, it all breaks down and the object become disconnected from the slides, tabs or portals it sits on. This is fixed by moving it around a bit with the mouse. I have done my layouts this way for years and years so its pretty annoying but it is what it is. A bug.
  5. Seriously? It happens on every tab every time. This is really, really ridiculous. It will always be just one errant object but it happens ALL the time.
  6. This has been a repeating issue since I started working with FM12+ I have an object that is fully within the dimensions of a tab. It appears on every tab. I can't get it to stop. I need it to be on ONE tab but no matter how small I make it, removing anchors, nothing gets it to stop appearing on every tab. Mac OSX Mavericks (but it happened on Snow Leopard too) FM Pro Advanced 13 (but it happened on 12 too)
  7. I am working with the PHP API and its not sending messages back. I'm getting conflicting messages from the server. See images for what I'm referring to. Â Nothing is happening when I talk to the API. No returns. FileMaker Server 13, Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.3 Â I looked up my processor (1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor) an its 64-bit. Â Its just a local install of FMS for testing. Â Any thoughts? Thanks.
  8. I tried to figure out how to attach a picture and couldn't. IdealData must have responded as I was typing my next two replies. Thanks so much for the help! That worked. Of course, I knew that exiting false would stop the cursor from going to front. Wasn't thinking it through. Cheers.
  9. OK, I've figured it out. Its the up arrow. When I changed the script to work on pressing the 'a' key, it simply went to the field AND THEN typed an a in the field at the end. hmmm..... ok. Any way to get FileMaker to "ignore" the actual button pressed's behavior? Does that even make sense.
  10. OK, Here are a couple screenshots. In one, I have just performed the Go to Field Script step. The cursor is in the right place (at the end), the other is right after the script end (no other script steps have evaluated, no other script triggers, nothing) and the cursor has "jumped" to the front. It jumps when the script exit.s The behavior is the same: > with script debugger open or closed. > with or without an Exit Script step on the end. > if I check "Select/perform" on the Go to Field script step. > when I check "Select entire contents on entry" in the field definitions. > when I try and use "Set Selection" to override where the cursor "belongs". > when I reduce the script to ONLY that one Go to Field script step '> '>
  11. I made a video to explain the behavior. Basically, throughout the script the cursor is in the right place (the end) and then... it just jumps to the beginning as soon as the script exits. Really bothersome as it will cause my users to seriously "bonk" http://www.screencast.com/t/CUISnwQwVRjq FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced, OSX Mavericks Thanks!
  12. The end result we are looking for is having FileMaker available remotely. Not IWP, just FMApp. Pretty basic for someone who does this sort of stuff. I've always had a network guy to manage the opening of ports. I have no idea how to do it. They have Comcast and thats about all I know. No clue about firewalls, etc. I am more than willing to look into it if you tell me how thats done. We have a GoToMyPC set up. You'll have to sign a quick NDA to make sure you aren't starting trouble for my client. Once the work is done, I will send payment via PayPal or check, whichever you prefer. Send over an estimate in either flat-rate or hourly rate + estimated hours format with some words on your experience w/ FileMaker networking. A link to your site is fine too. Email is LaurenKuhlman at GMail dot com Admission: I have been avoiding this forum for a while due to rampant snarkiness. Let's all avoid the tendency to snark and just keep it professional, shall we? Its just not nice.
  13. WordPress FileMaker Sync is now available Have you tried to share your data with the outside world but given up due to lack of options? In the past, you could use IWP which is mired by poor user experience or hire a team of developers to use XML, PHP or other alphabet soup languages that are beyond your reach. WordPress FileMaker Sync fills the gap. If you can work with basic calculations, you can start sharing your data with the world. The included quick start file walks you through the simple installation and has example code for each function. > Push Data from FileMaker to WordPress as Posts or Pages > Work with Custom Fields in WordPress > Optionally Password Protect your Posts and Pages > Manage categories, tags and comments > No server or additional software required > Works on Mac and Windows Download Your Free Trial of WordPress FileMaker Sync
  14. What type of file should this be. I tried it as a .txt. I attached a screenshot. The file I am trying to upload is 49.5 MB. I am doing this to test the limits for the wp.uploadFiles method. It works for smaller files. I already edited my php.ini to bump the memory. If I'm doing this right, can you recommend a upload function to troubleshoot this to see if the wordpress function is the issue? Thanks.
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