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  1. I am having attaching some files via refererence. I was able to successfully attach 3ds Max files via reference before. With a rather large delay. But now filemaker will crash whenever i try to attach a file. Has anyone had any trouble with this before?? Even with other data types? And is there a fix out for the sound file within quicktiem bug on windows???
  2. thanks for the replies. i built my model off the first link. i also didn't fancy the max limit of x number of events per date. I will have to get back to this at a later date though. priorities have changed.
  3. Timesheet Project Entry::Normal Hours Unsorted, =If (Type = "Nomral"; Logged; 0 ) Timesheet Daily::Total Normal.Daily Unstored, from Timesheet Daily.Filtered Sum(Timesheet Project Entry::Normal Hours) Timesheet Weekly::Normal Hours Unsorted, Sum(Timesheet Daily All:: Total Normal Daily) This passes the normal hours up the hierachy to the weekly total normal hours. Thats my calculations. Simple.
  4. I have a calender that is represented via portals to days, with initial row offsets to get the month's correct days. Now within each day may be any number of todo items. these items are represented via a portal. so we have a portal within a portal. i have done portal filtering before. but this is on quite a large scale and i would like to get some input before continuing. below is the layout and below that the realational diagram. as u can see all days have the two todo tasks. which are actually from different days. Thankyou in advance. Brendan
  5. I have a calender layout that i will be using multiple times., for various date related reporting. there are quite a large number of layout elements. i am dublicating the tables and using the relationships to filter in various data to reprot. Anwayt the question is there anyway to change multiple fields to a different table, or am i going to have to go through a click on all of them. a nice export to txt and re-import would be nice. a simple find and replace. it is such a simple task but is going to take a large chunk of time. this is where filemaker fails. i think it has a clunky
  6. i went the refresh button way, it works now but i guess it's not ideal. the example u sent me i have working within mine, it was the next tier down that wasn't flowing. i am using relationships to get what i want. below is my schema maybe this will be more helpful? if not thanks for your help again Brendan
  7. I am looking at rolling out the database i am developing within our business. I am looking at the best way to do this. I have a few questions... *Seat Rental-Has anyone come across this my boss mentioned it as a possiblity. Personally i don't see the benefits. *Pro V Advnaced-I want to use the features within advnaced for development and maintanence. Plus the tooltip/menus. But does this also mean i have to use advanced for all my users seats so they can utilise these features?? Or will pro cover this? *Server options-i am thinking of leaning more towards advnaced as i am the type of
  8. i have a complex set of calculations and relationships to allow me to have a list view of one table with an expanded view of any given record in that table below it on the same layout. It is for timesheets i have tables: X(weekly timesheet) Y1(daily timesheet linked only via id code) Y2(daily timesheet linked via id code & filter for the day. monday, tuesday...etc) X(project/task logs for that given day) this is all working the problem arises when i am falling back through the hierachies and calculations are depending on calculations. 1 flows perfectly to 2 (a sum of
  9. solved it. it seems that GetValue (Get( ScriptParameter) ; 1 ) GetValue (Get( ScriptParameter) ; 2 ) Works, but before I was using left value which returns the carriage return as well. LeftValue (Get( ScriptParameter) ; 1 ) LeftValue (Get( ScriptParameter) ; 2 ) thanks for your help, i need to get advanced asap i think :
  10. i need to pass multiple parameters to a script. i was doin this via word lists. but the word list would cull operators which i had within the parameters. so the next soultion is to pass via vaule lists this is what i am sending ${Jobs (Timesheet Reference)}::Job Number) & "¶" & Timesheet Project Entry::Task Number but when a rip the values out of the list on the other side i still have random characters on the end ie 'the square' : now i assume this is possible or there is other ways to do this. i could do global variables but my coding backgrounds refuses to give in :
  11. thats what i am looking for. though a bit depressing as it seems like its out of my league Time to get some contract work done
  12. I have set up a database for project managment. I would like to have it so that i can have a layout with expandable components representing the jobs/tasks and sub tasks. I initially tried portals withing portals, it semi worked but my research says its not possible this way. Example layout Job + Task + Sub-Task + Sub-Task + Task ... Job ... My Table Layout is as Task table Jobs----Task----SubTask----SubSubTask #SubTask and SubSubTask are instances of the Task table. Has anyone got any ideas how I can go about this?
  13. Here is my question. There are many jobs, and each job has many tasks, which may/may not have many sub-tasks, whcih may/may not have many sub-tasks. disregarding the sub tasks. the tasks have an id(not primary key, i also have a serial). that is used to identify that task within that job. i need to have these task numbers unique within a given job. but duplicates may exist outside of this job. What would be the best way to apply this validation and any ideas ont the sub-task structuring would aslo be helpful. Thankyou Brendan
  14. I would like to get some insight from the community on the power and usability of Filemaker from both a developer and end user. I officially come from a Microsoft background, so I know the scripting language, the interface layout. I am more inclined to use Access over Filemaker but I have heard good things in regards to Filemaker compared to Access. I need to do a couple of 'advanced' tasks. I would like to check if these things are possible through Filemaker. I need to have an automated sync into the database drawing data from MYOB. which i assume is quite possible. I would like t
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