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  1. The Project I am working would like to Archive some of the Customer so in short make the field IsActive = false. The description of this field is: IsActive If IsActive is true, this object is currently enabled for use by QuickBooks. The default value is true. Does the phrase "currently enabled for use by QuickBooks" mean that this field can only be changed in QuickBooks and not script step? Thanks Bruce Herbach
  2. In moving from a development QuickBooks File to a Production, I am ending up with one QuickBooks Customer I can't update. I have confirmed that the QuickBooks ID is correct and attempted an updated several times. My script gets the error message below. Update QB Customer| Barbara Ostrom Associates | Result = !!ERROR!!||CODE: 3170||SEVERITY: Error||MESSAGE: There was an error when modifying a Customers list, element "80000F53-1543807579". QuickBooks error message: Cannot merge list elements. Until now, I have not seen this message. Any suggestion as to what to look at and or update to resolve this would be greatly appreciated. Regards Bruce Herbach Herbach Consulting
  3. So just to clarify what has to happen: On the Production server: Set up the development files Install the 360 Deploy.fmp12 file Reset the 360Deploy record Configure 360Deploy.fmp12 for both files Deploy On the Development server: Add the second file Install a copy of the 360 Deploy.dmp12 file from the Production server Update the 360 Deploy development configuration for the correct files. When Running Deploy only update the main file. Does this sound correct? Thanks
  4. I have a current standard setup with a development server in one location and a Production in a second. This is a single file Deploy setup. We are about to go live with a QuickBooks. Once in production, I will have to continue development of the QuickBooks setup. This becomes a two file deployment with the Development server and Production server being the same server. Will this work? What does it do to the licensing setup and Cost? We would be continuing to use the current two server setup most of the time with use of the Single server setup. Depending on the day only one of these would be used on any specific day.
  5. Well this is resolved. Issue was incorrect field name in PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue() function. When the Script to get the edit sequence was first written, all of the QuickBooks tables used the field ListID. TimeSheetQuery uses TxnID. So the error and result were misleading. Instead of throwing an error because I was using the wrong field name it returned an edit sequence for the wrong record. After much hair loss, I finally saw that I was using the wrong field. Updated the script to dynamicly select the correct QuickBooks field and now it works 100% of the time. Hope this misadventure is helpful. Bruce
  6. I'm working on scripting add and modify TimeTracking for a client. The issue is that I am getting a lot of errors that look like: CODE: 3200 SEVERITY: Error MESSAGE: The provided edit sequence "1607267988" is out-of-date. The issue is that the edit sequence is/should be correct. When modifying a record I run a script that gets the current Edit sequence for the record then run the modification/update. This seems to be an issue with TimeTracking. I use the same setup for other areas including Clients and Vendors. With the other areas, this appears to work 100% of the time. I have a section of the script that actually pulls into FileMaker all of the current TimeSheets. When I do this, the edit sequence in the downloaded record matches the value in the error code. Any suggestions on what I can do to resolve this? Thanks Bruce
  7. Geoffrey, Very helpful. Thanks much. I'll look at using the PSQB_Z functions. When I ran the PCQB_SGetXML function, the result did not have the Earnings section I was looking for which of course explained the errors and blank responses I was getting. I understand that this request maybe above and beyond so please understand no is a perfectly acceptable answer. Would you be willing to share an example of your process for building a request? Again thanks very much for all of the help. I'm new to working with Quick Books and have made a fair amount of progress with the project I'm working on. The help and suggestions here have been incredibly helpful Bruce Hebach
  8. Geoffrey, I'll give that a try. Do you have an example file using XML to download all Customers and upload a customer? I have been using the API version. Although new to working with QuickBooks it is very similar to other plugins I have worked with. Thanks very much Bruce Herbach
  9. Geoffrey, I may be looking at the wrong field. When I look at the Employee in QuickBooks, I have a portal on the Payroll Info tab labled Earnings. It has two columns, Item Name and Hourly/Annual Rate. These are the two fields I want. When I tried this with PCQB_RsOpenFirstRelatedRecord, and PCQB_RsOpenNextRelatedRecord, I get an error Code 1000. If I leave out these commands, using PCQB_SgetStatus, when the result is empty it reports Code 0. Thanks very much for your assistance. Bruce Herbach
  10. I'm working on pulling Employee information from Quickbooks into FileMaker. I have most of the query working. I'm trying to get the information for PayrollItemWageRef::FullName and rate. The image below shows the information from SDK. What should the syntax be for PCQB_rsGetFirstFieldValue? Assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bruce Herbach
  11. I have a script that updates a Vendor record in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Contractor 20.0. When I developed the script I believe that they were on version 19. I was doing some work on this yesterday and noticed that the update is now getting a 3190 Error. Meaning: Cannot clear required Element Explanation: Cannot clear the element in the fieldName field. The script either re-writes the current value or updates the value in the VendorMod::Name field. This was working. The script step is PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "Name" ; Vendor::VendorName ). Should I be able to update this field? This is not a show stopper. We can edit the field if required in QuickBooks and update everything else via script.
  12. It looks like QuickBooks has redone their website. https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/qbdesktop/docs/api-reference This may be the new setup.. If so it is really hard to use after using the previous version. For instance I just completed a script ( that works ) that pulls in Time tracking: It starts with: PCQB_RqNew("TimeTrackingQuery" ; "" ) But on the setup they have it looks like they have it listed as " |TimeTrackingQuery > " I think the "|" is a seperator and should be ignored. The ">" is a button to show details. I did end up signing up for a developer account with them. Didn't need one before this. Bruce
  13. I'm stuck as well. I have set up a script to pull in information and really can't proceed with out it..
  14. As of this morning the links to Intuits SDK have failed to connect. I was using it yesterday. http://developer-static.intuit.com/qbSDK-current/Common/newOSR/index.htmls Is there a new link for this?
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