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  1. I have applied for citizenship just recently only. Please do not report me to the INS or deport me or banish me from your world. I am no terrorist or illegal immigrant. Just kidding.. But X-tremely grateful for all the great advice. My membership at fmforums was well worth the ride. I think I will get better help from the much more "common VB programmers" and Access programmers with lot more forums to choose from. Happy filemaking Yo'll !
  2. Great analogy S*en dyhr. "Rasing dogs for dog fights.." Sorry to say this but your circumlocutious posts are useless as usual. It seems you can never give a direct answer to a simple question. Take a look at this.. Your posts looked like they were tranlated from some foriegn language to English and something was lost in the translation. Either that or you are way too brilliant than Stephen Hawkings in your level of thinking trying to explain FMP using Quantum Physics. Like you said, I wasn't expecting a shotgun answer for a simple question like what's the advantage of
  3. @ GenX If what you are saying is right, then am not sure why filemaker calls itself an easy database to use. It takes more than 2 hours to create even a primitive database in Filemaker? We can do scripts and imports on MySQL using CLI but that still wouldnt make it an easy and user friendly database. The whole concept of user friendliness on any OS starts with what they call "drag and drop simplicity". May be you should give Access a try before you even start bragging about your "Developer Skills". Niche Market ?? Sounds more like techno jargon from an "Average Developer". Filema
  4. TeraBytes's of Data! Thats awesome. But how does a user get that much data into a database with a limited interface to enter data with minimum clicking and typing. If Terabytes and Terabytes of data are the strong points of a mac friendly database, wouldn't I be better off using InnoDB tables in MySQL, PHP and Javascript than FMP, PHP and Javascript? Besides MySQL is free and hosting is cheaper than FMP? + I think a VB or C# programmer is much easier to find than an FMP or Obj-C programmer anywhere in the world. Adopting a new technology for the benefit of its user base
  5. Have been trying to learn FMP since it is the only "Userfriendly" db on the Mac. I want to develop a solution for my office integrating my word processor, spreadsheet and database. (I did make a prototype db to work in my office though it looks it might be better if I switch to Word, Excel, Acess VB.NET). All it matters to me is to get my work done in the most efficient way and still be able to easily customise the solution. Every time we noobies ask a question like "How do we get this functionality in FMP?.. General Patton said from FMP5.5 to FMP9: "Nothing is Impossible in FMP" with [color:
  6. Just curious if FMP is simplifying (graphically) the concept of SQL Queries using TO's and Relationship graphs? For example - If I have 2 tables in a database - Customers and Invoices, Would creating a TO based on Customers be the equivalent of saying in SQL SELECT * FROM Customers And making a connection between Customers and Invoices in Relationship graph would be the equivalent of the rest of the SQL statements like SELECT * FROM CustomersTable, InvoicesTable WHERE CustomersTable.CustID = InvoicesTable.CustID AND CustomersTable.DateOfCreation ≥ "1/2/2006"
  7. Thanks everyone. And thanks Fenton for FM101 tutorials @ your website. tis good info for noobies like us. Please update 'em for >FMP7 ? :)
  8. If the code were tell app "Finder" open $filepath end tell How should I have "Stringified" the above script. In otherwords how do I add the return keys at the end of each line. Use the inverted P character?
  9. Thanks. "tell app "Finder" to open ("" & $FilePath &"") as alias"
  10. Am trying to use the filepath of a file stored in a field (Not the POSIX Path) to open the file using applescript. I have the following script steps Set Variable [$FilePath; Value: DocumentLibrary::File Path] How can I use this variable $FilePath in a "Perform Applescript" Script step?
  11. If I copy and paste into a container field, it shows a picture. Can I some how get this functionality that if I insert a file such as a pdf, the field displays a custom picture but double clicking will either open the containing file OR show the export dialog.
  12. Got it PaddedText() function @ briandunning.com
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