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  1. I am trying to make a script that will create a new record for each image in a specific folder. Is there a way to do this easily? I have a container field and would like to insert the image file into the container, creating a new record until all the images are imported.
  2. I have a database where the records are assigned "types", say type-a and type-b. In another table I want to have a pull down menu which will only have either the type-a names or type-b names depending on which is selected. Is there any way to do this easily? thanks
  3. Hello, I have what I thought would be a simple relationship task, that has me scratching my head. One of the problems is I dont do this full time and so I get something to work, then get sidetracked and loose track of how it is working. Was hoping someone could point me towards some sort of tutorial on relationships, or something that would help me. The database I am setting up is for two sets of stores. One is a clothing store, the other is a jewelry store. They all produce a magazine, and I am trying to use this to track production. What i have set up is contact table, a stores name table, a local editorial table and a national editorial table. I am trying to use another table as the main table and have portals to edit and navigate the data. For some reason, no matter how I set up the relationships, one set will work and the other will not, and vica versa. For example, If i select one of the jewelry store names it is supposed to display the editorial and contact info related to that store. It works, but then the clothing store does not. Think maybe I have too many relationships or something.
  4. I have been setting up a FM9 Server Advanced... Seemed to be working fine on the localnet. When I try to connect from an outside address, it will connect fine, but has a message no databases are available. Im pretty sure that all the databases are configured to be accessed via IWP, they all show up in the admin console with a check mark. Anyone seen this before? Im thinking it is something to do with apache settings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Thank you, that will work perfect for what I am trying. Now if I can only figure out why I volunteered to do this I will be fine. Just about time to call a consultant I think. :(
  6. The mens and womens does not refer to their sex. It is the category of magazine that the customer prints. Maybe I worded it wrong. Trying to have it automatically know that when customerA is entered, then it is in the men's magazine category, etc.
  7. I am trying to calculate a specific class to a client base. For example, I have customerA, CustomerB, and CustomerC. The type of client needs to be assigned as either, Mens, Womens, or Misc. I set my Calculation to be Case(ClientName= "CustomerA"; "Mens; ClientName= "CustomerB"; "Womens" ; "Misc" This seems to work fine, but if I have many Customer names, is there an easier way then to type each one as a case. I tried stringing them together as Case(ClientName= "CustomerA" or "CustomerB" or "CustomerB" ; Mens… But this did not seem to work at all. Any suggestions or maybe a different method? Im at a loss.
  8. I tried that with no luck... I think maybe my relationship is not set up right? As an example: I have a key value which is say customerID in the customer table. and a customerIDfk in the new job table. These are related. In the field of the Job Table, I type in the name of the customer and it should narrow down a list from the customer table. The other fields I have set up phone, address, etc. should show up when tabbing to the next field. That is how I understood it to work. So far, I get zilch.
  9. Hello, I am trying to re do our company job database and am stuck on something I think should be simple. I have a job order table that relates to our customer table. With a new order being input, I would like the person who enters the order to be able to start typing the customer name, and it would fill in by looking to the customer table. Well it is not working, I have a parent and child key to set the relationship. Tried setting the field as a dropdown list, which works but then non of the other fields are populating with the related data. Probably something simple i am missing. Am a bit rusty, havent used FM since v5.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I will definitely look into zipshell. The ftp form I was referring to is generated from the ftp server I am using called rumpus. It has a web interface and the form it generates includes name, email, phone number and other details about the uploaded job. This form can be emailed or sent as a shell command or to an applescript. I guess I was referring to a "page" as in a web page. I was hoping to use FM server to publish this on our intranet. Again thanks for the input. I am now discovering how much FM has changed since the last time I worked with it. Most changes seem to be for the better, and am getting organized and setting everything up.
  11. Hello, I have not worked in Filemaker for a number of years. Recently was volunteered to develop a new database to track jobs through a growing Print shop. I plan to start simple and add things as needed. My first task is to import customer data from a form generated by our ftp upload form. Next I would like to be able to have a button on the page that will create a new folder on the job server and copy the uploaded files to the folder. My question is this: Will I need any specific plugins to perform these tasks? I was thinking I could manage it with some combination of FM script and applescript. Would like to know if anyone has any advice or can point me in the right direction before I get started. Thanks for any advice.
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