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  1. docaser, It looks like they updated the protocal to use the header label value. I checked and my scripts had the same problem. Try using: EmailReadMessageValue( "return-path" ) Regards Bruce
  2. docaser, I ran into the same issue using Version 3.06 of the plugin. In looking at the header information, the messageID is listed as message-ID. So I tried using EmailReadMessageValue( "message-ID" ) Adding the - into the value to read worked. This is a change from version 2.X of the plug in. In that version the documentation was correct. Regards Bruce
  3. I have FMS 13 setup on a Mac Mini server running OS X Mavericks 10.8.5. I would like enable the firewall. What Apps do I need to add as exceptions so that I can access the FMS console and open the databases from other computers on my LAN? Thanks Bruce Note: This is a brand new Mac Mini and I "assumed" it was running Mavericks. I noticed that the version number for the OS matched my Mac Book Pro running Mountain Lion. So I checked and it is running Mountain Lion. The question is the same, how to enable the Firewall for FMS 13. Thanks Bruce
  4. Hi LaRetta, When FileMaker runs a Consistency check, it doesn't produce a new file, just checks the current one and creates the log file. So it looks like with the new upload process running through FIleMaker Pro (advanced ), runs a consistency check as part of the upload process which creates the recover log. In 12 the consistency check was done by server, so you could look in the server logs for the result. I haven't run into it yet, but if it failed the consistency check, I'm fairly sure you would see an Error and the file would not be uploaded. Bruce
  5. Herbert, How big will this database get? I have setup a server that uses a Pegasus as the backup drive. Actually 1 of 2 back locations. FMS and the databases is on the main drive of Mac. One set of Backups go to the Pegasus. If you are tracking personal information and not attaching lots of scanned documents or pictures, the database should grow fairly slowly. So having the FMS and the database on the main disk would be ok. The main disk in the server is a 500 Gigabit mirrored pair. So there is redundancy in the disk system. Which has saved the data at least once.
  6. My apologies, this may be a bit long. The short question is, is this file damaged? Here is what happened. This morning FileMaker 10 advanced reported that the file I was working on had become corrupt and then crashed. The database itself was being served by FileMaker 11 advanced server. I checked the server logs and the only thing listed was a warning saying that my session had become inactive and had been disconnected. I had the server verify the file. The verify passed. I had the server make a backup of the file and then used the recovery tools in FM 11 advanced to check the file. The consistency check reported 0 bad blocks. I then did a recover on the backup and came up with the following: 2010-06-28 08:50:29.303 -0400 Quotes.fp7 8495 WARNING: problems were detected while recovering the database. The recovered file should NOT be used going forward; copy only the most recent work from it into a backup copy of the original file. 2010-06-28 08:50:29.304 -0400 Quotes.fp7 0 File blocks: scanned and rebuilt 2247 block(s), dropped 0 invalid data block(s) 2010-06-28 08:50:29.304 -0400 Quotes.fp7 0 Schema: scanned fields and tables; some problems were found... 2010-06-28 08:50:29.305 -0400 Quotes.fp7 0 fields created to match record data: 0 2010-06-28 08:50:29.306 -0400 Quotes.fp7 0 field values deleted due to invalid ID or repetition: 0 2010-06-28 08:50:29.306 -0400 Quotes.fp7 0 records deleted due to invalid ID: 0 2010-06-28 08:50:29.307 -0400 Quotes.fp7 0 Structure: scanned; 7 item(s) modified 2010-06-28 08:50:29.308 -0400 Quotes.fp7 0 File size after recovery is 9232384 bytes 2010-06-28 08:50:29.308 -0400 Quotes.fp7 0 *** Completed recovery to 'Quotes Recovered.fp7' In going through the logs, I found a listing for 4 stranded library objects, a Reset table view and a rebuilt group with 9 objects. So after all of this, I took the backup file and opened it locally in FM11 advanced. This opened and FM 11 didn't report any issues. My work from this morning seems to be there. So is the original file on the server ok? Do I need to go back to the last backup. Last thing, I think the cause of the crash was my network connection. My computer was running both wired and wireless at the time. When working at my desk, I connect the network cable so I have a gigibit connection. I forgot to turn the Wifi off. I believe that I saw a forum post a while back that indicated that two connections at the desktop like this could cause problems. I don't know if this is the actual problem to expect. Thanks very much for help with this. Bruce Herbach
  7. Vaughn, Wim, I set the server to the max suggested setting of 800 Mbytes and left the flush cache setting a 1 second. Thanks very much for the suggestions. Bruce
  8. HI, I have a development server running on a Mac Mini. Currently the ram reserved for database cache is set to the default of 64 Mbytes. The server indicates that this values can go up to 800 mbytes on the system. What is the recommended setting for this? What are the advantages to increasing the value? Are there any negatives side effects to setting this to a higher value? If so what are they? Thanks very much. Bruce Herbach
  9. The list is a series of text values based class room names. Here is the list... St. Rose Union RPI Siena MIT NYU The class rooms are named after universities. I have verified that the text and case are correct. I even copied and pasted the entries in to the list. A manual sort of the data seems to result in the same problem. At this point I'll take another look at it in the morning. Thanks for the help. Sculler
  10. Hi, I am working on a script where I want a Custom order sort based on a list of Values. For this I selected the Custom order and set up a value list. Since the list only has 6 entries I typed in the entries. I also tried setting up a table with the values in the desired order but this didn't work either. The issue is that the data doesn't appear to be sorted based on the order of items in the Custom list. So the short question... Is it possible to sort this way and get the desired result? If so how? The sort is based on two values, the first is a classroom name. This is the custom part. The second is a student name. This is a standard Ascending order sort. Thanks very much. Sculler
  11. What is the recommendation on using Exit Script at the end of all scripts. I have found it useful for passing information back to a calling script, but should it be end of a script the script even when there is no data to pass back? Thanks Sculler
  12. Thanks, I think you pointed out the key item. This probably won't have to change but you never know. So do it once and let all of the other fields just pick it up. If it needs to be changed it's much easier to change it on one place and have it show up in a 100 others. Thanks very much. Sculler
  13. Hi, The question is, is it better to add a field to a table that calculates the date for 7 days ago or to just put the calculation in to every field that uses it? Below are the two versions of the same field calculation. In the second version the field Student::cRef_Date_7 does the date calculation. If (Merit Type = "Respect" and Date ≥ (Get(CurrentDate) - 7);1;"") If (Merit Type = "Respect" and Date ≥ Student::cRef_Date_7;1;"") Due to the nature of the database, there will be a number of fields with similar calculations based on the type of merit or demerit. I would like to know which method is best from FM point of view. ie less system calls to get the date and which makes more sense from a programmers point of view ie easier to figure out what is going on a year down the road. Thanks much. Sculler
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