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  1. Thanks for your reply. I am afraid I don't know too much about modifying the SQL database so our preference would be to "Update" on the local table independent of the SQL database. I was hoping for an easy 'copy all' script that would just mirror the SQL table and keep all those records local. Does that make any sense? Thanks for any other suggestions. -DG
  2. Greetings All. We have two exact tables; one receives live SQL data via ODBC the other we would like to use as a backup table of that same data. As records are deleted from the SQL db, we need a way to copy those records exactly field by field to the local table. Best suggestions on how to do this? This is a great resource... Thank You. -DGEE
  3. Thanks John. I tried that solution, but on importing the SQL file, it only displays the one field in the import window. I am not sure what's going on there... But having surfed around a bit, I wonder if I may be coming at this from the wrong side -- A bigger issue is that we remove older files from the SQL db on a regular basis, but want a means to keep them in our local db for future reference. I have two exact same table layouts & fields. One layout is fed from the mySQL database in real time...I would like to simply copy all records from that table layout to the other.
  4. Greetings. I've been going through some FM9 Pro tutorials on lynda.com and have been able to setup a ODBC system DSN with Actual Technologies plug-in that connects to our mySQL database, but it's connecting in real time (which is very cool), but the solution needs to 'import' those live records so that if any from the mySQL database are deleted, I still have that record locally. When I try to set up a USER DSN FM9 Pro doesn't see that external ODBC connection. Can I configure a System DSN to import the records? I'm using OS X.4 Thanks in advance.
  5. I have been trying to add a portal with a self-join relationship to our primary SUPPLIERS table/layout and can't get the function correct. Here's what I have: 1. Added new SUPPLIER table occurrence "SUPPLIERS_Categories" 2. relationship based on; SUPPLIERS > _kp_suppliers_id = SUPPLIERS_Categories > _kp_suppliers_id AND SUPPLIERS > category1 = SUPPLIERS_Categories > category1 3. created a new portal "Category_Portal" in the SUPPLIERS layout with all the portal category fields from "SUPPLIERS_Categories" table reference. I have added a new scripted button:
  6. I got that to work, thank you for your help. I had originally set the portal to first row and it was not adding, but overwriting records. Moving it to last worked, and to add a date I added a timestamp field before the related 'note' field. Although not elegant, it seems to be working. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the additional post. I have been trying for a day now, and still can't wrap my head around it. If you wouldn't mind... I am trying to: From a customer record, add a new note into the note field in the notes table. On that same customer record should be this notes portal that displays all previous notes for this customer. As I tab out of the new note, it is added to the top of the list in the portal. I added the above fields to the notes table you suggested. I have set the relationship as: customer table: _kp_customer_id linked to: notes table: _kf_customer_id I
  8. Thanks for the reply. A quick follow-up to that... I can only think of the one "notes" field that would go into such a table, so how would each customers record add to and then display that field? Wouldn't the portal want to display all the entries in the table into every record's portal? Kinda confused... thanks for your time.
  9. Let me first apologize if this post is in the wrong category. I am trying to figure out how to include a notes field that uses a button to insert the current date and places the cursor next to it ready to go. This part I can figure out... What I can't figure out, is how to create this notes field as a running entry with multiple, dated notes with new entries above the last entry. Every time I insert a current date it overwrites the previous note / field contents. Should this be a repeating field, a portal, or something else? Your assistance is greatly appreciated, thanks. -Dge
  10. Hi Fenton, just a quick note to say thanks for your help. Another forum member has answered the above, I do appreciate your time and assistance. -Derek
  11. Thanks Fenton... I took a look and it does seem to offer the goods, but keep us posted on your's. We have continued our research and playing around with the 30 day trial and the newly released Business Productivity Kit and I think it will take a little work, but I like what I see. I am not a programmer, but with a little tenacity, this forum group and maybe some lynda.com I think we can get it going. One other question for you, using the Productivity kit as a starting point seems like a no-brainer... however the module windows all have : "Business Productivity Solutions - Contacts"
  12. Thanks Fenton. However with more thought and research I am not sure the build process vs. what we are needing to do is worth it. We get a large amount of new customers each day through 'sample' product downloads that come to us via email, with just an e-address and their name. Ideally, opening that email should create a new customer file and then attach itself to that file... and each subsequent e-communication both in and out should do the same. In all of our new business, the email address is the primary field of contact. I guess we are looking to push FM to be more of a all-in-on
  13. Fenton, thanks for your reply. I do like your last suggestion best, as it appears to be closest to our goal. We are tossing Goldmine CRM out the door, but need an option to archive all of our customers email directly to their file - this appears to do that without worrying about all of the spam. Now as a newbie, we'll need to figure out how to do that.... Thanks.
  14. Greetings... a quick question from a new developer. Is there a way to attach incoming email to a specific contacts record? Thanks, -Dgee
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