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  1. The new venue is closer to airport - like - right there
  2. ya - they changed the website last night ha. Anyway - see you all in San Diego!
  3. San Diego!!! But the dates seem way long - Aug 5-12? A whole week? That's gonna be way expensive I fear. But hey - San Diego in August - thats better than Florida or Arizona any august week!
  4. Any news yet on 2010? Location and Dates... I hope soon !
  5. Get a Lawyer Get a Lawyer and Get a Lawyer. It's expensive, frustrating and not always the most pleasant experience but in the end it's what you must do. And make sure it's one specializing in Intellectual Property and software. It will cost you a minimum of 5k no doubt but it's worth it in the end.
  6. That's an excellent podcast - I was at that roundtable and it was very interesting. We changed our pricing policy last year from hourly to fee based - One Fee for the entire project. This has made bidding and sales so much easier and we've seen a 35% increase in business. The key here is writing a clear project definition and make sure the client understands it. We also sub contract out the same way. If we have a project that gets parceled out to subcontractors - they get paid for the result - not the time. We decide the fee up front of course. We have found more resistan
  7. Hmm. I find that interesting. One of our solutions is running with extensive processing of 3-5 million records without any problems. It's an all mac shop. But not every tool fits the job - such is the way of IT.
  8. San Francisco is great for restaurants... There are so many available... What kind of food are you interested in?
  9. And congrats to one of our own - Brian Currell for winning the rock band contest with his band.
  10. I don't think I'm breaking any super secret confidential agreement to pass along they announced at the final session DevCon 09 will be in San Francisco! Finally - no 110 degree humid thunderstorms, scorpions big cockroaches etc etc etc! If we start planning now - we can get some great get togethers and stuff going for next year. I volunteer to help out on this end since we're so close to home. I'd like to see alot of the independent developer companies band together to host something fun. Anyway - Besides next year - what did y'all think of this year?
  11. hahah john that's cool! I'll buy mine - it's a tax deduction! and quite honestly - for what we're paying to attend - you should wear whatever you like! We leave tomorrow to get a head start on the pool so anyone who comes early - come join us!
  12. I'd like to organize something for Saturday night if anyone is interested. Maybe a Get together in the lounge/bar (if there is one - ive never been to this hotel - im assuming there's something convenient).
  13. haha - what a dork I am - I guess I should have known these already existed! Ill order some this week. Everyone going to devcon on this forum should wear the shirt - maybe we can convince a nice vendor to buy everyone a drink who has a shirt on!
  14. "fm dork" Ha ha - I like that - We should all get shirts with that on them to identify ourselves from here iMark - Finding your place in the "fm universe" as you put it is one of the greatest benefits of devcon in my opinion. Even my small company on the fringe here of the bay area sometimes feels pretty isolated and we're only 80 miles from FileMaker corporate headquarters. Rest assured you will leave devcon with a lot higher comfort level that yes, you are not alone!
  15. Yeah - i really enjoyed meeting some of you (heya mr vodka - I do know where you'll be!) last year. This will be year 3 for me and my business partner - we feel we get an awful lot out of Devcon. There are two main events we attend every year for the week - DevCon and MacWorld and both are worth every penny to us. We're independent developers so that's our perspective. But the advice Mr Vodka gives is good advice. Of course I might add some of the best connections and friends are made in the lazy river after dinner ! Rich
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