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  1. I haven't used the Let command before. Would I just enter what you posted into the Calc definition for the LastName field?
  2. thanks--stupid question, though...where does the Let function go in the Calc for the lastname field?
  3. Thanks-is there an easier way using Position and one of the Word functions?
  4. I have a field named FullName from which I need to extract the last name into a separate field. I used the Calculatoin in the manual to do this when the field used the format of "FIrstName LastName" but we had to change the field to display "First Last, Title." Can anyone help with a Calc to do this? A comma always follows the last name. i.e., John Smith, MD --> Smith Thanks!
  5. thanks for the assistance! Would mind explaining the Breaker field? I'm afraid I don't understand the formula behind it.
  6. I totally agree--unfortunately the eval form was created before I got involved
  7. I am setting up a new database for tracking lecture evaluations. Each month, 5 lectures are scored on each evaluation form that is turned in by that month's group of students. (The eval form lists the 5 lectures and there's a score assigned for each one.) I created a table for evals and a table for lectures. They are related by month. Evals has a fields LECTURE1, LECTURE2, etc. Lectures has the month, speaker and topic. I need to display each speaker's scores for their particular topic. I created a Calc field in Lectures called SCORE that uses Case function to display the score from
  8. I am trying to figure out how to auto-enter a date that's a week later than the previous record & found this to use as an example: http://www.databasepros.com/FMPro?-DB=resources.fp5&-lay=cgi&-format=list.html&-FIND=+&resource_id=DBPros000333 I don't understand the relationship in the file, though. There is only 1 table; how was the "Previous Record" table created? Also, what is the difference between --< and >--< thanks!
  9. Thanks!! That worked--is there a way I can sort the list function output so it's in order of hour (7,8,9...)?
  10. I have a lecture tracking database & I'm trying to figure out if I can send an email that contains data that's displaying in a portal. There are 5 lectures that occur each Thursday. I have a layout that displays the lecture date with a portal that displays the 5 lectures for that date. I'd like to be able to generate an email that has the date, then lists the 5 lectures for that date. Is there any way to do this? Each lecture also displays as an individual record in a different layout--I thought I could generate the email using that layout with a script that first finds the
  11. OK--somehow I got it to do what I want, both in the report and by email. Just took some more trial & error...
  12. Yes--it is a summary field. I came up with a workaround by copying/pasting from the overall average for all speakers onto the letter to the individual speaker.
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