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  1. Comment, Your file definitely worked for me. I just need to figure out what th hell is different with mine. I'm sure it is something is just set up weird. Thanks for all the help, hopefully I figure it out from here. -Todd DeBacker
  2. Comment, Yes the Paid column is DatePaid, sorry. The problem is I just compiled this job list and invoice list and whoever was in charge of the books before did not always mark a date, and just put 'Paid' or 'PD' so I need to make it so any value can be entered, not specifically a date. This formula is not working either, now nothing is lighting up under the formatting for me.
  3. Thanks for the help, but it is still not working correctly. I need it to light up red if the invoice is over 30 days and nothing has been entered in the Paid column. However, if no invoice date is entered, then it needs to remain the normal colors. Also, any value may be entered into the Paid column, so I can just say if it is blank and invoice is over 30 days then light up. Hopefully I can get this working sometime here, thanks for the help so far -Todd DeBacker
  4. I got as far as this: Formula Is: MechanicalJobbers::JobList_InvoiceDate - MechanicalJobbers::Today's Date> 30 and MechanicalJobbers::JobList_DatePaid="" However, this is just formatting when "DatePaid" is blank and not when both of them are true. What am I doing wrong? Thanks -Todd DeBacker
  5. Thanks Delta, but not exactly what I was looking for. Filemaker has the condtional formatting so the red color is not a problem. The problems is I do not know how to format my Formula correctly. I had put the basic syntax of what I thought it would be, but not sure how I need to do this in Filemaker and if I need to add some fields to accomplish this. Let me know if you come up with anything else, thanks for the quick reply. -Todd DeBacker
  6. I have created a Job list with about 250 jobs in it so far. I want to have an entire row become red when a job that has been invoiced is over 30 days old and nothing has been entered into a Date Paid column. The fields I am working with are called: - JobList_InvoiceDate - JobList_DatePaid I know it needs to be something like this, just not sure the proper way to say it: Formula is: If JobList_InvoiceDate - Today's Date > 30 AND JobList_DatePaid = "" THEN APPLY FORMATTING How do I do this in Filemaker? (Filemaker Pro 9 Advanced)
  7. Alright, nevermind, I figured it out. If anyone is interested, here is what I did: - Totaled all hours into "Total Hours" - Case formula for "Overtime Hours" Case (Total Hours >40;Total Hours - 40) - "Regular Hours Worked" = Total Hours - Overtime Hours It is simple enough, the problem I had was trying to figure out regular hours then the overtime hours based on that, it seems much easier to work backwards. -todd debacker
  8. Hopefully this isn't too hard, here is what I am trying to do: I am creating a payroll section in my database. For each day of the week you enter the hours worked that day. Then on the side of this table I want to have fields that display the following data: - Regular Hours Worked - Overtime Hours Worked (Any hours over 40) - Total Hours - Total Pay I can figure out Total Hours (simply sum all hours), but beyond that I am lost on how to do the functions. Regular Hours should be the sum of everything, but limited to displaying a max of 40 hours. Overtime hour
  9. Jeff, thanks for posting the example, I figured out how to do the access control now. My last question when the file opens, what account it logged in and how is this decided. I'd like to have the first page be a log in screen or a pop-up log in screen whenever the file is opened. Thanks, -todd debacker
  10. No, not exactly what I mean. Basically, I want someone to have access to create and view records, but only for fields in one or two tabs. I will set up multiple accounts so people have access to only two or so tabs that apply to them. I know that you can specify which fields people are able to view or create in, but I dont know how to program the 'Specify Calculation' box that comes up when I click on custom priveleges. -todd debacker
  11. Sorry to ask this, but I cant find a simple answer anywhere. I have multiple tabs in my file, and only one table with 60 or so fields total, so say 10 per tab. I want to block people to only use one tab (so only 10 fields). I dont mind if they can click the other tabs, I just dont want them to be able to read the information in them. I think I need to mess with the field access but when I go to custom privileges it pops-up the specify calcuation box and I have no idea what to type in. Say I want to allow access to 3 fields titled - FirstName, LastName, and Phone. How would so
  12. Hey eveyrone, I am new to filemaker, but am moving along quickly. I have developed a good chunk of my database already, but I have been doing it so the different sections are tabbed (payroll, contacts, job list, etc.). I just realized how I need to be able to only allow certain people into certain tabs and also allow only certain actions. I think the certain actions thing might be fairly easy with privelages, but I have no idea how to set passwords on the tabs. How can I password-protect the tabs? Thanks -todd debacker
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