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  1. Hmmm from what I remember last, I think Filemaker finally fixed this problem in 9.0v3. FileMaker's KB and FMForum has had a series of posting regarding VL and IWP, I suggest you do a search in both sites and take a look at the VL problem progression. The following is an excerpt from the 9.0v3 updater file located at the following Link /************************************************** 1.1.2. A problem has been fixed in which Instant Web Publishing might display the wrong value from a value list. In version 9.0v1 and 9.0v2, this problem could occur when one value list item is a substring of another value in the list. For example, if a text field uses a value list containing “room A7” and “room A73”, and the field is set to “room A73”, Instant Web Publishing erroneously displays “room A7” instead. In version 9.0v1 and 9.0v2, the erroneously displayed data could then be committed to the database, if the user entered Edit mode and clicked Submit. **************************************************/ Good Luck
  2. Your question is a little unclear, but from your second machine I would check to make sure that the IP address for the hosting machine is correct and that the host machine is actually on the network. Good luck
  3. I have a 7 file solution that logs a user into 1 file then subsequently logs them in to the six other files. My problem is that as the user logs in to File A we set the Show/Hide Status area to "Hide", then once the user decides to navigate to a table in File B via a GoTo Related Records script stetp, IWP freaks out. What i have notice is that if the two files have their status bar set to either "Hide" or "Show" then everything works out well. But if there is a mismatch (i.e. one showing "Hide" the other showing "Show") then that's when the freak out occurs. Currently, my solution is to set the status bar of the current file to what i anticipate the destination file will have and then pause the script, then manually proceeding to the destination file. The drawback being that IWP doesn't allow duration on the Pause/Resume script, you must resume manually which of course would not work in the real world Any and all help would be gladly appreciate. Birun
  4. Primer: We have a seven file solution that logs into a main file and then subsequently opens up the other 6 files. Problem: After logging in to the Main file, i toggle the 'Status Bar' successfully, but as soon as I navigate to another file if i try to toggle the Status Bar, IWP goes crazy and does a reboot of some sort. Has anyone experience this before? Or am I just doing something wrong. Thanks in Advance Birun
  5. My Humble Servant- I do thank you....... -b-
  6. Upon installing FMS 9 on a OS X Leopard server, I tried to change the fmsadmin permission to 'READ & WRITE' like i usually do. I was surprise however when I couldn't find it. This is my first time installing on OS X Leopard server and was wondering if this was done any differently here. Thanks in Advane RR - Real Rookie
  7. Thanks a million Fenton. I actually found an alternate solution to my problem. I created an uploader.php file and inserted it into my webroot folder, then i created a web viewer with a custom path to my uploader.php file. This work perfectly on IWP and now i'm able to upload files from the user machine onto the server. Thanks again. P.S. Though I didn't use the MooPlug, I'm greatful to learn of such a free plug for fm. Thanks
  8. Because you are trying to accessing the directory from your custom built homepage.......You are at liberty to use any server side scripting language (i.e PHP) to traverse the directories. The problem arises once you enter the world of IWP, the CGI prohibits any additional scripting. PHP has some very cool functions for accessing directories and files. I suggest you take a look at the PHP Website for more info. I hope this was of some help in one way or the other. Byron AlterMedia
  9. I'm pretty sure I saw someone do this somewhere b4 but my memory have gotten the best of me on this one. Is it all all possible to use the web viewer to view a local folder on your computer. I know that if you type the path, say for instance, in your browser it would simply open the folder. The trick I'm trying to explore here is to have someone type a filepath in a field, then i plan on using some form of Troi file to validate the path, and if its a valid path, display the contents in the web viewer and thus have it visible via IWP. I might be going about this all wrong, so any help would be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Byron AlterMedia, Inc.
  10. I could really understand the first question but the second question might be the result of the Freeze Window script you have at onset of the script. This script step is unsupported in IWP. Options: 1. Insert the Allow User Abort[OFF] Script step to skip over this unsupported step. 2. Put a conditional If statement around the unsupported script to allow execution only for Pro (i.e. If ( PatternCount(Get(SystemVersion); "Pro"))) Hope this was somewhat helpful
  11. Yes and Yes to both of your questions. I realize shortly after posting that the combination of a container and my global field was prohibiting the GoTo Related from working. Show i placed and transparent square atop the button, re-assign the script to the square and everything worked! Thanks A Million
  12. Upon hitting the submit button capture the current window name, then once you have arrive at your new location close the previously captured window name.
  13. Whenever I use the GoTo Related Record Script step on the web it goes to the first record of the entire found set and necessarily the specified record of the found set. I did realize the same behavior in pro and realize it was due to a commit record script step prior to me using the GoTo Related Record step. I've since remove the commit record step and it works find in pro but fails to work in IWP. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance, Byron Martinez AlterMedia, Inc.
  14. Tis the question that has been plaguing our organization for sometime now. We provide a vertical solution, StudioSuite , for recording studios and post-production facilities. Currently we have over 1200 facilities, for a total of approximately 3500 users within 40 countries. Now we must do the inevitable.....GO ONLINE!! StudioSuite has roughly 1000 scripts and 600 layouts within 7 files. IWP seems okay but I'm concern about scalability and limitations. CWP seems great but then one must become well verse in other technologies such as Javascript, html, css, and php. In trying to convince my boss on which technology- IWP or CWP, to use I really couldn't provide a compelling argument for either. My personal preference is CWP. His preference is of course IWP because of the relative speed. If someone could please shed some light on this issue it would be highly appreciated. Thanks in Advance Birun
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