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  1. This was resolved with the latest update to FMGo. Before it would only connect to the shared file if I plugged my laptop into the lan.
  2. I noticed that I cannot connect to my laptop from my phone when my laptop is only connected to my lan via wireless. This would probably not be the best setup for hosting anyway, but I was just tinkering with a test file. If I plug my laptop into the network, I can see the files being shared. This may be an intentional limitation by FM.
  3. I would have to agree with the policeman concept. I would suggest a table InvTrn that manages the levels of inventory items. When a transaction is created for an item, depending on the transaction type, the levels are modified and the item has a history of who, when, how many, etc. Some transaction types would be restock, pull and reconcile.
  4. Make sure the file is not read only.
  5. Thanks for correcting that LaRetta. I knew it was too early for that reply. ???
  6. Does this work? Case (Date_Field ≤ Date1 and Date_Field ≥ Date2;result1;Date_Field ≤ Date3 and Date_Field ≥ Date4;result2;default result)
  7. Need help creating records from a portal using fields from different relationships. Please see file attached. SCENARIO: Charges use codes, which may include material costs. Each charge should have its own material costs records for the materials selected in the list. GOAL: This should be a list of available materials based on the code selected. A user should enter a quantity beside the item they used, creating a new material cost record related to the charge. PROBLEM: Currently displays the materials related to the code correctly, but the quantity (from material costs) wi
  8. There is no value in your notes side of the relationship.
  9. Why not just make a simple opener file, that runs a script that opens the selected file on the server.
  10. This sounds like what I mentioned Here
  11. If you need a more durable (and expensive) product, Zebra Mobile Printer would work also. We use these for tagging job materials. We print labels in these devices that are direct thermal.
  12. Did you try committing the record in the script before checking for the error?
  13. Actually now that I look at this, you would need to remove the first part of the year to get the "08". Use this instead Right (Year (date);2) &"-"& incrementing field
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