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  1. Hello! I have come across a very unique situation. We are hosting a multi-user solution with about 50 concurrent users on FMS16 with all clients using FMP16; everything is updated and patched. I have one client that is having issues with drop-down fields on 2 different layouts, each different fields. The user can not click into one of the drop-down fields on either layout to make any changes to that field but can edit any other field or dropdown on the layout. Everything else on the layout works fine just the one drop-down field. The user had a Full Access account so security shou
  2. Anyone, I have setup a FMP 12 advance server on windows using IIS7. Currently been using CWP, along with FM-Go 12 and several clients local and VPN. No problems with any connections using these technologies. I can access our DBs from the Internet with CWP and GO with no problems and our clients with VPN. Now we are wanting to use IWP with this. Everything shows up great on the server as turned on. We put in the url of the domain we get nothing from the web. When we put in the direct IP of the server it works from inside our network. We have turned off all the firewalls thinking it w
  3. Thank you all for your help so far. We are using FM Go 11. A script brings the user to the layout that is just a UI container field. If nothing is in the field (no photo) the script put you into the field and waits for the user to input a photo. Otherwise it stops you there to view the image. When you enter the field, by script of by tapping you get a contextual menu. This menu is confusing some users as it asks you to either add a signature (the confusing part), add an image, or take a picture. The Add A Signature does not need to be there and the users would like it removed since t
  4. Hello all, I have been given a FM-go database to update. I've been working with FileMaker for many years but this is my first run with FM-Go I'm not sure if this is possible. The client stores a picture in a container field. When they click, tab or touch the field they get a contextual Menu. It asks to choose an image from a library, take a photo or get a signature. I need to remove the option to get a signature as this is confusing some of the users. Is there any way to control this menu by changing what it says and does? Also is there any documentation on how to develop FM-Go apps
  5. Live life, live filemaker

  6. Yes, I remember that, thanks. I checked to make sure that FMP would clear the S10 folder and it does on close. It just seems to get lost when it reports where and what the folder should be. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hey all, We are using FMP 9 - 11 Clients all on windows, it doesn't matter if the solution is run from a server or run from the local system. When I use Get (Temporary Path) I am expecting to get something similar to this " /C:/Users/ronc/AppData/Local/Temp/S10/ " it should end with Temp/S10. What I am getting is sometimes this " /C:/Users/ronc/AppData/Local/Temp/S10.1/ " or " /C:/Users/ronc/AppData/Local/Temp/S10/S10.1 " on different systems and clients. I can use Get (Temporary Path) in one script and it works fine, in another it doesn't, or go back and run the first sc
  8. We have a FMP 10 solution that talks to our shipping software via ODBC. We are looking to upgrade to FMP 11 but have heard that they are using a new ODBC driver. What we want to know is has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) during the upgrade with the old drivers. We don't want to change the old drivers unless we just have to. For us to change the drivers would be a major pain on the shipping software side. Thanks for any input. Ron
  9. OS: Mac OS X.6 FMPA 11 When I try to make a runtime I get an error that the "info.plist" file is locked. This stops the creation till I click ok and it finishes the creation of the project. The runtime will not work. If I take the same original file and try making a runtime in FMPA 10 it works without any problems. There is nothing special about the original file, it is just a template from FMP that was created and a few test records were added. The FMPA 11 created runtime has no .plist file in it but the FMPA 10 does. If I copy that file over to the FMPA11 runtime it will
  10. Using FMPS8 on a MAC server. I have no physical access to this system other then Mac Remote Desktop. Its located in another building completely. All clients are using FMP8 on MACs and can access the server fine, including myself using FMP8. Installed FMP8.5 Advance on my Mac only. I now can't connect or even see the server using FMP8.5 Advance. I downloaded and installed all updates for the FMP8.5 Advance client. FMP8.5A has not connectivity at all to the server. I still have FMP8 installed and it connects to the server and files fine. I have no access issues using FMP8
  11. You know it's the little things that get you every time. Cross platform is nice but sometimes bites you in the butt. Thanks for the help
  12. Using FMP 8 on a Mac. When I run a report it looks good in preview mode in FMP but when it prints it only prints the first record and the header, nothing else. Doesn't matter if I send it to a printer, a PDF or just print preview. Its the same. All my layouts are good ( I even rebuilt them from scratch just in case). Any ideas or suggestions?
  13. thanks for the help but unfortunately I already have that. I'm looking for something fresh and new.
  14. ok... My ideas have dried up and I need some new ones. Anyone know where I can go to get some fresh idea on layout design. Mine are looking old. I need to learn some fresh ideas. Any hints or ideas would be great.
  15. Unfortunately this is not quite what I am looking for. Its very similar. What I am wanting to do is show one customer record with a Tab element in the middle of the layout. Tabs would be 'Account Info', 'Invoice Info', and 'Notes'. On the 'Invoice' tab, left side has list (portal) of all related invoices to that customer. Right side would then have a preview of the invoice based on the invoice chosen from the list. My problem is that when the invoice is chosen it shows the invoice info fine on the right side. It WON'T show any information in the lineitem portal related to the
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