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  1. So I have a database that's being shared by FM server 9 and it's worked for awhile now. All of a sudden the other computers in the office can't open it. When they go to Open Remote they see the host computer in the left hand box but not the database file in the right hand box when they click on the host. What's going on? I checked the server software and all systems were normal, but one thing seemed very strange to me under one section it said "Filemaker server permits 0 simultaneous Filemaker Pro connections." Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a container field with contact photos and I want to be able to restrict the size of the photos being added to less than 150k. Is there a native way to do this? Obviously the solution would prevent excess file sizes and speed issues.
  3. Hi, I have a basic find script that has the basic responses if no data was entered, or 1 record was found = go to form layout, or > 1 record was found = go to list layout. I was wondering if it was possible to have the button when clicked for a second time during the find script adds a new request. It seems simple but I can't get it to work. It just resets the find script when I push on the button again.
  4. First of all, I want to thank everyone on this site. Everyone is so helpful and quick to respond. So I have a database that keeps track of an exchange program of American and French students, that are exchanged between their home universities. I'd like a layout (almost like a student directory printout) that has French students on the left and American students on the right, sorted by which American University they're going to and coming from respectively. It seems impossible because we'd have to create a list layout with different data from two tables. Is this at al
  5. Hello everyone, This is a bit far fetched I know but I thought I'd throw out the idea to see if it's been done before. My thought is to have some sort of script/applescript that allows you to click on a send email button and instead of creating a new email every time, it adds to an existing blank email. So I could basically just search for the people I want to send the email to, the first click would create a new email but the send (depending on a selected option maybe?) would add the address to the previously created email in the To: field.
  6. Thanks for the starter. This is what I came up with. Now I just have to integrate it into my solution. It basically comes down to a very complex tree and detailed scripting. List_Test.fp7.zip
  7. Can anybody point me to a solution where there is a layout with several portals across (3-4) and with each click moving from left to right the next portal fills with the options related to the first. Basically, I would like to implement something like this as a user-friendly way to create reports or lists with the search criteria laid out for the user to select. Ideally, the first portal would be where the data comes from like Institutions, Students, Courses, Budgets, etc. Then each sequential portal would have the options relative to the original table. So my thoughts la
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a sample contract I could get ideas from. I need to write one up and since this is my first, I don't really know where to start. It's a project that has a global price and is not hourly based. Thanks!
  9. I'm trying to make an "isDeletable_Boolean" calculation field and I can't quite wrap my head around it. I want to make sure that if the Institution_ID is used anywhere else in the database (which could be in students, courses, contacts, professors, etc.) you cannot delete the institution. I've done this before but it has usually been much simple with just one referenced field using If ( Count (student::constant) > 0 ; 0 ; 1 ). But now I need to check in many different places. Thanks for any help. UPDATE: Well, I solved it but my solution is definitely not very simpl
  10. Does anyone know about an applescript that can automatically open a remote database. It seems like something that should be available instead of having to open FM, go to Open Remote, click on the Host, click on the database, etc. Anybody up for a challenge? I don't know applescript well enough.
  11. I have a very weird issue where when I export a layout as a PDF on some computers the resulting file is 3.68 MB (too big) and on other computers it is a more reasonable size of 580 k. This isn't a Mac/PC issue because it's small on my mac, but big on another in the office, and big on the PC. Any thoughts? Would it make a difference between 8.5 and 9?
  12. Hello, I have a database that is deployed with Filemaker Server and I want to actually go back in and add some global fields to a preference panel so that the user can change their address and logo and it will show through the solution. I can add the global fields when I'm working on the solution remotely but they just save as local globals and do not affect other users. My question: Do I have to go into the Filemaker Server/Data/Databases/ file unlock that file, open it directly, in order for my global fields to be considered original? Thanks!
  13. Haha, I appreciate you pointing that out, but my job is sooooooooo low key that I don't think that would be a problem at all. I could even tell my boss flat-out that I'm going to adapt what I built for them for another program and they would be okay with it. So that still leaves me with the pricing question.
  14. I'm an in-house developer for a university exchange program and working for them I built a database that would keep track of our students, courses they take, professors, and can create transcripts as well as other documents. Recently I met someone who works for a similar program and I showed him the database I created and he thought that his program would love one as well. So I did a project proposal based on an hourly fee and starting from scratch from what they need specifically. They have since said that it would be too expensive and proposed that I modify the database (since it's
  15. Thank you for your help. That does seem to be the solution, to make the field the button and have it pause indefinitely. I succeeded by doing that, however, with almost every possible combination of the behavior of the field I cannot get the return key to resume the script. What happens is that when I hit return it enters a carriage return (then I change the behavior), or it selects the entire contents of the field. It does, however, work to hit the enter key instead of the return key to continue the rest of the script. Do you have any ideas? I've tried added a script step so that af
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