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  1. I am in the process of upgrading my FMS 9.03 to FMS 11. Here's my problem: I upgraded our OS from Tiger Server to Snow Leopard Server 10.6.8. Ever since I did the upgrade, I've been unable to launch the FMS9 application. I'm running Java 6, which I am betting is my problem. I tried to download Java 5, but I get an error that it's no longer supported. I would like to A. Review the scripts I have running in 9.03 to make sure I transfer them over correctly, B. Stop the Database, then C. Upgrade to FMS11. Then in a few months upgrade to FMS12, but first things first. How should I proceed
  2. Hi All! We're using FM 9 and would like to add a barcode scanning function to our current system. We need to have a thermal printer for tiny little barcode tags, can anyone recommend one that will work with Filemaker and with OSX? Thanks!!
  3. Thanks all! I will definitely assign our host computer a static IP.
  4. Thanks for your reply Tori! We only will ever have one server and one location for all the files (we're a small, single location business). So if I keep the external references to: "file:customers" is Filemaker server and all the desktops smart enough to think that this is always the customers.fp7 file in the FilemakerServer/Data/Databases folder that is hosted on our server or do I have to worry about venturing into, say the FilemakerServer/Data/Backups folder for data?
  5. We are using Filemaker 9 Server and Filemaker 9 desktops. The "External Resources" in all 60 of our databases have all contained the following filepaths:"fmnet/xx.xxx.xxx.xxx/filename". I have been having tremendous router trouble on our network, when I change out our router, the computer that hosts the Filemaker files (and filemaker server) IP address changes, causing me to have to manually change the external resources on hundreds of references. I discovered I can do a reference of: "file/filename" and still get the files to open correctly. My question is, do I need to be concerned abo
  6. This is a general question about how filemaker works: Sometimes our database opens a file normally (I can tell because at the top of the database it says the filename, "Customers (djbserver.local)" Other times the filename may have a number after it, "Customers-2 (djbserver.local)." Why does this do this and do I have to be concerned about our staff adding data to the wrong database?? Using FM 9 server and FM 9 desktops. Thank you in advance!
  7. I had to reinstall Filemaker server 9.0 when I forgot the username/password for the admin console. I also had to reinstall OSX Tiger server as well--I really messed it up. Now, everything is working great and has been for the past few months. However, whenever I need to adjust the OS X server admin settings (I added a new printer yesterday) I get the OLD filemaker database IP address from last year AND the one we're using now under local hosts! Better yet, this old "local host" ip address comes and goes, now it's gone. It's phantom presence caused startup issues--what a mess! Remember, m
  8. Sorry for not getting back sooner, but I was able to fix it! I saved a copy of the database as a compacted file then re-uploaded it to our server. Works like a charm!
  9. My File options are set as: When Opening this file: "Perform Script" is checked with the name of the correct script showing. I also don't have any permissions set (that's the way it is for now in all our databases.) Just for fun, I switched the script in Perform script to do a different one that opens another database and it didn't perform that script either!
  10. I have a script that I have set to run when the file is opened, however it won't run! It's a script that updates a date field to show today's date and some other dates that come from another database. Right now, we have to manually run this script. The same script opens and works on every other database but one!
  11. Well, thank goodness it's not me then! I'll keep my eyes open for a fix in the future! Thank you for your help!
  12. Yes, the print options and setups are actual script steps. I also created print subscripts to see if that would work--printcurrentrecord, printenvelope, etc. Regardless if I took the "show dialog" part of either print options or setups script steps, each computer would default to whatever tray or printer it printed last--and each computer is different. One computer that printed last to tray 2 would print any print script to that tray--regardless of what the script says, one that printed last to tray 3 would print any print script to tray 3 and so on.
  13. By "grabs files from the" server, I mean I created a database with a script that opens on startup of every computer-- it's only function is to open a set of filemaker databases remotely from the server. It's the way we've always run our filemaker network (I inherited this system). We're a retail environment and every morning the computers are scheduled to start up and Filemaker is on the screens they use.
  14. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm trying to figure out a problem with our databases: We have all our computers automatically start and run a script which grabs files from the server. They all open the same database, but a message pops up that says, "Record is being modified by another user." This message only appears on maybe the second or third screens that open (we have them staggered for their autostart). You have the option to click "OK", then you can click through and everything seems to work alright. What can I do to make this message go away? There are NO portal rows on the p
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