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  1. I have 2 product databases. One in Filemaker server 9, and one MySQL Server on my web. They are connected via ODBC and a SSH tunnel. Works great. The web database has approx 3000 products, and the filemaker database 1500 products. Some of these products are the same, ie has the same part number. What I want is the following: In the web product part list, I want to show wich parts are "in stock" in my filemaker system. I use the relation partnumber=partnumber between the 2 databases. Works great. In the filemaker product part list, I want to show wich parts are "in stock" in
  2. I have lets say 200 documents with hand written content. Every document has a bar code (6 digit number). I want to scan these documents and import them into filemaker. I want filemaker to decode the barcode so that I can match it to a certain record in filemaker. OCR software suggestions?
  3. I have a portal showing: Partnumbers, Stockstatus, last invoice date Ok, i've managed to make a filter that let's me toggle between in stock/not in stock (value list), works great. Now, I want a filter giving me the option of showing rows that has been invoiced (has a invoice date) AND is "in stock" or "not in stock". I have a invoice table containing the dates, I have a order_row table containing the partnumbers and I have a parts list table containing the in stock/not in stock data.
  4. My style setup always reverts back to Helvetica, 12pt Orange box fill color very nice, NOT Id like to set Verdana, 10pt, engraved, white box fill as a default for now and ever and ever till the end of the world. HOW?:P
  5. Lets say I have a portal showing invoice numbers and invoice dates. Above this portal I want a popup menu saying: Show invoices: "6-12 months", "0-5 months" etc How can I filter the content within a portal? Another example would be a check-box [ x ] Show items in stock only suggestions?
  6. Is it possible to have different layouts within a couple of tabs like in Filemaker9?
  7. You can make a calculation perhaps What's so bad with exporting and importing again?
  8. Invoice_analysis http://img519.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bild1vo9.png I have a tricky one that I can't seem to figure out how to solve. First: I have a table with invoices and invoice totals Second: I have a table called invoice_analysis where I group say 10 invoices in a shipment, ad a freight total for that shipment, in order to calculate margins etc. Here's the relationship: http://img261.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bild2od0.png Yellow box: Invoice_header contains date, total sum etc it has a relationship with "Inleverans_rader" wich contains the individual i
  9. I have 2 different tables. I want to display a calculated value from table 1 in table 2. I first did this by making the value in table 1 global. Worked OK, but the value did not update correctly. When i made it non stored calculation, I could not show the value because the tables were unrelated. I have nothing to relate between the tables. There is no common denominator or anything. The calculated value in table 1 is a get(TotalRecordCount) calculation that i want to display in table 2. How?
  10. solution found: http://dwaynewright.blogspot.com/2008/07/example-quote-in-my-literal-text.html
  11. I have a calculation that has to output "-marks ie: XML-calc= "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>" This won't work unless I: <?xml version="&"1.0"&" encoding="&"ISO-8859-1"&"?>" everything.. this is VERY annoying. Help anyone?
  12. Hi I need a calculation that finds invoices 6 months or younger connected to a certain customer number and displays the total invoiced for that period. I.e. that calculation will update daily. I'm thinking of something like this: sum of Invoice_ToBePayed where date > today - 6 months but there is no "where" function in filemaker, is it? How can this be solved?
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