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  1. thank you very much. I tried this and it solved the problem! cheers
  2. Hello I am working on a customization and have following issue: the Date Format is the US format (Month/Day/Year) and I need it to be the swiss/european format (day.month.year) The OS settings are correct, the FileMaker received the info to use the system settings, but there must be something in the file itself. Any help on that? Thank you for any input Cheers
  3. silly me! searched the hard path, the easy one brought the solution… thank you so much!
  4. Hello I am building a solution in german language, customizing StartingPoint 4. For Maps, a contact can be Active (Green) or Inactive (Red). In german the status is called Aktiv or Inaktiv. How can I define Aktiv=Active for Google Maps? Thank you for any help, have a brilliant day!
  5. Hi fellow FileMaker fans I had to solve the issue with syncing FileMaker Tables, and solved it. Following issues are important: There are a few cases which have to be handled: server newer than client, client newer than server, record not present on server, record not present on client, record deleted on client, both client and server have updated versions. Especially the last two need a clear rule, for me it was: deleting ist marking as deleted and version conflicts have to be solved when detected. Furthermore the client table has no link whatsoever with a remote table, as a c
  6. Every week (title) there are occurrences of case numbers (hit). Those records might be deleted with the time, and we need to keep record of the situation at a given (past) date. That's why I plan to create a new table. Is my description clear, or should I be more concrete? Thank you for your advices.
  7. thank you - I'm not sure it's the best way to go as it should create a history - I will give it a try
  8. sorry for not being clear... yes, a table, with title (the number), a timestamp & some other info I discard for that need. In fact, all I need is the count of numbers in the found set.
  9. there is the value which defines the "title" and the hits for that title, for instance hit for 104, followed by hit for 220, followed by hit for 104, hit for 201, and so on...
  10. Hi! I've got a list with among other data a number. I want to save in a field the count of those numbers, for instance on today's run we've got two counts of 104, seven of 201, 13 of 220, and so on (somewhere like ten different values every day). I has to be saved every night for a history. It will run as nightly scripts on a FM Server 13. What is the best solution for this? Sort Data, count the occurrences and feed a repeated field is the one I have in mind. Is this old fashioned or the way to go? Thank you for your comments on this.
  11. Hello A customer of mine runs a mainly Windows environment. They have troubles with Java to log in the admin console. The Windows (Server and clients) supporter has not the time to update the server and the clients at the moment (the licences are available). He thinks, updating the server in a first time and run the solution with FileMaker Pro 11 clients could do the trick for the moment. Will that work? Should I ask him to give updating to 11v5 Server one more chance? Thank you for your feedback
  12. Hi LaRetta, Thank you for your hints! if I make it that way, I cannot use the Database when the VPN is open - though it makes a normal start time of the database true. there is a reference in the current file - I cannot get rid of it (at least not without big changes) I made this - but how can I take the value of a GLOBAL (saved in the external database as $$SAMPLEGLOBAL) over to the other file? Thank you so much for your much valued help Hi Rick Whitelaw, You are right, if I open the VPN it is, if not it's... not. You don't think I can open
  13. Hello I have a relation on a file located on a FMServer, which is or is not in the network. If it's not, I have a long delay on startup. There is no field from the related database on the start layout. The external data source is defined in File -> Manage -> External Data Source as fmnet:/ip.add.re.ss/filename.fmp12. What would be the best practice to solve that problem? Best regards and thank you for your advice
  14. Hello Is there a way to check if a given IP Address can be reached? I'd need it to be before I switch layout... Thank you for your advice
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