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  1. Yes, "Do not replace existing value of field (if any)" is unchecked. Thank you, your suggestion worked and I changed it a bit. Instead of adding a Let() to the Calculated value, I changed the custom function and pass the timestamp field as a parameter. I went this way because I also decided to pass the account name as a parameter instead of calling Get (AccountName) within the custom function. This way I can use the function if the account name ended up somewhere else for some reason.
  2. We're (finally) migrating from FileMaker account to using Windows-based external authentication. Many of our tables have "Created By" and "Modified By" fields that are auto-entered using the Creation and Modification Account Name options, respectively. I was aware of the fact that the account name can appear in multiple forms (username, DOMAINusername, username@DOMAIN.whatever, etc.) so I wrote a custom function to remove everything except the username. Instead of the built-in options, I set the fields to auto-enter a Calculated value containing my custom function. This works in both "Created
  3. FileMaker now has updates for every version of FileMaker 9 (except Server for Windows) available for download to fix this problem. They're just small patches that should be installed after installing 9.0v3.
  4. There is now a FileMaker Knowledge Base article addressing this problem Invalid SSL certificates created when FileMaker Pro is installed on or after Sept. 22, 2008 "Question Why aren't any databases listed in the 'Open Remote' dialog?"
  5. Oh sure, huit, you solved the problem Here's some more background info I hadn't yet passed along. Oh, and I submitted a bug report about this to FileMaker today. The problem is like the Year 2038 problem but where that involves a signed 32 bit value starting from 1/1/1970, this is an unsigned 32 bit value starting from 1/1/1900. The "Internet clock" rollover is February 7, 2036 06:28:16 UTC, 9,999 days after September 22, 2008 Dates with Special Importance in Computing I don't know if NTP is literally involved in the certificate generation but this is the timestamp scheme it uses. NT
  6. FM Server can't do that for you, you have to use some other means of copying the database files from the server to your desktop. You could use an SFTP client to download them from the backup folder. If you're going to download them often, maybe you'd create an AppleShare for the Backup folder to get them that way. Those are for manually copying the files, you may also want to set up an automated copying of files from Backup to some other computer. I use a scheduled script to run rsync for backing them up to another server.
  7. Where did you read that? I don't think it's true. The download pages don't mention PPC or Intel. I haven't tried installing 9.0v3 yet on my G5 Xserve but the installer at least is a Universal Binary.
  8. You wrote that FMS9 is installed on Mac OS 10.4.10, are you really running it on the client version of OS X or is it actually OS X Server? I care because superficially your problem sounds like the problem I previously described (and still have) and if your problem is the same as mine and you're not running FMS9 on OS X Server, that blows away my best hypothesis (involving OS X Server's own install of Tomcat). My post: can't connect to FMS9 admin console, Security Update 2007-007 problem? Other people have previously reported similar problems caused by firewall settings and proxy se
  9. Yes, there has been many a restart along the way but I don't think the problem you had was the same as mine. If you install Security Update 2007-007 and continue to have access to your admin console, I'd be interested to know that. I am still without a solution but I'll report on what I've done so far. Re-applying Security Update 2007-007 didn't work. Re-applying Combo Update 10.4.10 didn't work. Reinstalling FMS9 didn't work. Uninstalling FMS9 then installing FMS9 didn't work. BTW, my original install was from fms_9.0v1_R1_full_ESD.dmg but when I did the uninstall/install I used fms_9.0
  10. I upgraded a FileMaker Server Advanced from 8 to 9 last week without difficulty. Today, I'm not able to access the admin console remotely or locally on the server. If I try to run the previously downloaded Java applet, it starts but doesn't do anything. Netstat and ipfw show that the connection is being made on port 16000. I'm experiencing no problem with Web Publishing (IWP & PHP), just the admin console. After much digging I finally found an error message in a log file: /Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-master-tomcat/logs/catalina.2007-08-02.log Yesterday I installed Appl
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