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  1. It looks like QuickBooks has redone their website. https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/qbdesktop/docs/api-reference This may be the new setup.. If so it is really hard to use after using the previous version. For instance I just completed a script ( that works ) that pulls in Time tracking: It starts with: PCQB_RqNew("TimeTrackingQuery" ; "" ) But on the setup they have it looks like they have it listed as " |TimeTrackingQuery > " I think the "|" is a seperator and should be ignored. The ">" is a button to show details. I did end up signing up for a developer account with them. Didn't need one before this. Bruce
  2. I'm stuck as well. I have set up a script to pull in information and really can't proceed with out it..
  3. As of this morning the links to Intuits SDK have failed to connect. I was using it yesterday. http://developer-static.intuit.com/qbSDK-current/Common/newOSR/index.htmls Is there a new link for this?
  4. For the project I'm working on, I want to be able to have FileMaker generate a client invoice based on hours staff have worked. Currently they enter the hours and project into Quick Books directly on the Enter Time/Use Weekly time sheets screen. Then export a spread sheet, tweek it and copy paste into the invoice they send to their client. I would like to be able to use the Customer/Job and date range to pull this information from Quickbooks. So the question is in the QuickBooks SDK, which Query do I use to pull this information? Thanks Bruce
  5. The project I'm working on will be running on the computer with QuickBooks installed. I believe that office staff may have access to the Quickbook data file from other computers in the office where they enter data. FileMaker with the plugin will be running on the quickbooks computer and periodically looping through a set of tables and adding or modifying data in quickbooks. With this in mind, what should the set up be for the QuickBooks connection? Ideally staff will be able to their work while FileMaker is doing it's work. In some cases, staff and FileMaker will be looking at the same information. This will include Customers, Vendors, Vendor bills in others FileMaker will not be touching the tables. This would include Employees and payroll.
  6. I'm still very new to using the Productive Computing QuickBooks Plugin. My client has been using both FileMaker and QuickBooks for a long time. Until now they have been disconnected. I'm finding that for both Customers and Vendors, we have records in both that should match. The issue is that one will have Harry Brown Brothers while the other has Harry Brown Brothers, Inc. I have a scripts that will pull information from QuickBooks based on the FullName field but it only works if there is an exact match. So in this case if Harry Brown Brothers is in FileMaker and I run the script I get an error the QuickBooks can't find the record. So short version of the question is there a character I can put in like "Harry Brown Brothers*" that would return all of the Harry Brown Brothers records in QuickBooks? Thanks Bruce
  7. I'm setting up a script to add a Bill to QuickBooks using the SDK BillAdd. In the script it loops through and adds line items using SDK item from ItemLineAdd. In QuickBooks when I display a bill the client has a field labled Customer:Job You can see it in the attached jpg. I am able to fill in the other fields in the ItemLineAdd and have them display correctly when adding a bill. I don't see any way to to fill in this field from the fields listed in the SDK section for BillAdd/ItemLineAdd. There is a CustomerRef section with fields for ListID and FullName. I am expecting to add one or more PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue steps to the loop section of the script that adds the entries for ItemLineAdd. Help determining the field name/names would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Once I fixed an issue with fields earlier in the OSR this field reverted to it's optional state. I had an issue when trying to set two fields one on each side of the Sales/Or/AndPurchase section. Should have used fields from And section only. The message I was getting when the script tried to set fields on both sides of the OR was that is was expecting ExternalGUID. As stated at the top, I'm new to working with the plugin and interpreting the OSR. That stated, I now have the script working and correctly adding ItemNonInventoryAdd items. If I enable the line: set variable[ $$Result; Value: PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "ExternalGUID" ; Rate_mat::ID ) ] I still get the error in the original post. The field Rate_mat::ID is a standard FileMaker UUID and should match the shown regular expression. Thanks for your help
  9. Thanks. It appears that the a FileMaker UUID should work, but when using the primary key/uuid value I still get the error message. For the moment this is not a show stopper. Current data in QuickBooks does not have a value in this field and we can get by with out it.
  10. I'm new to working with the Productive Computing QuickBooks Connector. I'm trying to add a ItemNonInventoryAdd item. It appears that when pushing this item to QuickBooks from FileMaker (18) an ExternalGUID field is required. Current records in QuickBooks, created in QuickBooks this field is empty. The field fails validation and gives me the following message: SEVERITY: failed validation MESSAGE: Error at ExternalGUID Reason: '123456789abc' violates pattern constraint of '0|(\{[0-9a-fA-F]{8}(\-([0-9a-fA-F]{4})){3}\-[0-9a-fA-F]{12}\})'. Parsing regular expressions is not my strong suit. I have tried a number of different values for this field. Using 0 worked once. Using it a second time gave the error of the value being in use. Can someone show me a few examples of what an externalGUID should look like? I did try using the FileMaker Record UUID, and this produced the same error. Greatly appreciate help with this.
  11. docaser, It looks like they updated the protocal to use the header label value. I checked and my scripts had the same problem. Try using: EmailReadMessageValue( "return-path" ) Regards Bruce
  12. docaser, I ran into the same issue using Version 3.06 of the plugin. In looking at the header information, the messageID is listed as message-ID. So I tried using EmailReadMessageValue( "message-ID" ) Adding the - into the value to read worked. This is a change from version 2.X of the plug in. In that version the documentation was correct. Regards Bruce
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