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  1. I have a table of photographs with timestamps. I need to mark a single record that is in each group (anyone will do for now). The group is defined as a set of records that has a sequential sequence, where each neighbouring record(by time) is less than 5 seconds apart. i.e. The camera creates bracketed image groups at different exposures and angles every 4 seconds, using a mechanical automatic panoramic device (each photograph combines together later create a single HDRI panoramic image). When viewing a set of images in fm, i only want to see a single image from this group.
  2. thanks for the afp: tip. I think we are using nfs: so it should be ok, but will check.
  3. Thanks for your suggestions. I think we will go with a vpn solution. (its free and we all ready have the system in place to mount/access all hosts/volumes from our remote laptops). If we were referencing actual full size image-files in fm then superC might be a good idea, but as all images are thumbnails created from various wierd no qt formats via command-line/applescript routines(sane-scanner/exif-tool/sips/qt/ffmpeg). SuperC an unnecessary complication. Wish filemaker natively allowed access to http referenced container images in a client, seeing as it can all ready serve containe
  4. How can i view referenced container files in a filemaker client, if i don't have access to the container files via Finder(in osx) or the file browser(in win). idea? Can I put theses container files in the FMserver's web file folder and then use a url in filemaker container field as reference to this url?
  5. 100 kudos points to you and your : Horizontal and Vertical Photo Browser solution!!! thanks.
  6. Hi.. How can i view/download container fields in fmClient via remote connection to server over fmnet:/ (no mounted network path, as the server is on the other side of the world to the clients).. I have read that this is possible via client as XML/WEB? Is it possible via fm client? Solutions anyone? My database is starting to balloon with embedded containers. All media is added from remote locations and is now x3000+ jpeg width=350 thumbnails & x1000+ (simple single sheet ).xls/.doc/.txt files with only two weeks use and third of this is from fmtouch - its been busy w
  7. thx..great -i'd better learn XSLT then.. Will this unfixed bug be an issue? http://fm.lithium.com/fm/board/message?board.id=FM-en-4&message.id=21130 this free plugin says is support POST requests: http://www.360works.com/scriptmaster/ will try this out and feed back..
  8. Data source get request with example xml api: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/api/method/client-getlists/ Would importing XML (with a XSL) with a HTTP GET request request work? (with set mapping) Is it just using the 'import xml' function with a correct XSL? How would i go about doing a SOAP request is it just the same but needing a different XSL? thanks! rafal (scratching head over xsl) more example: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/api/required/ http://api.createsend.com/api/api.asmx?wsdl
  9. Can filemaker 9 (xp) import word documents (templates for letters) and then add fields within that container/ole word doc? i.e. the client has half a dozen of templates in word (tables and lots of graphics and formating) and they need to add fields to do mail-outs in Filemaker. The templates must also be modifiable for future proofing. odbc mail-merge or xml export is a last resort. what are my options guys? ta
  10. I need to automate the import of an excel spreadsheet into two tables separating column A to G in one table(clients) and G to IV(x230 fields) in another table(scores). The row is the match(client name) between the two tables. I cannot massage the data in excell before import as the client will be importing changes daily via a script. I have got a solution but its dirty and slow. i.e. concatenate 230 fields of score data into a global field and use 'MiddleWord' to get it into separate fields in the scores table done either by: 1) using a copy entire layout into a single field
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