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  1. Sorry for the no-show, been busy on other projects. Thanks for the help so far, but could one of you explain how to merge all these files into one as I believe it will simplify what i'm trying to achieve. I know that layouts cannot be merged (but can be copied into the new file) but the client seems intent on changing them all anyway and discarded non-used ones.
  2. That's the point, it doesn't work as the client wants. It may well put in the correct info but they want it to finish on the invoice screen, not to have to go back a few steps and then manually find the invoice to print it out.
  3. Thanks guys. The misunderstanding is coming from my heavy SQL background and i've inherited this FM setup, which started as FM5, then went to FM8, then FM9 and now onto FM11 So: FM files = SQL databases FM tables = SQL tables FM fields = SQL table fields FM layout = ?? The side of the total files is over 1GB so uploading is not an option. Basically, this is the structure: Contact.fp7 (customer details) Dashboard.fp7 ('home' page, with buttons to the other files) Inventory.fp7 (product details) InvoiceList.fp7 (existing invoices) PO.fp7 (purchase orde
  4. I'm sorry but that cannot be the solution. What if I had 100 or even 1000 tables that needed the same layout from file x.fp7. Would I need a 100 or 1000 copies of the same layout in each table? What happens if I make 1 change; i've got to repeat it so many times? That is a very un-scalable way of doing things.
  5. Oh I forgot to add that the ability of closing down Server before copying from laptop to share is not possible, as the users don't have the expertise to do this, and I wouldn't want to give them RDP access to the server anyway!
  6. Hiya, We use peer to peer sharing between FMP11/Win7 PCs. The actual files are stored on a server share for backup purposes. The 'main' PC opens the files directly from this share with sharing turned on. Other clients open using the Remote option. The causes the warning about sharing from remote locations (server shares) may cause performance issues. Is there anyway to stop this warning? Alternatively if there is a way to acheive the following using Server that would be great: 1) Ability to copy the files from the share to a laptop for offline use 2) When the laptop
  7. Hiya, FMP11/Win7. We have 8 tables (.fp7 files) and each have their own layouts. A script in one of the tables needs to use a layout (using the Go to Layout command) from another table. Is it possible to share layouts (or import like you can do scripts) between different tables. If this is the wrong way of doing things, what is the correct way? Thanks
  8. Hiya Currently have 5 users using FMP 9. The main user opens the databases with sharing first (directly from a file share), whith the data stored on a central server. Then the subsequent users open the databses using the Open Remote option. As the first user is opening the files directly, they get the "xxx is a shared file. Opening a shared file directly from a remote volume will reduce performance and can affect reliability". Is it possible to disable this message? The reason for doing it this way is the main user travels with a laptop and Offline Files synchronizes the ch
  9. No no no!! That is the worst spec PC. The Server is a Core 2 Duo E6600 with 2 GB RAM and 2x 160GB SATA in RAID1, serving 3 clients. Can the references not be sorted out after conversion as the client has been using the new one for over a month now, so going back to fp5 files is not an option.
  10. Hi, Ever since upgrading to FileMaker Server 9 and Pro 9, performance is very slow on some larger databases. Lowest spec PC here is an Athlon 3400+ with 512MB RAM. Network is 100MB Full Duplex with 2-3 clients at any one time. The databases (7 in total) were upgraded from v5, and read somewhere about old file/ip references - How do I check these? Before the upgrade, the files were hosted on a client pc, as opposed to a dedicated server. Thanks/...
  11. Hi, Does FM Server 9/Pro 9 have an Offline Files feature that allows you to open remote databases when disconnected from the network. I have set this up for Windows shares in Vista and not having FM do the same is the only thing stopping me from having a complete offline solution. Thanks/...
  12. OK, managed to get the file converted, but it keeps prompting for a username and password. Can I remove this from the file ?
  13. Hi, I have a Contact.fp5 file that I need to convert into FileMaker 9 Pro. The file opens ok and works in FM5, but it won't open/convert in FM9. The error message when opening in FM9 is: Contact.fp5 was not created by FileMaker or is severely damaged and cannot be opened. Yet as above, it opens and works ok in FM5. I get the same error message when trying to recover this file in FM5. So, the only option I have left is exporting the records, but this file has scripts and layouts that NEED to be carried across. Is there any way I can get these scripts/layouts exported wi
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