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  1. Is there any way to divide a subsummary by a grandsummary when the breakfield is not local (e.g. in the table on which the layout is based)? For example I have a report with academic years across the top and student majors in the left column. The subsummary is sorted by STUDENTS::majors. The summary fields int his part on the layout are s_yeari which is a summary based on c_yeari, which scores "1" when i="year". The layout has a grand summary part with these fields also. This is all working fine and is returning correct numbers, but I'd like to calculate percentages, but GetSu
  2. I have a table with STUDENTS and I want to set up relationships between some of them. We have a mentoring program and in any particular academic year some students (upperclassmen) will be "Mentors" for new majors "Mentees". There will be new Mentor-Mentee pairs in successive academic years. I want to keep track of this. So, I want a unique identifier for a Mentor-Mentee relationship and I want to keep track of who's the mentor and who's the mentee in each relationship. So it seems like I need a "Mentor-Mentee" Table that has a unique record key, but I'm not sure what kind of foreign key to u
  3. I did figure that out and now it looks great. Thank you.
  4. Yes, that appears to work! Now I have to run searches in the JOIN table, which will ultimately not be a problem, but it's not so intuitive to setup because all the JOIN layout shows is the foreign key for the course, not the course name. And coursename isn't even a field in the JOIN table. Eventually this will all be scripted but right now is there an easier way to lookup the coursename in the COURSE table that the foreign key in the JOIN table. Seems like I need another portal in each JOIN record??
  5. I want to keep track of student enrollment in courses. I have three tables: STUDENT, JOIN, and COURSES. I have a portal in a STUDENT layout so I can see what they've taken. I want to eventually do statistics on the student enrollments to determine when they take certain courses. Currently lines 1-7 of the portal contain Fall Freshmen courses, lines 8-14 contain Spring Freshmen courses, etc. The find function lets me find students who have taken certain courses (say, Chemistry). But the find returns ALL records where any of the portal rows contain Chemistry. What I want to know i
  6. I should add that I've tried the following 1. Insert Text ["Mytext"] 2. The same with a carriage return after the text 3. Set Field [sTUDENTS::cleanout] where the cleanout field contains an entry I set.
  7. I think I have a related problem with my script. It selects the correct row and field in my portal and also selects the correct item in the value list, but then it hangs. If I manually click or hit return then the portal field can be populated, but I really want to have a script that automatically prepopulates the values in the portal with defined values. To provide more information: This is a database to keep track of students and their enrollment in courses. I have the following tables: STUDENTS, JOIN and COURSES. The portal is on a STUDENTS layout. The first column of the portal is a v
  8. Can you post how you pass the contents of the global field into the find command. I can set the global field to have the contents I want, but I can't figure out how to get the find command to search for the contents of the global field. Thanks, -Karen F.
  9. I want to concatenate several value lists, called produce, baking, dairy, etc, into one large list called grocerylist. Is this possible? If so, how? I've already tried to concatenate the fields and that doesn't appear to work.
  10. The simplified scenario: a layout with fields: item, brand, price, unitprice. I would like to write a script whose purpose is to find other records that match the currentitem and then to display only the item, store and unit price on another layout. I want this find to be executed with a button on my original table, so I want the script to know what the active field contents for item are. I am new to filemaker and am going nuts trying to do this very simple thing. How do I pass the active field contents for item into the find function within a script and return the find set???
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